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Smartphone Review Policy

This page contains information on how reviews devices and gadgets.

Smartphone Review Policy 1

NaijaTechGuy is currently based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and has representatives in Lagos and its environs who will be available to pick up the review unit once it’s available. If your company is not based in any of the two cities , NaijaTechGuy will not bear the cost of shipping the device. In a few cases a representative will be sent to pick up the device irrespective of the location but if there is no available representative, the company will have to bear the costs of shipping.

Devices are reviewed and a blog post and corresponding review video made within 7-14 days of review. In order to promote the device , usually after the review NaijaTechGuy may give away the device to any of its numerous users after running a contest on the blog. However, if the company insists that the review unit be sent back after review, It will be sent back 4 weeks after reviwing the device.

In the event that NaijaTechGuy does not wish to giveaway the device , It will be kept for comparison with other devices that are yet to be released. This review policy is dynamic and is subject to change depending on the agreement between NaijaTechGuy and the corresponding company.

If you have any questions contact [email protected]


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