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ABOUT US is a Tech News Website launched in 2015 and has been reviewing the latest tech and publishing accurate tech news reports to thousands of subscribers.
We are focused on releasing accurate and timely technology news by following strict journalistic principles and verifying that our sources are accurate before publication.
We understand the fact that technology in Nigeria is still growing at a very fast rate and we are here to make sure you don’t miss any moment.  We are a dedicated technology news platform focused on serving the Nigerian audience and the world at large with verified and undiluted technology news reports.
We cover breaking news and topics in areas concerning -Mobile Technology, Digital Services, Social Media, Computers and more.
NaijaTechGuy strives to combine the best tech content, and distribution capabilities to connect with millions of engaging Nigerians who rely on us for a modern, intelligent take on the world around them. NaijaTechGuy focuses on making tech news available to even the layman.


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