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WhatsApp reportedly will let users Sync and access chat history across multiple devices



WhatsApp reportedly will let users Sync and access chat history across multiple devices 1

Who fancies a day we’ll be having a conversation on WhatsApp supporting synchronizing chat history and contact’s on multiple devices?Not meWhatsApp reportedly will let users Sync and access chat history across multiple devices 2However, information circulating the web suggests that a feature that enables users WhatsApp chats to be backed up across multiple devices once the multiple device feature is live.So, this means, you should be able to continue a chat from another device, once you are logged in on multiple devices. This has for long been a present feature on Facebook Inc. other apps – Instagram and Facebook but entirely missing on WhatsApp.Recently it was reported that a user will be able to use his WhatsApp account across multiplied devices. The limit for these devices will be 4. It looks like when a user logs in on these devices, his/her chat will be backed up across all the devices.The complications with implementing this has so far looked unattainable buy then, you never know in the world of tech.

WhatsApp Chat History Multi Device Sync – How possible?

Up until at least this latest reveal, a user could only use a WhatsApp account on a single smartphone. Else, one would’ve to uninstall or sign out of a particular device to be able to use on another due to the encryption system which WhatsApp utilizes.Things however looks set for a memorable change if WhatsApp could engineer an Adobe Creative Cloud kind of Sync system.WhatsApp reportedly will let users Sync and access chat history across multiple devices 3Although the option to use WhatsApp for web by scanning a QR code on the desktop app via the mobile app to create the sync has proven to be a worthy addition since.The multiple device support will be across Android and iOS devices. According to wabetainfo , “When someone adds a new device in his WhatsApp account, you will be notified because encryption keys change”.Wabetainfo further adds that WhatsApp could do with a minor addition to its push notifications system. When someone adds a new device in his WhatsApp account, you will be notified because encryption keys change.Moreover, Whatsapp allows for chat backup to either Google drive or custom cloud storage and that could eventually be a deal breaker. This still would need some refinements here and there and ultimately looks a way off public release any sooner but, you never write of the tech ecosystem.One could wake up tomorrow to a solemn endpoint app that just about solves this problem.Also WhatsApp has been working on adding new features for its users, releasing couple significant additions to its user experience as well as the interface at large.Reports suggest WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature called ‘search the web’ to fight fake news. The new feature the source said is an easy way to verify any forwarded message on WhatsApp, however, it is not available to global users yet.WhatsApp is also reportedly working on a Mute Always option so users can mute a group or chat forever if they like. Till now, users have had to resort to a minimum of 8hr mute or maximum 6month mute option for those silly broadcast. This feature however negative it might seems can still be revoked from the Unblock user session present in WhatsApp setting.WhatsApp has also increased the limit of group video calling from 4 people to 8. They did this when the every nation went into hibernation and subsequent lockdown and people were using video chat options to stay in touch with family and friends in addition to colleagues for work.However, remember, to be able to talk to 8 people, all of them need to update the app.What do you make of WhatsApp imminent feature? A miss or one hell of overdue Integration? Let’s hear in the comments section.

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Facebook new web interface to become default UI starting September



Facebook new web interface to become default UI starting September 4

Just as the updates keep coming thick and fast, Facebook has announced they it will no longer give the option to switch between Classic User Interface (UI) and New Facebook for its desktop version from September.

The development was first noted by Engadget who spotted the change on Facebook’s Help Center. The new Facebook UI redesign had drawn lots of applaud for the simple yet minimal view with offer of dark mode, tabbed home screen and a cleaner profile when it was made available to select users in March.

It’s pretty crazy but this is a social site which has seen the most of redesign along the way.

From this

Facebook new web interface to become default UI starting September 5

To this

Facebook new web interface to become default UI starting September 6

When the new design for Facebook was officially rolled out globally in May, users had an option to switch between New Facebook (the redesign) and Classic Facebook (the older version) from the Settings option.

However, starting September(couple days to go), Facebook plans to make the new design a default UI for all web users. The updated Facebook UI is already available to Android and iOS users.

“We’ve made improvements to the new and we’re excited for everyone to experience the new look. Before we make the classic Facebook unavailable in September, we hope that you’ll let us know how we can continue to make Facebook better for everyone,” Facebook in its update said.

How to switch from Classic Facebook Version to the New Redesign

As of now, web users trying to switch to the Classic Facebook from the New Facebook, Facebook is first presented with a pop up page asking for a feedback.

Facebook new web interface to become default UI starting September 7

Facebook then asks its users if they are “switching back because of missing features?” Once users select Yes, they get a list of features they miss and also get the option to add more features to the list.

Whichever rout the user eventually opts to take, Facebook ensures it balances out the old Facebook features with the redesign.

Talking about features, here’s a list of few notables from the new Facebook redesign.

No arguing the ‘Dark Mode’ had come to stay either for web or mobile users and Facebook also ensured it made that a permanent component in it’s redesign too.

With the sole promise of reducing glare, the low brightness will be easier on the eyes with contrast and vibrancy. The dark mode also proves advantageous to desktop users using Facebook in low light.

In addition to this, the layout has been tweaked, too, to get better watching experience. Facebook users will have the option to switch to the dark mode only with the redesign.

The layout is cleaner with streamlined navigation through tabs and this will be on top of a home screen. The site will be decluttered as the fonts are likely bigger with neater layouts.

Facebook has also added a Preview option in the new UI wherein users can see what a group or a page would look like before actually creating it.

More focus would be laid upon the service’s Groups features, and emphasis would be upon Facebook’s Watch, Marketplace, and Gaming sections in its top navigation bar as their buttons appear right on top in the new interface.

Facebook had noted that the new redesign will bring with it features that will help its users find or navigate things conveniently. Be it groups, games, people or pages, the redesign will help users discover things faster. The pages will load faster and that the desktop experience will be close to using Facebook on mobile.

However, my experience with the new interface was pretty jagged as it loaded quite lazily from my PC making me feel this lot would not only have problems functioning appropriately on a low-end gadget but also will be packing a barrage of cache files on your system.

No doubt!

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PUBG Mobile down on iOS, also Spotify and Tinder: Everything you need to know



PUBG Mobile down on iOS, also Spotify and Tinder: Everything you need to know 8

PUBG Mobile and many other apps are crashing on iOS and users are quite troubled about the glitch with no solution in sight.

The iOS ecosystem and its users are experiencing a major glitch whilst trying to access the FPS shooter game on Friday morning. Several users have taken to Twitter and Reddit to report the outage that has impact global users of the mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG Mobile.

Safe to say their Android counterparts have gotten one over them in a game behind closed doors…

Apparently, the outage is said to be not limited to just PUBG Mobile but it has also impacted other iOS apps, including Spotify, Tinder, and Pinterest among others.

PUBG Mobile, Tinder and Spotify down on iOS

However, the developers of PUBG Mobile have acknowledged the issue and taken to Twitter to assure the impacted users that they are working to resolve the issues.

“Dear players, we are aware of the current problem encountered by iOS users. This issue is happening to multiple apps and games on the iOS platform and we are actively looking into solving it. Thank you for your patience!” The post wrote on Twitter.

Though the official Twitter account retweeted the original post couple hours later to iterate the issue is still very much prevalent and is being worked on, some tiny details are surfacing to what could be responsible for the downtime.

Why PUBG Mobile, Tinder and Spotify is down on iOS

As per some reports, laundry of apps has been impacted by a bug that is caused by the Facebook iOS SDK. This is the second time Facebook SDK for iOS has caused other apps such as Tinder, Pinterest, Spotify, and PUBG Mobile to crash on the iPhone.

Earlier in May, a similar problem happened that rendered most apps on iOS useless for hours.

The crashing problem is affecting online apps but they work normally when the device is offline, which should be a respite to some users who, say, want to access offline music on Spotify. Although in the offline mode, some of the functionalities of the impacted apps are also reportedly misbehaving.

According to, majorly impacted apps include PUBG Mobile, Spotify, and Tinder in nearly all regions as the Facebook SDK has been acting up since Friday morning.

What has Facebook said about it’s iOS SDK?

Though Facebook is yet to comment on the recent development, they have already acknowledged that the SDK for iOS is causing software problems and that it is looking into the matter. There no specifics on when though.

Your guess, literally Facebook Inc. and co might be working together with Google to give Android 11 a grandstand launch. Literally!

PUBG Mobile down on iOS, also Spotify and Tinder: Everything you need to know 9

Since the Facebook SDK is used by Spotify, Tinder, Pinterest, and PUBG Mobile for logins, they are severely affected by the outage. Other app developers too have cited similar reasons why their app began crashing on iOS.

We’ll sure update this post once we get an update on an immediate fix.

So, how about we know if you’re having same difficult getting a new shooter or armoury on your PUBG game. Let’s talk about it in the comments section.

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