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Netflix wants to cancel your subscriptions and inactive accounts



Netflix wants to cancel your subscriptions and inactive accounts 1

Netflix is sending out emails and notifications to users who have not accessed their accounts in over a year. The company promises to cancel those accounts if users do not reply.

The movie streaming giant has been on the up since the entire world went into confinement with shares going through the roof and recently recorded a record number of streams and new subscriptions in a single day.

Netflix to deactivate inactive account

We’ve got two category of internet users, the one’s that won’t just let go of Instagram.

Then there’s the other category that visits their Netflix accounts when the need to solidify a claim or argument on an Netflix movie that accurately predicted the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Paul a lonely puppy right? Hahaha

Looks like they’ve got this for a quick reminder to it’s users who decided to focus more on working from home and leaving out the excitement and fun it should go with.

The streaming giant recently released a blog post wherein the company has said that it will be sending emails and notifications to users who have not logged in or used their service for a year since they joined.

Netflix users who have also not watched any content on the platform for two years will also be receiving the email.

If you decide not to respond to that particular email, your Netflix account will be cancelled automatically.

Which therefore begs the question…

Why would an account be inactive with the world in hibernation and somehow begging for any level of excitement?

Netflix wants to cancel your subscriptions and inactive accounts 2

How to avoid Netflix account deactivation

So, you also forgot to check on your mail and send them a reasurrance you’re still with them right?

No problems…

Netflix also promised that in a situation you fall in the later category, there might be a way out to getting your account back.

They rightly acknowledge you might get so busy and entirely forget about them and even your emails.

Here’s a way to go.

Sign up again within 10 months of the cancellation period and you will retain your Netflix account along with its details, profiles and much more.

Netflix has stated that less than 1 per cent of its user base is inactive.

In the blog post, the company said, “we’re asking everyone who has not watched anything on Netflix for a year since they joined to confirm they want to keep their membership. And we’ll do the same for anyone who has stopped watching for more than two years. Members will start seeing these emails or in-app notifications this week. If they don’t confirm that they want to keep subscribing, we’ll automatically cancel their subscription. If anyone changes their mind later, it’s really easy to restart Netflix”

So, if you’re planning on keeping your Netflix account, you should answer the email Netflix has and will be sending out.

Better still, send the a new registration with your original details and you’ll have your accounts reinstated…

That’s if you still remember to do so 10 months from today. Hehe

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