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You can now get GTA 5 + $1,000,000 in-game bonus for Free: Here’s how



You can now get GTA 5 + $1,000,000 in-game bonus for Free: Here's how 1

Almost all of us have at a certain point played a version of the big video game franchise – Grand Theft Auto, and we all sure have fond memories.

From the dude that won’t just stealing cars off the highway to living an entire ghetto life and making the meal of it.

GTA 5 free download from Epic Games

Well, it seems the company responsible for a game that has sold more than 120 million copies till date decided to give back to its players by currently offering the game to the public completely free of cost, until May 21 on the Epic Games store.

Just to add the cherry on top of the cake, it is not the basic version of the game, instead, it is the premium edition, which comes bundled with a cash bonus of $1,000,000 that can be used inside GTA Online.

Epic Games Store often gives out free games as a ‘mystery game’ that users can download and keep forever. This time, it decided to put up Grand Theft Auto V as the free game till May 21 which is just a no brainier…

As a result, large number of people rushed to the online store website and launcher app to get the game. This caused heavy traffic on Epic’s servers, which led to slowdowns, errors, and the Epic Games Launcher crashing.

Owing to the popularity of GTA V even though it is 7 years old, the swarm of users still wanting to download the game comes as no surprise.

In a tweet shortly after the issues were reported by the users, Epic acknowledged the problems and said that it was working on a fix.

Some hours later, the website was down to the bare voma again…nothing beats a huge fan following, nothing really

You can now get GTA 5 + $1,000,000 in-game bonus for Free: Here's how 2

Finally, as of the morning of May 15, the company seem to have found a solution to the heavy traffic as it shared that it has “deployed updates to provide resolution for these issues,” and that most users should be able to access the Epic Games Store website and launcher. “We’ll continue to monitor traffic and provide updates if further issues are encountered. Thank you for your continued patience!”, the tweet added.

How to get GTA 5 for free from Epic Games store

If you are excited to hear this news and want to download
GTA 5 to your PC now, or just to keep it in your library to download and play at a later date, follow the given steps below…

However, you might also have to brace up for some downtime due to heavy traffic on the Epic Games store.

  • Head over to
  • Sign up for a new account by tapping on the Sign-in option. And there press the sign up option. If you already have an account, simply sign in to it.
  • After setting up 2FA head back to the home page and search for GTA 5.
  • It will bring up the game, which you need to tap and on the game description page, you need to press ‘Get’.
  • This will bring up the order page, where you just need to press the order button to add to your library.

How to install GTA V

PS: GTA 5 is around 95GB in size so it is recommended that you download the game on to your PC when you are connected to a Wi-Fi or you using a heavy subscription.

Better still, get a night subscription plan which will get the job done in this part of the world.

  • After the game has been added into your library, you now need to download and install the Epic Games Launcher from the company’s website. The launcher has a size of around 400MB.
  • After installing the client, log in to the launcher with your Epic Games Store credentials.
  • Tap the library option, which is located on the left apparently which will showcase all your games. Select GTA 5 and click on Install.

More goodies…

Reddit user leaks Epic Games upcoming release

An image shared on Reddit might just leaked some upcoming games from the Epic Games store.

These include Civilization 6 expected to come on May 21, Borderlands – The Handsome Collection expected on May 28, and ARK Survival Evolved expected on June 4.

As all three of these games are quite popular, if this leak turns out to be true, a lot of people definitely will be flocking to the Epic Games Store once again to get a hang of them.

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Microsoft announces game titles and a new Smart Delivery Feature for Xbox Series X



Microsoft announces game titles and a new Smart Delivery Feature for Xbox Series X 3

Xbox just revealed the first look at their Xbox Series X “Gameplay” in association with Geoff Keighley’s ‘Summer Game Fest” coming up latter this year.

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic putting physical launch shows in jeopardy, the presentation was held by developers from the comfort of their homes.

The presentation was held to give a sneak peek to some of the games coming to Xbox Series X and also announce further new Smart Delivery Feature for Xbox user players.

Xbox Series X gameplay 2020

Game titles that support Smart Delivery provides graphical enhancements on the Xbox Series X. This makes buying multiple versions of a pre-existing game unnecessary for whichever Xbox system you own.

So, practically that means if you buy a game on Xbox One, it becomes free on Xbox Series X given that it has support for Smart Delivery.

The Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB console was launched in April 2018 with a starting price of $550 (N198,000 equivalent) naira.

We’ll give you a rundown of the top five games announced for the Xbox Series X which I believe you too are looking forward to.

Madden 21

An expected worldwide premiere for the EA Sports’ NFL game Madden 21.

The trailer revealed a timelapse of gameplay footage from previous Madden games. Back from the pixelated 8-bit days to the next-gen releases.

Then it proceeded to show some work in progress cutscene footage from Madden 21, before Xbox finally confirming the fact that it supports Smart Delivery.

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodline 2

The second juicy game on our list is the very dark trailer for Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 from Paradox Interactive.

The trailer first starts out with some jumpy upbeat music with some human puppets hanging around a Christmas tree on strings and a guy with long hair dancing around them.

Like we do it n Bollywood movies…lol

Microsoft announces game titles and a new Smart Delivery Feature for Xbox Series X 4

The assumption is that the guy with a long hair is a vampire and the human puppets are supposed to signify the mind control ability that vampires possess. The Xbox trailer proceeds to show the world and some of the important characters in the game in first-person perspective.

Their is also on show some of the mechanics and abilities such as agility, teleportation, levitation, bat swarms, explosive abilities, blood consumption for sustenance and finally some hand-to-hand combat.

The vampire-themed game is set to release this year and Xbox als confirmed it’s support for Smart Delivery.

Scarlet Nexus

This one definitely for the anime lovers. The next world premiere comes from Bandai Namco and is an action RPG game set in the distant future.

The action sets off by showing the world and the crisp graphics before setting into the gameplay. Based on the revealed footage, it seems like the game would be more gameplay-centric than the story.

It features hack-and-slash mechanics and power of psychokinesis which allows the main character to throw around vehicles and such onto enemies. One drawback regarding the reveal trailer was the massive fps drops due to the huge number of elements on the screen.

This could not just affect gameplay experience, but will sure limit streaming experience due to the scuffed bitrate. This game also comes with support for Smart Delivery.

Second Extinction

The next reveal is a coop shooter game from Avalanche Studios called the – Second Extinction.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world and is similar to Left 4 Dead in terms of gameplay. The only difference is that here you face off against dinosaurs instead of zombies.

Based on the trailer it looks like there would be swarms of blood-thirsty reptiles coming towards you in waves followed by a boss dinosaur whom you have to eliminate.

No easy game!

Microsoft announces game titles and a new Smart Delivery Feature for Xbox Series X 5

The game reveal also features a variety of guns such as rifles, shotguns and miniguns and is also loaded with explosions. It also comes with Smart Delivery.


The last reveal on our list here but definitely not the final announced gameplay for the Inside Xbox launch event is the Codemasters Dirt 5 racing game.

The reveal started out by showing some in-game footage of pyrotechnics, festivities and some close-up shots on the cars like a typical racing scene would…

Rio De Janeiro anyone??!

Microsoft announces new Xbox Series X gameplay

Dirt 5 will feature races in virtual locations and terrains including New York, Rio De Janeiro, Greece and China and will also bring back the 4-player split-screen.

The game also features a career mode with narratives from celebrated voice actors, Troy Baker and Nolan North. Dirt 5 supports the Smart Delivery feature as well.

So, that’s our pick from gameplay titles from the Xbox event. Their was also a reveal for a new Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Bright Memory and Call of the Sea which are all promising titles. Now your turn, are there any of your favorite games you’d have loved to see on the Xbox Series X? Let us know in the comments section.

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PUBG Mobile begins rolling out V.18.0 update to players – Here everything you need to know



PUBG Mobile begins rolling out V.18.0 update to players - Here everything you need to know 6

There’s whole lot going on in the world of tech right now that we think one of these days we might totally get swept off our feat. Virtual launch events have shifted to be the new norm while Developers keep getting us on the latest updates too.

One such update is from Tencent who have finally started pushing out the v0.18.0 update for PUBG Mobile with lots of added features and yeah…cool weapons to help you get that chicken dinner real quick too.

PUBG Mobile begins rolling out V.18.0 update to players - Here everything you need to know 7

As expected, the major update introduces a whole host of new features to the game as well as a number of bug fixes and improvements. The company notes that the update will take up about 1.97GB of storage space on Android and 2.21GB on iOS. In other words, players will have to make quite a bit of space if they are running out of storage space in their phones.

Some spoilers here as we’ll be giving you a run down of some of the top five key new features from the updates.

Blue Hole Mode

PUBG Blue hole mode

This new game mode will be a new addition to the EvoGround Arcade and will be available at a later date.

This game mode will be set in Erangel and is pretty similar to the classic mode. However, instead of only one circle, there will be two circles. The outer circle will represent the safe zone, while the inner circle will harm the health of whoever is inside it.

However, the inner circle will also represent the next circle. So once the outer zone finishes shrinking to the inner circle, a new inner zone will appear. This will go on till the match ends.

Cheer Park

The Cheer Park can accommodate up to 20 players at a time and has most of the same features as the Training Ground. Players can use this downtime to view information about other plays as well as chat and interact with them.

Players can also invite their friends and roast chicken in cheer park. Other activities in Cheer Park include 1v1 duels, play the Hunt game that was featured in the anniversary celebrations, and show off their skills at the shooting range.

New Weapon

New weapon in PUBG

The P90 submachine gun (SMG) has been added to the Arena!

This weapon fires 9mm bullets and offers a default magazine capacity of 50 rounds. It has three firing modes, single, burst and full-auto. In terms of attachments, the weapon can be equipped with muzzle attachments and the Laser Sight. It can also accommodate scopes up to 6x.

There is also a new variant of the Win94 rifle. This new version of the weapons will come with a 2.7x scope attached as default, similar to the VSS. This new weapon will only spawn in Miramar.

Mad Miramar

Mad Miramar in PUBG

Speaking of some weapons being one available in the Miramar – unarguably the biggest part of the update, called Mad Miramar.

As per the patch notes, there have been some visual updates as well as some new elements. An Oasis has been added to the northern part of the map, while to the northwest are some Urban Ruins. The developers have also added more housing areas, roads and resources.

There is also the addition of a race track that runs through the whole map. This should make driving on the map more fun. Speaking of driving, the game will now feature a Golden Mirado. However, only one instance of the vehicle will spawn in the map, making it a rare prize for players who want to ride into battle with some style.

Vending machines have also been added to the game. These machines will dispense Energy Drinks and Painkillers and those who are lucky might get as many as eight drinks at a time.
The update also brings a number of visual updates, both in the map and in the main menu. There is now a chance for the Miramar map and the main menu to be under the effect of a sand storm.

Meanwhile, the main lobby will now feature a Miramar theme and music. Further, players will also get to earn new achievements and complete events for rewards.

New Results Screen UI

PUBG detailed result screen update

Last on the list but not the least is a whole new and detailed update to the results screen.

It will now allow players to view data on each weapon they used in the game. They will also be able to check and compare statistics with others in the same tier.

More updates…

There have also been a whole host of other changes and fixes that are aimed at improving the gameplay experience for PUBG Mobile players.

This includes improvements to Death Replays, weapon balancing, Canter sight, Jungle Adventure, Guncraft Finishes and more. You can check out the entire patch over on Reddit to know more.

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