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3 reasons why you should buy the new $700 Apple Mac Pro wheels kit



3 reasons why you should buy the new $700 Apple Mac Pro wheels kit 1

Hey man, are you on the lookout for one company that haven’t really felt the pangs of recession most companies have fallen for in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Look no more…

I bring you one – Apple Inc. run by the very business savvy and intellectual minded Anticancer business executive – Tim Cook.

Tim Cook launches Apple $700 Mac Pro wheels kit

He’s done so well in keeping the company running afloat and the shares turning investor heads and even launched the highly expected successor to the iPhone 8 – the iPhone SE while making your Mac Pro experience the very best of fun.

I just priced a fully decked out Mac Pro on the official online store and it is the same price as a new one ton diesel pickup truck.

Which is probably why it needs wheels. So you can ride it around and feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.

Apple Mac Pro wheels kit

I know it’s not really easy making decisions but today, I’ll be giving you three valid reasons why you should have placed a pre-order for Apple’s new Mac Pro wheel kit…or maybe not

Here’s your conviction guide to get that wheely-thingy delivered to you before it’s out of stock…

1. It’s very cost effective…and awesome too

It’s a testament to the awesomeness of Apple’s newly-released Mac Pro Wheels Kit that, in a world where everything is awesome right now, it still seems really, really awesome Apple decided to take it up a notch bit .

Sure, the wheels are made of “custom-designed stainless steel and rubber”. Trow in the ease and comfort it brings by making it awesome to “move your Mac Pro around.” But for $699 approx. ₦318k the naira equivalent?

Apple new 318k naira Mac Pro wheels kit

Definitely full shades of awesomeness here.

2. Powerful machine for Creatives to work from home

We accept, of course, that the Mac Pro isn’t aimed at most highly-powered production suites – it’s more likely to be found sitting inside your average apartment, maybe on the doorway so you could always have a quick hop-and-ride to the bathtub but Apple is definitely on a roll when it comes to to cheap accessories and also making life convenient.

You could bag yourself a new iPad for the same price as the $399 Magic Keyboard for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro , for example. And if you did originally opt for wheels with the Mac Pro and would prefer a set of feet instead, Apple has also released a new Feet Kit for $299. Bargain for a powerful workflow!

3. You’ll need to hire an expert for installation but that’s no problem cos he’ll come with brakes

The kit, which appeared on Apple’s website last week, includes four wheels, an installation guide (which we hope is printed on very high quality paper) and a 1/4-inch to 4 mm hex bit (a tool, we assume – no doubt solid gold).

Adding ease to an already awesome opportunity, Apple notes that “additional tools are necessary” for the installation of the wheels.

Preferably, they’ll have you better hire an engineer to fix it up for you ASAP!

Apple Mac Pro wheels kit engineer fix

Apple even appear to have reinvented the wheels with their latest AI update – which means your Mac Pro could now appear to self-drive itself without wandering off thanks to the presence of brakes which a certified Apple Mac Pro wheels kit engineer will bring with him.

Final thoughts…

Apple $700 Mac Pro wheels kit

If you have read up to this point, kudos cos you’ll agree with me that this guide is filled with nothing but pun and sarcasm right…

The wheels were already available as an add-on when purchasing the Mac Pro. We were shocked back then that, at $100 per wheel, they added $400 to the price of an already eye-wateringly expensive machine. But now that the four wheels are available as a separate purchase for an extra $299, we find ourselves compelled to ask:

Is Apple okay?

If anyone is able to explain the extra cost for buying them separately, we’re all ears.

Apple $700 Mac Pro wheels kit

Sure, the Mac Pro is an extremely powerful machine (which may well enter our list here at Naijatechguy of the best computers for graphic design ) but… ₦318k naira… for wheels??!

Think about it and in the meantime, let’s hear your view of Apple’s awesome accessory in the comments section.

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