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The 5G connection and other wildly bizarre tech-disaster conspiracy theories



The 5G connection and other wildly bizarre tech-disaster conspiracy theories 1

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a fertile ground for a huge number of conspiracy theories, primarily focusing on its origins and alleged perpetrators. This is hugely in part to the present condition which the entire world finds itself with lots of information and theories flying each way and not particularly knowing what to believe

The repercussions have also been severe, leading to mistrust, damage of tech facilities, xenophobia and generally adding on to the existing confusion and paranoia.

5G Coronavirus conspiracy theory

Popular social channels have already moved to halt the spread of these sort of information but the question begs still, is there a truth in all these or we getting shut out from speaking out against a pre-planned atrocity?
We take a look at some other conspiracy theories like the 5G conspiracy that have made the rounds in the world of high tech.

1. Unix is a virus?

Yeah, this isn’t the first time the world have been forced to choose on what to believe with regards to tech and it’s part in creating a virus.

According to one ancient theory, when Unix was being developed at Bell Labs in the 1970s, it was designed first and foremost to be a method of handicapping competitors.

The idea was to get an operating system into wide circulation that was both relatively inexpensive and relatively insecure, so as to require constant upgrades from AT&T. This would, potentially, give the company backdoor access to competitors’ infrastructures in perpetuity — a kind of industry-wide virus that companies would pay for the privilege of hosting. Devious!

AT&T eventually sold the rights to Unix to Novell in the early 1990s, apparently putting this conspiracy theory to rest … unless Novell was in on it, too. More Devious!

2. Smartphone fingerprint sensors

This theory was helped on by Apple Inc. inability to address confusion with regards to the new way to password-protect the iPhone 5S smartphone in late 2013.

Even in our part of the world here, we widely believe such smartphones were draining our blood and soon we’ll run out of blood samples.

Tech conspiracy theories

Fingerprint sensors were a new thing then…

Some publications then wrote alerting smartphone users on the security risks with using the fingerprint password feature.

One such post on sleepyeyenews detailed how an European hacker group could trick the sensor into accepting photographed fingerprint applied to latex.
The group says it was able to photograph a fingerprint from a glass surface, clean up the image in a computer, and print it onto a piece of latex. The latex can be placed over any finger and placed on the iPhone’s Touch ID sensor to trick it.

Fast forward to year 2020 and we’re gauging which device has the faster fingerprint response time.

How time flies man! How time really flies…

3. Smart chip for a NWO

No doubt, the coronavirus pandemic has opened the world to a lot of positive and negative information. One such that we just don’t have any proof yet where it falls is the proposed NEW WORLD ORDER!

A scenario where the world won’t be in disarray in the case of a major viral outbreak like the one the word sees itself right now.

The questions flying round have been seeking to find answers to human rights and forced vaccination when such ORDER finally sets in…if ever it happens.

There have even been news disseminating from publications that the believed race to developing a vaccine for COVID-19 isn’t really the REAL goal but actually a race to who strikes the gong first to mass production of chip for worldwide auto-vaccination.

4. Robots replacing mankind

Robots taking human jobs conspiracy theory

Now this won’t generally be regarded as a conspiracy cos of the invaluable work and helping hand robots have lent to humanity in such limited time.

The field of robotics is one that has really evolved through the years. They were used as personal attendant’s to coronavirus patients in China

They also help facilitate easy workflow while increasing productivity no doubt why production companies and organizations employ them in the everyday operation.

But replacing the services of humanity and all about making human work face non-needed? Well, we can’t really we’ve got a better way to make them smarter than we are, right now!

5. 5G Coronavirus

Last but not the least is the dreaded confusion making rounds the internet hugely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Fears regarding 5G technology and it’s supposed harmful effects have been going around for some time now.

From believe that the close proximity one has to be in other to get the signal and the massive radioactive waves which a disseminates could “possibly result to a health challenge”, in this case the Coronavirus.

However, it was a Belgian doctor who floated the theory that 5G was responsible for the pandemic. On January 22, the Belgian newspaper Het Laatste published an interview featuring a local doctor with the headline, “5G is life-threatening, and no one knows it.”

The article claimed that Wuhan, which was seeing infections slowly rising then, had installed a number of 5G cell towers. China had also turned its 5G towers on in November. The doctor claimed that though he had not done a fact check, the two could be linked.

The article, which was later deleted, went viral and was picked up by other people, including American singer Keri Hilson and actor Woody Harrelson.

In the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom, cell towers were also vandalised, while engineers were verbally abused.

Here in Nigeria, several internet personalities have led the call to suspend installation of the towers. However, scientists have debunked the rumours that 5G has nothing to do with the spread of the virus.

So, that’s our list for perceived conspiracy theories making the rounds in high tech. Have you got any you’d want added to the list, drop them in the comments section.

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Apple to launch Airpods Studio ‘Headphones’ after Apple Beats and Airpods 2 success



Apple to launch Airpods Studio 'Headphones' after Apple Beats and Airpods 2 success 4

Recently, Apple Inc. appears in the mood to churning out slew of new products for its user base with a rumoured Apple Studio in the mix.

From a proposed smart glass to smart Apple TVs and just that Apple Watch they can your sleep.

Who knows, we might get Smart Speakers (if it ain’t launched already)

The latest product supposedly in the works but making rounds on the internet is long-rumoured over-ear noise cancelling high-end headphone under Apple branding dubbed – AirPods Studio.

As per Digitimes, Apple is likely to kill its wired earphones production and resume the AirPods 2 production in the second half of the year. The source also claims that production for Apple rumoured AirPods Studio headphones has now begun.

So, you might be wondering, what is it with Tim Cook this time around!

Apple Airpods Studio: What is it?

Apple Airpods Studio

The high-end headphones were first rumoured in February 2018 by former KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Later, it was estimated that the headphones would launch sometime in the second half of 2020.

Dubbed the very first Apple-branded over-ear headphones though the confusion doesn’t end there with reports stating the new headphones will join the AirPods lineup alongside the AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro, and it’s supposed to be different from Apple’s Beats lineup, which happens to have a wide range of over-ear headphones.

Hehehe, a whole bunch of things to plug on the ear actually

However, the new tech certainly seems to come with very nice features which we already expect in a headphone.

First, the new AirPods Studio is rumoured to come with Active noise-cancelling, which cuts down unwanted noise to let you focus on the audio alongside a transparency mode that reduces the audio volume and let you hear the ambient noise.

Pretty much basic, is it?

As per a report by 9to5Mac , it is said to have AirPods-like sensor-based ear detection feature that stops the music when the earphones are taken off. In place of ear detection, Apple is working to include sensors that can detect whether the headphones are on your head or neck.

It is said to boast of a new sensor that will enable the headphones to recognise left and right ears to route audio channels automatically. Which means, there won’t be fixed left or right earcups and can be worn without checking for left and right channel.

They’ll sure have a name for this; S-21 Levitate, Bionic or something else. Just a brand name!

Bloomberg also reports that Apple had tested at least two versions of the headphones – a high-end premium variant and a fitness-oriented made with lightweight materials.

Both the options are said to have magnetically swappable ear cups and headband padding that will let users customise its look by merely switching the padding, similar to Apple Watch bands.

Apple Studio Price & Availability in Nigeria

Apple to launch Airpods Studio 'Headphones' after Apple Beats and Airpods 2 success 5

Considering the fact this company prices it’s branded tech at ridiculous amounts, the Apple Studio don’t seem to be an exception.

The Apple Studio is rumoured to cost a cool 350USD(approx ₦140,000) which will no doubt see it compete against other noise-cancelling headphones from companies like Bose and Sony.

However, no imminent launch date for now!

If all this pans out accurate, expect to see folks in this part of the world placing orders on Amazon and the like but first thing then…

What do you make of Apples rumoured headphone? Is it right at $350 for an entry-level tech? Let’s talk about it in the comments section.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 specs leaked online with alleged Galaxy S20 camera setup



Samsung Galaxy Note 20 specs leaked online with alleged Galaxy S20 camera setup 6

As it’s always the case with every new smartphone release; there’s always this excitement with every sneak peak at the details before launch.

We saw that with the Galaxy S20 lineup and looks like the doers have again gone blockbuster with the Samsung Galaxy S20 and several details you might want to know.

While speculations regarding the launch timeline of the phone had been happening, this for the first time that alleged renders of Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone have been reported.

And who says it doesn’t look pretty much like the S20??!!

The renders come from Pigtou who claims that these renders are based on drawings obtained by the outlet’s sources and not conceptual.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leaked specs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 rendered spec and features

The expected flagship unsurprisingly looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with major exception being the boxier appearance and the square corners which is the case with all Note series.

The devices dimensions are 161.8 x 75.3 x 8.5mm, which is roughly the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ or if you want to be more precise, a little more than half a millimitre thicker. The dimensions of the camera module are even reported as well: 38.1mm by 21.9mm.

The Galaxy Note20 and Note20+ are expected to arrive with the same storage allocations as the Galaxy S20 lineup, running either the Snapdragon 865 or the Exynos 990.

The Galaxy Note20 and Note20+ have previously been rumored to come with 4000 mAh and 4500 mAh batteries, respectively.

What better time to make all our wishes come true…

A larger Samsung Galaxy Note20+ much bigger than the Galaxy S20 is expected as well, which will be quite interesting right.

We always love it bigger…

With the dimensions mentioned above (of the Note20), the report suggests it might be 6.7-inches diagonally, and the renders show the display is totally flat. We enjoy the idea that a Note device will no longer have curved edges. It’ll make it easier to use the S-Pen with

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 specifications

The S Pen location has also changed from the right to the left, which is likely what Samsung needed to do to get all the physical buttons over to the right side. The SIM tray is at the top of the device.

The power button also makes its return to the right hand side of the smartphone after an unsuccessful trial on the left with the Galaxy Note 10+.

Other minor tweaks are always what we have come to expect from flagship smartphone upgrades.

Just Ask Apple and their iPhones users…

When is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 launch event

The Galaxy S and Note series have always been an integral part of the Hong Kong based smartphone producer, in fact they are the only Samsung products that do get a official physical launch.

These devices have seen launch venues from New York, London and even Seoul.

However, the situation is beyond the control of the company as COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to stay indoors as much as possible.

Though nothing confirmed yet, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 is expected sometime in August during Samsung’s bi-annual Unpacked event. Only this time, we can expect an only-Virtual launch event.

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