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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite: Know the design of the next member of the Note line




While Samsung finalizes the Samsung Galaxy Note release details 10 Lite, the public will know more details about it. This time, we have the renowned @OnLeaks giving us the aesthetics of this smartphone.

Contrary to what has been the habit of this source, these images are dominated by black. As a result, some details of the Galaxy Note 10 Lite are not fully noticeable, but you can understand the essentials.

Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Note 19 Lite will bring the camera module that no one likes

The first thing that strikes us in these renders is the square design of the Samsung Galaxy Note rear camera module 10 Lite. By all accounts, this will be a constant in models for South Korean 2020, from the mid-range to the tops.

From the shared images, we only notice the presence of a photographic lens. Still, the source believes that three lenses will be installed. It would not make sense to do it otherwise, given the market these days.

From the front you can see that this Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite will have an Infinity-O screen. This means that it will have a hole in the center for the front camera, such as the Note 10 released last August.

Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite will come with 3.5mm jack

Unlike with Note High-end Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite will feature 3.5mm audio jack. This component is gradually disappearing from the market, so it is becoming one of the things to keep in mind when shopping for a smartphone. If you like to use your wired headphones, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite should be on your list of possible purchases.

At the time of Galaxy Notes 10 In August, Samsung justified the removal of the 3.5mm jack with the inclusion of a larger battery. We will see how the Lite cell will be able to understand if this argument was well founded.

Another point confirmed by these images is the presence of an S-Pen. One would not expect anything else from a Note line model, but here is confirmation for those who might doubt it.

Samsung Galaxy Note Known Specifications 10 Lite

  • Exynos Processor 9810
  • 6GB RAM
  • Front Camera of 32 MP

As you see, There is still a lot to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note internals 10 Lite. This data should emerge in the near future. The presentation of this equipment is yet to be known


Spectrum Mobile: Everything You Need to Know About Its Internet and Cable TV services



Spectrum Mobile: Everything You Need to Know About Its Internet and Cable TV services 9

The 21st Century is all about connectivity. Internet access has become such a huge part of our lives that it is very difficult to imagine life without it. Whether you’re at home or at work, you’re most likely connected to the internet over Wi-Fi or Ethernet. But what about when you’re on the go? Or what if your broadband connection is down? This is where reliable cellular plans like Spectrum Mobile prove so useful for internet users. This blog explores everything you need to know about the provider’s mobile service.


Spectrum Mobile: Everything You Need to Know About Its Internet and Cable TV services 10


Spectrum Mobile Explained

Charter Spectrum is one of the largest service providers in the United States, offering Spectrum TV, internet, and home phone services across 44 states. In addition to these services the provider also offers Spectrum Mobile. This is what is known as an MVNO or mobile virtual network operator. What does an MVNO mean, you ask? It simply means that Spectrum does not own the network it uses to deliver cellular service. Right now, the provider is using Verizon’s cellular network infrastructure under license. It supplements this with its own Wi-Fi hotspots which form a network across the country.

This may seem like a disadvantage. However, in real terms, it’s the consumers like you and me who benefit the most. Since Verizon is the country’s largest cellular provider, you can rest assured Charter delivers a flexible and reliable service across a large coverage area. At the same time, the budget-friendly pricing and data limits make it a top choice for subscribers all over the United States. One reason Spectrum Mobile has become so popular over the last few years is that it offers you the option of porting your current number, so you don’t have to change it. Sounds like a good offer, right? We haven’t even started yet.

What Does Plan Pricing Look Like?

In keeping with its reputation of offering reasonably priced options, Spectrum Mobile comes with two distinct plans. The By-The-Gig plan costs you around $14 per GB. The provider allows you to share this data plan with five other lines. This comes in very handy if you have multiple family members that also have data consumption needs.
Spectrum Mobile also offers the Unlimited Data plan. Recognizing data consumption patterns over the past few years, the provider seems to understand that people often require more data than what comes with their plan. With a By-The-Gig plan, this can quickly turn into a hefty data bill. The Unlimited Data plan, starting at $45 per month, offers a handy solution. Get unlimited data to use and share with your family without worrying about overages or data bills.

What Else Do These Plans Include?

When subscribing to reliable mobile services, you can be sure your digital experience will improve considerably. Mobile broadband services are a relatively expensive way to access the Spectrum internet, but Spectrum Mobile and its flexible plans are priced very reasonably. However, the price factor isn’t the only reason you should be subscribing to the provider’s mobile service. Both the By-The-Gig plan and the Unlimited Data plan include the following features:

  • Unlimited long-distance calls in the US, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Free texts to over 200 countries from within the US.
  • Competitively priced international roaming rates.
  • Complete access to the provider’s nationwide hotspot network.
  • No long-term contract requirements.
  • Flexibility to switch between the two plans.  

Eligibility to Be a Spectrum Mobile Subscriber

You might be convinced at this point that Spectrum Mobile is the service you have been looking for all this time. But there is one important thing you need to know before you reach out to the provider. In order to subscribe to the provider’s mobile services, you must already have a Spectrum phone number. New customers can get a maximum of two lines per account. Older customers have the option to get up to 5 lines on one Spectrum Mobile account. If you’re a new subscriber, you can add more lines after a 30-day period.

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Attention! Bug on Android is frustrating users using PIN code




Last September, some Pixel users who use the PIN code to unlock their Android could not sign in to their device. Two months later, it seems that this bug has not been fixed and is now affecting third-party smartphones.

There are users of smartphones from Sony and OnePlus who are starting to complain about the same problem. This bug is apparently affecting models running Android 9 or Android 10.

Users cannot access your smartphone by its PIN code

The bug in question occurs when users try to use your PIN code to enter your smartphone. After validating your code, the smartphone screen turns off and then back on the lock screen, as if nothing had happened.

That is, if you have no other method of authentication enabled or available, you will be unable to access your device. A scenario that can be problematic for those who really need to use their smartphone.

Problem will stem from a process of validating your password

Recent Discoveries maintain that the cause of this bug is a method called “Synthetic Password Key”. In short, this method compares the code you entered as stored in the system.

It appears that this procedure is not being completed, returning a null value. It is this null value that is causing Android to crash.

As far as we know, this problem is not widely dispersed in the market, affecting a small group of users. Even so, it is important to alert you to using various smartphone unlocking methods whenever possible.

Google has said that it is aware of the issue and has already referred the case to the appropriate department. However, a solution has not yet been shipped to market.

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