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In China: accessing the internet or having a mobile phone requires showing the face to the government!




China may even be one of the most technologically evolving countries, but it is also one of the most vigilant countries for its citizens. This new measure is an example of this.

The new law requires all citizens who have a new internet access point (net at home for example) or a new mobile phone with data access, scan your face.

The government in China wants to know who you are and how you are!

The government has indicated that this new law is made to protect its citizens. To be more concrete, he noted that this new measure serves to “ safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizens on the Internet “.

However, it is nonetheless a measure to speak of. China is not exactly a simple country to describe itself. Technological developments are widespread, but the government is also accused of exaggerating vigilance over its people.

Privacy is something that does not exist in China

China smartphones, internet, scanear cara, scanizar rosto

As much as we want to believe that in our house we have our privacy, it is not quite so. We have the most sophisticated spy systems at home and we bought them.

Computers, smartphones, voice assistants, security cameras … Everything that has an external connection to some kind of server It is questionable. Especially in China, where the law further states that no company can refuse the government’s request in the name of national security.

This gets us thinking before buying a Chinese outfit

China smartphones, internet, scanear cara, scanizar rosto

“They are all made in China” is not the excuse for this situation . Non-Chinese manufacturers do not have such requests from the Chinese government. In fact, they may have but are not required to provide any data. The same is not true of a Chinese manufacturer.

It is these kinds of decisions that make the rest of the world seriously concerned about Chinese technologies. Namely from brands like Huawei or even Xiaomi.

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Attention! Bug on Android is frustrating users using PIN code




Last September, some Pixel users who use the PIN code to unlock their Android could not sign in to their device. Two months later, it seems that this bug has not been fixed and is now affecting third-party smartphones.

There are users of smartphones from Sony and OnePlus who are starting to complain about the same problem. This bug is apparently affecting models running Android 9 or Android 10.

Users cannot access your smartphone by its PIN code

The bug in question occurs when users try to use your PIN code to enter your smartphone. After validating your code, the smartphone screen turns off and then back on the lock screen, as if nothing had happened.

That is, if you have no other method of authentication enabled or available, you will be unable to access your device. A scenario that can be problematic for those who really need to use their smartphone.

Problem will stem from a process of validating your password

Recent Discoveries maintain that the cause of this bug is a method called “Synthetic Password Key”. In short, this method compares the code you entered as stored in the system.

It appears that this procedure is not being completed, returning a null value. It is this null value that is causing Android to crash.

As far as we know, this problem is not widely dispersed in the market, affecting a small group of users. Even so, it is important to alert you to using various smartphone unlocking methods whenever possible.

Google has said that it is aware of the issue and has already referred the case to the appropriate department. However, a solution has not yet been shipped to market.

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You can now hear Samuel L. Jackson’s voice on your Amazon Echo




Amazon has a habit of making celebrity voices such as singers or actors available in its Alexa smart column, to vary from the standard voice. The most recent addition is Samuel L. Jackson, whose “voice” can be added to the column catalog by 99 cents. All in English only is clear.

This way, Amazon Alexa users can now have Jackson’s voice answering music requests, weather status and all sorts of questions. Just ask Alexa to introduce you to Samuel L. Jackson or buy your voice manually.

Samuel L. Jackson’s voice has been recreated with technology

Instead of recording a ton of pre-made sentences, Amazon used a neural network that converts text to voice. Of course, the actor had to spend hours in the studio recording audio to create a sound base. However, the end result is a kind of deepfake vocal.

Comedy video “predicted” the actor’s voice on Alexa

In 2017, the comedy YouTube channel 80 gumdrops has released a video about a family that just bought an Amazon Alexa. The funniest part is that the column comes with the voice of Samuel L. Jackson by definition. During the video are played several sentences of his most iconic movies, complete with profanity and all.

Alexa will have an option “uncensored”

Samuel L. Jackson is known for his characteristic voice and a great use of profanity in his roles. As such, Amazon includes an unfiltered version of the voice, where the answers will be much more explicit. This option can be enabled or disabled in Alexa settings.

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