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Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi may include True Wireless headsets with phones in 2020




According to a Taiwanese Digitimes report, some of the world’s largest handset makers are considering starting bundles with True Wireless headsets. In this case, it seems that Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi are considering including such headsets with their mobile phones.

Apparently, manufacturers feel confident with the True Wireless market for

. In fact, this type of headset is booming, and AirPods are the best-selling product in this category, placing Apple at the top.

Apple to “offer” AirPods? We don’t think so!

However, it’s doubtful that Apple wants to include AirPods along with their iPhones in 2020. It’s an accessory of 180 € (260 € in case of AirPods Pro) that the apple company will not want to abdicate. Maybe they’ll make a special edition that includes them but it should be no more.

However, for Samsung and Xiaomi this makes more sense. Xiaomi may well include a pair of True Wireless with their flaghips in 2020. As for Samsung, the company includes a pair of Galaxy Buds in the purchase of Galaxy Fold. Maybe the Galaxy S 11 or Note 11 include the same offer.

True Wireless market continues to grow

According to market research firm Counterpoint, True Wireless headsets registered a 22% annual growth over 2018. By the latest quarter of 2019, have already been sold 33 million units of headset in this category.

Compared to manufacturers the most popular brands currently are: Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, JBL, and Beats. The last two are the only non-mobile phone brands, winning over users with their recent T models 120 and Powerbeats Pro.


Next book of Game of Thrones may be near release. This is why




If you talk to any fan of Game of Thrones books, it is likely that the delay in completing the next book, Winds of Winter, will be mentioned. Author George RR Martin has been releasing the book for more than 10 years ago, much to the chagrin of fans eager to read the book. Westeros’ next chapter of the world.

However, according to some discerning fans, the release may be closer than we think. Fans have put together some clues that suggest the release of an upcoming book soon. The first clue is on George RR Martin’s website in the “upcoming publications” section.

next pub

The page has a notice that encourages fans to check the site for future releases. It’s a pretty typical message but didn’t exist until a few days ago, suggesting a near future update.

In addition, the book website has recently changed ownership, according to one user. on twitter. The site has been inactive for years, giving yet another indication that the book may be imminent. Winds of Winter will be the penultimate book in the series.

House of The Dragon is the next series based on the world of Westeros

However, fans of the Game of Thrones television series have the upcoming House of The Dragon to look forward to. This series will be based on the Targaryen Dynasty and its narrative will occur about 300 years before the events of the main series, before Daenerys and Jon Snow.

The series will be produced by HBO so we can count on the same atmosphere and quality of production that achieved so much in Game of Thrones. The origins of the Targaryen family and their dragons will be revealed during the series.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is now on Steam and the players are furious!




The desired arrival of Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PC came last month and was made available through the Rockstar and Epic Games store. However, the problems were many and the players were extremely frustrated.

Now the game is also available on Steam, giving the millions of players a glimmer of hope. However, Rockstar has clearly not learned from their mistakes and the players are furious.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Steam

Steam release brought even more trouble for Red Dead Redemption 2

Everyone expected the arrival of RDR 2 on Steam to happen smoothly and with the vast majority of previous problems resolved. However, besides that it did not happen, this release has caused even more problems.

As with so many other games, despite being available on Steam, Red Dead Redemption 2 remains released by launcher Rockstar. Many users have seen their Steam account associated with a Rockstar Social Club account to which they no longer have access.

Once this connection is made, you will only be able to play RDR 2 if you can win. access to your old account. Even worse, you’ll have even more problems if you eventually block access to your account by trying to find your old password.

Unlike in the Epic Games and Rockstar store, the Steam platform offers the ability to comment on any available game. So, with this big “wave” of trouble, a flood of negative comments has also come.


Many users are complaining about various issues with launcher of the game, which for one reason or another, simply is not able to start Red Dead Redemption 2. Apparently, a possible solution to this problem is to turn off the computer command by turning it on just after the game is released.

Rockstar is trying to solve all problems

Since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC that Rockstar has been working hard to try to solve every problem. In fact, the latest update has addressed many of the reported issues as well as the desired performance improvements.

Still, this second release made it very clear that RDR 2 for PC is far from promised. If you are looking forward to trying this game on your PC, I advise you to wait a little longer unless you want to spend this extremely frustrated Christmas with Rockstar.

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