Age of Empires is one of the most famous real time strategy games of all time. The latest edition, Age of Empires IV is under development and according to its creative director, the game will be more benevolent for new players.

Adam Isgreen explained that the game will have a campaign mode with a Different structure. Age of Empires IV will constantly analyze how the player interacts in order to create custom tutorials and the best possible gaming experience.

Isgreen states that the intention is to do something completely different from previous games. The director intends to take the current technology and push the game to the fullest, both visually and in gameplay, to create a familiar but also new Age of Empires. See the trailer.

Age of Empires IV will not have micro transactions

Probably in order to preserve the legacy of the series, Isgreen recently stated that Age of Empires IV will not contain micro transactions, or in-game purchases. Isgreen indicates that at the maximum the game may have any expansions and DLCs but will not be aggressive.

There are currently several games betting on the micro-transaction model popularized by mobile games. However, most players consider this model inappropriate as they have already paid 50 – 60 € for the game itself.

Therefore, Isgreen firmly believes that real-time strategy games do not need to have micro transactions. This news is certainly a relief to fans of the game, who will not see their favorite franchise ruined by this model. Age of Empires IV has no release date yet.


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