YouTubers Have Raised More Than $ 10 Million to Plant Trees
YouTubers Have Raised More Than $ 10 Million to Plant Trees

YouTuber MrBeast’s video raising funds to plant 20 million $ 20 million trees quickly became viral. The goal is to have the massive number of trees planted by January 1, 2020. Watch the video of the initiative called Team Trees and make your donation if you wish.

So far, $ 10 million has been raised through donations from various internet personalities and some business owners. Elon Musk (Tesla), Tobi Lutke (Shopify), Jack Dorsey (Twitter) and even YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki made donations totaling $ 1.5 million donated to tycoons.

Some YouTubers also joined the party. MrBeast himself (Jimmy Donaldson) donated $ 200,000. PewDiePie donated $ 69,420. Fortnite’s famous Twitch streamer Ninja has donated $ 15,000. Originally, the project started as a celebration of MrBeast’s 20 million channel subscribers.

However, the YouTubers mentioned took the idea and promoted it into the monstrous project we see today.

More than 500 videos were made promoting Team Trees

In addition to the donated money, this project generated a lot of content. Among all the YouTubers who participated, over 500 videos were made promoting the project. Together, the videos now total about 50 million views on YouTube.

It is very positive to see a noble cause make such a success. YouTube over the years has become a platform populated by negative content, drama and companies promoting their products. However, such projects bring us back to YouTube’s original ideology, where anyone can create their content and promote it.



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