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Youtube for Android TV finally has a new design



Youtube for Android TV finally has a new design 1

If you have an Android TV you will be happy when you open the Youtube app. Of course, if you are one of the lucky ones who has already received the design update in the application.

It has been mentioned that the new design is already starting to reach users, however, as always, it is a task that can take a few days to reach all users.

New Youtube Design for Android TV

Youtube for Android TV finally has a new design 2

This change gives us a YouTube for Android TV more identical to what we have on a computer. We have a sleeker design with new icons and more video spacing.

We also have a side tab with more categories. So far we had “search”, “Home”, “Subscriptions” and “History”. Well, the new update gives us more possibilities to know more channels and enjoy more new content.

Youtube for Android TV finally has a new design 3

In the new side tab we have content such as “search”, “home”, “entertainment”, “music”, “latest”, “subscriptions” and “library”. That is, something more identical to the version we have on the computer.

Watching Youtube on TV is becoming more and more normal.

If a while ago I was going to a friend’s house and wanted to show me something on Youtube they got it from their mobile phone, now we are sitting in front of the television.

It is true that the most likely option to put Youtube on TV has been by chromecast, however, with the new update of Youtube on Android TV I believe this may change.

I still think Android TV needs a “real” command. Not all have a keyboard command and we have to admit that it is not pleasant to have to walk letter by letter to write something that was done in seconds on a qwerty keyboard. Still, we have to value the new application update. Gradually we will get there!

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HTC reveals sales from 2019 so far. The decline continues.



Youtube for Android TV finally has a new design 4

HTC shared its results for the month of October and are not encouraging for Taiwanese manufacturer. October generated only $ 21 million in revenue, most of which comes from mobile phones and the rest from other business as virtual reality (HTC Vive).

By comparison, HTC generated 41 million in revenue during September following the introduction of some entry-level models. However, October registered a decrease of 48% with an annual decrease of 49% compared to the same period in 2018.

Over the past year, HTC has laid off about 25 percent of its employees as a measure to cut costs. It is already well known that HTC is the brand that is suffering the most in the mobile phone market, even more so than LG and Sony, which have lucrative deals in other markets such as televisions, for example.

HTC’s new CEO has already admitted that the company has stopped innovating

This year marked the departure of Cher Wang, the company’s longtime CEO, being replaced by Yves Maitre. The new CEO admitted in a September interview that HTC simply “failed to innovate in mobile phone hardware.”

The CEO added that companies like Apple, Samsung and Huawe did a great job of keeping their equipment relevant, something HTC has failed to do. Maitre says it was due to the investment of resources and time in virtual reality.

However, we know this is “throwing sand at the eyes”. In addition to lack of innovation, HTC continued to drive unattractive pricing at its top end, failing to win back the European and US markets.

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Google is investigating executives for allegations of harassment



Youtube for Android TV finally has a new design 5

No company has a perfect working environment, and Google does not escape this claim. Alphabet (Google’s proprietary business conglomerate) has hired an outside law firm to review sexual harassment cases at Google.

However, they are not company employees but high-level executives. From legal department officials to one of the founders of Android, cases are being investigated by third parties on suspicions that not enough action is being taken.

Some of the cases refer to 2013, and Alphabet intends to investigate the measures taken and possibly reopen the cases, if necessary.

David Drummond and Andy Rubin are the most media cases

Google lawyer and legal department leader David Drummond was recently involved in a sex scandal after his involvement with several colleagues was confirmed. Drummond cheated on his wife and had a son with Jennifer Blakely, one of the team’s lawyers.

Personal relationships between managers and team members are against Google’s human resources rules. However, the case was “muffled” as Blakely was simply placed in a sales department while Drummond retained his position.

As for Andy Rubin, one of the founders of Android, the case is more “pointy”. In 2013, Rubin allegedly convinced a co-worker to do her sexual favors in a hotel room. The case was exposed by the New York Times that led to Rubin’s departure from the company, with compensation of $ 90 million.

In 2018, company employees spoke out

A year ago, several Google employees gathered in New York to protest how the company deals with sexual harassment. The protest includes officials not only from the US but also from England, Germany and Japan.

In response, Sundar Pichai stated at the time that about 48 senior employees of the company were fired on harassment charges. The situation does not seem to have improved as the Alphabet decided to take legal action and investigate the cases.

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