According to Digitimes latest report, 2020 Apple may include some AirPods in iPhone Case 12. And the most interesting thing about this report is that all three models will be able to count on this incredible offer.

This means that this offer would not be limited to Pro models, being the most economical iPhone also covered. It should also be noted that the source does not disclose which version of the earbuds would be included in the box.

It seems unlikely that Apple will start offering AirPods

As exciting as this rumor may sound, we have to have “our feet firmly grounded” and realize that the odds of this coming true are low. Since when does Apple need to offer AirPods to be able to market them?

Firstly, AirPods are already a top seller even if sold separately. Apple users already seem predisposed to spend a few more euros just to get this accessory.

Secondly, Apple is not a company with a history of such offerings in its products. American technology is well known for “forcing” its users to buy spending more money on accessories. Consider the extra that iPhone users have to spend just to enjoy their fast ride.

Still believing that this rumor can materialize, the sales prices of iPhone could rise further. And will Apple be willing to sacrifice sales of its smartphones for an accessory that will eventually sell anyway?

As interesting as this report may seem, it is unlikely to come true. materialize. In this sense, you should put a good “dose of salt” on this information.


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