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Twitter have reduced The Number of People You can Follow

Isaac Godwin



Twitter have reduced The Number of People You can Follow 1

Twitter have reduced The Number of People You can Follow 2

In an attempt to curb the rate of spam activities on its platform, Twitter has come up with a new tactic to achieve this.

The number of new accounts you can follow per day has been furtherly trimmed down to 400, from the former 1000 per day limit.

“So, why 400 per day, and not 100? Or 58? Or 17? In short, we found that 400 is a reasonable limit that allows people to follow the accounts they’re interested in each day while stopping the most spam.”

Yoel Roth (Head of Site Integrity at Twitter) said, explaining the twitter’s 400 limit choice.

Twitter have reduced The Number of People You can Follow 3

He also said, “Improving the health of Twitter is our top priority, and teams across the company are always working to refine these limits based on what we learn about spammer behavior and as malicious tactics evolve”.


How do you convince Nigerians to Read? Put it in the “Terms and Conditions” – The Paystack misogyny Saga Explained in Full



How do you convince Nigerians to Read? Put it in the "Terms and Conditions" - The Paystack misogyny Saga Explained in Full 14

Yesterday, a global poorly kept secret was made evident for all to see with Paystack, a Nigerian fintech startup, top of the trend section on Twitter, after calls by some users to boycott the company.

Though the actual happenings weren’t really documented but reports reaching Naijatechguy states that it all went haywire when the popular payment platform revoked a payment link for a certain lady’s birthday party, and did I say hell was let loose? Yes, it did.

Apparently, in a nutshell I’m just here to let you know Paystack is now in the business of turning down certain individuals from using its payment service, maybe, because it has got a lot of request on its table.

Now, you’d be forgiven if you haven’t already gotten a sneek peek into the gist right now, perhaps you were hiding under a rock to avoid getting infected with the death sentence that is the Coronavirus pandemic.

We’re only joking here, you get right? Did you take that serious!!! Damn

Here’s how the whole plot between Paystack and the lady who had her payment link revoked played out on Twitter.

Paystack can’t be this Bahd. Are they?

On August 17, @obidi__ , a Twitter user, announced that she was organising a private birthday party in Abuja, Nigeria, on August 22: which translates to this Saturday. She also mentioned it was going to be a paid one.

However, to her utter surprise she woke up the next day to see Paystack, after tweeting she intended using the payment platform as her go-to for the party has for some reason blocked her birthday party because she was quoted as ‘selling body parts’.

Here’s the graphic for the birthday party in question:

How do you convince Nigerians to Read? Put it in the "Terms and Conditions" - The Paystack misogyny Saga Explained in Full 15

What ensured was a normal for the Nigerian Twitter section as she called out fanboys who ramped up the revoke against the tech company for their ‘partial’ deeds.

A closer look however, has revealed that Paystack had disabled her account, but for another reason altogether. She didn’t adhere to a different part of the company’s Acceptable Use Policy.

According to the company’s email to her, Jacob Christian, a User Ops at Paystack, opined that while reviewing @obidi__’s business on the platform, they realised that it involved sexual activities; in this case, an orgy.

How do you convince Nigerians to Read? Put it in the "Terms and Conditions" - The Paystack misogyny Saga Explained in Full 16

How do you convince Nigerians to Read? Put it in the "Terms and Conditions" - The Paystack misogyny Saga Explained in Full 17

“We would like to draw your attention to Section 2 of Paystack’s Acceptable Use Policy ( ), which states that Paystack may not be used in connection with any product, service, transaction or activity that relates to the sale and/or purchase of certain sexually oriented materials or services,” an excerpt from the email read.

If at this stage you’re still wondering what in the world an orgy is, a quick Wikipedia definition reiterates: “An orgy as a sex party consisting of at least five members where guests freely engage in open and unrestrained sexual activity or group sex.” In other words, an orgy is part of Paystack’s “certain sexually-oriented services”.

Now, we could all turn back to point accusing fingers at this lady but her crime is simply one each and every internet user have fallen for at least once in a lifetime.


How do you convince Nigerians to Read? Put it in the "Terms and Conditions" - The Paystack misogyny Saga Explained in Full 18

It is very important to read a company’s terms and conditions and it is even scary and unhealthy to use any product you don’t find its scriptly documented acceptable use policy in it’s ranks.

In essence, she was trying to use Paystack in connection with one of the many business categories the company said it wasn’t going to permit in its Terms and Conditions. And as stated in its “ Actions by Paystack” segment, the company suspended her use of Paystack’s Services.

While it is a known fact that most terms and conditions are incredibly long and hard to read, situations like this Paystack-orgy saga subtly reminds us of their importance.

Mark Amaza, a Twitter user was also in support of the action taken by Paystack, writing that: “Paystack’s refusal to allow payment for sex work/orgies using its platform is more than just about the law. It is also about brand & financial risks it is willing to bear”.

I mean some other companies have even way scarier For policies. Stripes is one which doesn’t even allow payments for flights.

There have been previous collective cases of people complaining about social networks using their data for advertising purposes as can be seen with the TikTok security flaw. But over time, this same users have come to realise that they opted in for such maybe on Twitter trends or after they are done using the product.

Imperatively, it is jail-worthy putting the lives of users and individuals at risk but equally, you accepting these terms and conditions whenever downloading an app, accessing a service, registering on a website, is legally binding. It is for this reason you need to spend some time reading them before going forward or checking out that popular hook-up page.

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Ayoba Messaging: Everything you need to know about MTN Instant Messaging platform in 2020



Ayoba Messaging: Everything you need to know about MTN Instant Messaging platform in 2020 19

MTN Group in 2019 announced its instant messaging platform – Ayoba. The move has since seen exponential rise in active users with MTN reporting an active 1 million monthly users.

Ridiculous numbers for a new platform in a quite saturated market

Now, if you have literally been self- isolating under a rock due to the Covid-19 pandemic and know nothing about Ayoba. We are all guilty!

You’ll definitely be asking

Ayoba Messaging: Everything you need to know about MTN Instant Messaging platform in 2020 20

A new Facebook or WhatsApp copy or what? Allow me explain in critically plain terms.

If you’re a subscriber, you’ve probably come accross broadcast messages promising 600MB monthly free charge and thinking?

What is Ayoba Instant Messaging?

Ayoba Instant Messaging app

Ayoba is an advanced communications application localised for African and Middle East consumer needs, under an independent Over the Top (OTT) brand with unique features for MTN customers.

“We believe that our customers in Africa and the Middle East deserve a communication platform that expresses our unique voice, honours our rich identity through local languages, and addresses our customers’ specific needs and challenges by offering a data-included offering for MTN users, Mobile Money transfers (coming soon) and locally relevant content via channels,” says MTN Group President and CEO, Rob Shuter.

Basically, Ayoba hopes to connect users together like every other instant messaging platform for Android and iOS however, there’s a catch.

What to do on Ayoba Messaging

It’s different from other messaging apps: you can chat to anyone regardless of whether they have the Ayoba app or not. With Ayoba , you always have total control of who you chat with, by letting you easily block and unblock contacts.

Some of the five(5) key features and offerings from MTN messaging platform, Ayoba include the following:

Chat now: This of course represents the base idea behind its introduction. Ayoba users can instantly send and receive text and voice messages with any of their contacts regardless of device type or network.

Chat with everyone: Unlike Facebook and WatsApp, users on Ayoba can also send SMS text messages with anyone in their contact list, regardless of whether they’ve installed Ayoba or not.

Security: As has become the major concern for internet users, data theft is at its peak. Ayoba however, promises end-to-end encryption which means that messages in a conversation cannot be read by anyone else.

Money transfers: Users on Ayoba will be able to make and receive payments via Mobile Money though this is a feature MTN promises will be coming soon in the near future.

Channel subscriptions: Users can subscribe to Channels, digital programs for locally relevant content across various categeries.

Ayoba has also proved beneficial in providing connections and vital Covid-19 safety information in this part of the world

Just another messaging platform or finally the ‘African future’?

MTN no doubt have seen lots of digital projects fall prey to the new product factor, though with Ayoba still in its infancy, we only have to fold arms akimbo and hope it stands the test of time.

Recall the 2go social networking app which as an African startup made all the headlines and had all the features and support and all kept us on our toes? Hopes were buzzing. Well, not until WatsApp came along to play.

Little can be pointed as possible reasons for its decline however, two things are definite, they either failed to evolve or just got swamped in the ocean of competition.

MTN though has revealed it has quite futuristic plans for its Ayoba Messaging platform.

“Ayoba is also working on building an open digital platform that will enable third-party innovation. This will ensure that we offer a rich diversified experience on the platform, enabling us to deliver more value to our users, empower local developers and create local experiences that are optimised for local communities,” explains David Gilarranz, CEO MTN Digital.

Ayoba Messaging Availability and Language support in Nigeria

The platform which was launched earlier last year is now operational in more than 8 MTN markets, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Congo Brazzaville, Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Afghanistan and South Africa with Guinea Conakry, Liberia, Benin and Rwanda the major additions this year.

The app supports many local languages spoken across the MTN markets including isiZulu, isiXhosa, Pidgin, Yoruba, Swahili, Hausa, French and English.

How to download Ayoba Messaging App

Ayoba is available across multiple markets on the Google Play Store and via the Ayoba website as an OTT offering.

MTN adds that in addition to the number of exciting innovations on the cards, Ayoba plans to expand to the rest of MTN’s markets and other territories across the globe.

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