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3 Times You Must Use An Online Diff Checker Tool



3 Times You Must Use  An Online Diff Checker Tool 1

The internet has information on all kinds of topics, subject areas and knowledge domains. We access the internet and download information according to our needs. At times, the information downloaded is in the form of documents. Now, using these documents as a source of reference is one thing and copying content is a completely different thing. If you are using a source file, you should use the information as a reference and not copy content. To get a confirmation about this, using a diff checker tool is an amazing option.


diff checker

Use of a diff checker tool

The usage of a diff checker tool is to compare two documents and identify the difference between them. If you have created a document using a reference file, you can compare the two files so that any possible similarities can be identified. The diff checker tool compares the documents in a fast manner. You do not have to wait for the comparison process to be completed.

Three Times a diff checker tool should be used

A diff checker tool can be used for numerous purposes. Three times when you can use a diff checker tool are listed below.

  1. Academic assignment checking for students.


College and university students are always busy in submitting assignments of one course or the other. When an assignment is being written, it has to be completed on time. Secondly, it should not contain any copied material. To avoid copied content, using a quality diff checker tool obviously works well. Students can use this tool to check the difference between the assignment they have created and the actual source file. Is there any other alternative present for this task? You do have the option to check each line manually but this option is obviously not feasible. If you have a lengthy detailed assignment, a lot of time would be consumed.


  • With the diff checker tool, things become a lot easier. These tools are very quick and two documents would be compared with each other in quick time. Other than that, document checker tools are online and no installations are required for usage. A lot of users do not have advanced knowledge of using soft wares. This obviously is not a problem because diff checker tools are easy to use.



  1. Usefulness for teachers

Checking whether content has been copied from a particular source or not is a big challenge these days. How do you know that content has not been copied from a source? For teachers, this form of checking is a regular task. They get submissions from several students. Thus, they have to check whether the assignment is original or not. The diff checker tool comes in handy for them. They have to check assignments for several students and accomplishing this task manually is not possible. Thus, a diff checker tool is used for faster and error free checking. When you talk about professional teachers, they mostly have less time available on their hands. It is not feasible for them to perform the checks without using a quality tool. Hence, a diff checker tool works well for them.

  • Diff checker tools help in saving time. Let us go through an example. If you have to check the difference between two documents, the manual way would consume a long time span. Each line of one file would have to be compared with the other file in a complete manner. Teachers have a tough routine and checking the submissions manually is not a convenient option for them. A diff checker tool is an amazing alternative because it helps in saving time and getting the tasks completed more efficiently.


  1. Professional report creation


Corporate professionals have to create reports from time to time. Once the reports have been created, they have to compare them with the actual source files used. This can be done in a very convenient manner by using the diff checker tool. These tools are mostly free and work online so no installations have to be completed. For office going professionals, these tools work well. They help in saving time and completing the tasks without any mistakes.


The Prepost SEO Tool is a quality diff checker option


It is not possible for users to trust every diff checker tool. A lot of tools are more about talking. The Prepost seo Tool is by far one of the best alternatives. Given below points explain the usage process.


  • Once the link of the tool is clicked, you would see a screen for document comparison. You have to upload the document you have created and the actual file to perform the comparison. After both the documents have been created, you can perform the comparison by clicking the compare button.
  • This tool is immensely quick so you can be sure that no long hours would be needed. The tool works well for people who have a tough routine and have to perform document comparisons quickly.


A free tool with high quality options


This tool is completely free without any conditions being applied. No charges are applied on any of the users irrespective of how many times the tool is used. Along with that, they are no conditions on the features as well. All the features are free and users do not have to spend money to use any of them.




When you are creating a document after using a source file, a diff checker tool works well to perform comparison with the original file. If you are looking for a quick and effective solution for this task, using a diff checker tool is the best alternative. Users do not have to spend a lot of time on this task. Along with that, it is error free. If you are completing the task manually, there is every chance of making errors.


Diff checker tools come in handy for various types of users including students, teachers and working professionals. All these users have to compare documents or files for one purpose or the other. This is an automated tool so the chances of errors are not there.

Michael Ajah is a Computer Science Student of The University of Port Harcourt and a Chelsea Fan. He loves RnB and a little mix of Trap Music. An awesome tech reviewer and analyst. Email - [email protected]

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Location Vs. Size – What Is More Important To A Homeowner in Chennai



Location Vs. Size - What Is More Important To A Homeowner in Chennai 2

Every city is a world of its own, with its own set of eccentric rules, social stigmas, and extremely diverse cuisine. Chennai is for sure one of the best places to live in the country, you have a beach there. What about the property rates though? If you are planning to settle down with a family, the property is definitely going to be a tough choice in Chennai. What is more crucial to look at, location or the size of the property? Let’s find out!

Location Vs. Size - What Is More Important To A Homeowner in Chennai 3


If you are settling down with a nuclear family

Homeowners who invest in property for a “home sweet home” do love their space but their prime motive is to look for a better location. This, in fact, is true because most of these homeowners have to travel to their workplaces, drop the kids off at schools; hence location is of grave importance to them. As having a home close to their regular travel spots makes their life easier.  

When there are more than 3 people to accommodate!

Okay so when it comes to accommodating more than 3 people, it is a fact that you need to give the size of the property top priority. You are looking at close to 3000 sq ft at the moment. Having adequate space is now not only a necessity but also a way to provide privacy for the adults in the house and if the kids are in their teenage years they would prefer more space, so choose wisely. 

What if I am single?

The equation here changes a bit because students and working men and women alike give location the single priority it deserves. For example in madipakkam rental house searches have been on a steep increment curve, why is that so? This place is around 6.6 km from the airport and has a great transport facility. 


These are some things that single people looking for houses to reside in look for in Chennai. This is why most homeowners who want to invest in properties and looking for a return are investing in apartments with a location that is easily accessible, and so both size and location are given equal weight here. 

Money- Could I have some more, please?

Budgeting is a great factor when it comes to owning properties. This is why people investing in real-estate in Chennai are focusing on locations because it simply means more money with faster returns. If budget is an issue, then you might have to settle for a property a bit in the outskirts, but weigh your real estate goals properly before jumping to the conclusion. 

If you are looking for space to provide rent, you would need to invest quite a bit even for a smaller house or apartment in the city. But remember, you can avail easy installments from banks, especially as they tend to give out low-interest loans for specific projects in comparison to their competition. 

Taxes- How much are you willing to pay?

Property taxes vary from region to region and also on the property that you currently possess and if any improvements are made on that. So, it is quite clear that it depends on both of these. Now if you are looking for a specific property, let’s say 2 floors with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and 1 kitchen on each floor, your demand for these remains the same but where you have this property would reflect on your property taxes. 

You can’t change your need from 2 floors to 1 but you can find a location which charges less tax. The taxable amount varies from municipality to municipality. Do your research and find out which one costs less. 

Green patches, priority or not?

We think it’s fair to say that Tamil Nadu and most southern regions are still filled with soothing green patches of nature even with the increasing amount of concrete walls. It is only natural that you wish to have a bit of that in your property to let your eyes relax once in a while especially if you are planning to live in it. 

Here the size does become the deciding factor. It is evident that with a house you have access to a garden patch, maybe a tree or two, rooftop gardens, etc. If this is something that is definitely important to you at a personal level, just like the rest of native Chennai folks you need to focus on a house big enough to accommodate a garden. 

If budget seems to be an issue here or you don’t need a house for three people, go for bigger sized apartments with large balconies as there are tons of ways you can have a small green patch in there. 

Think long term

Do you already have a house? Are you just a real-estate investor? Are you not going to reside in the property just as yet? Great, then there’s no need to engage your neurons with location judgment. 

Most real estate investors in Chennai invest in large sized properties at locations that are not even close to the city but are mostly slowly urbanized sectors in the outskirts. The property prices here would be comparatively low and chances are you can sell it off after a few years for a 5 times higher price than the purchase. 

Are you going to sell it off? Rent it out? Live in it?

Your priorities will and must change depending on the purpose. If you are ultimately going to sell it off 5 or 10 years from now, don’t worry about the location. If you are going to live in the property, please do give the location a priority, you never know how long it’s going to be till the transport gets better in your locality, and for rental? You must give equal weight to both these factors along with the investment you are making.


Buying a home may be the toughest decision if it’s a single desire that you have for a “home sweet home” but an easy one if you are simply looking for an asset. Most homeowners overlook the investment and purpose issue and shift from their logical views when looking at properties, but now that you know how location and size matters we hope this journey would be an easier one.

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5 Places To Travel To During Ramadan On A Budget



5 Places To Travel To During Ramadan On A Budget 4

Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim friends and readers, in today’s post I’m going to be pointing out 5 places to travel to during Ramadan on a budget. Make sure you don’t forget to pack your smartphone and video gear as well. It’s going to be fun.

5 Places To Travel To During Ramadan On A Budget


Ramadan is a very holy month and you shouldn’t let your praying and fasting be disturbed by the regular noise around your area especially if you’re living in Lagos.

To be honest, that city has a way of turning noise and disturbance into a classic way of life, from blaring horns to frustrating traffic, you definitely don’t want to miss your prayers because of the traffic and disturbance so why not get away from all that and go somewhere peaceful. Somewhere you won’t have to break the bank to go to. Travelstart Nigeria has curated some amazing places you can go to this Ramadan on a budget.

Without further ado , let’s get into it shall we.

5 Places To Travel To During Ramadan On A Budget

1. Yankari Games Reserve and Resort, Bauchi

5 Places To Travel To During Ramadan On A Budget 5

First on the list of 5 Places To Travel To During Ramadan is the Yankari Games reserve which gives you a quiet serene environment and in your leisure time you could take a drive into the park and have fun looking at the chatty baboons, dancing hippos, baby elephants and other amazing species of wildlife.

5 Places To Travel To During Ramadan On A Budget 6

Of course if you’re feeling like Lara Croft and Dora the Explorer, you also get a Marshall cave systems and  the Wikki warm springs. Yankari also has outdoor and indoor sports facilities and suitable accommodation.


2. Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar

This is definitely one of my best destinations on the list of 5 Places To Travel To During Ramadan. Obudu resort has a water park with slides, cable cars, a golf course, night-time bonfires and of course lots of horseback riding.

5 Places To Travel To During Ramadan On A Budget 7

Enjoy the thrills of nature, bond with your loved ones as you hike through the ranch. Did I forget to mention that Obudu is home to tons of bird species making it a great birdwatching spot so grab a pair of binoculars when coming there.

5 Places To Travel To During Ramadan On A Budget 8

The accommodations are ultra modern and affordable as well.

3. Tinapa Business Resort, Calabar

Another great place you can take a trip to is the Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort located in Calabar as well.  If you’re looking to have a little fun and sight seeing it’s an awesome destination.

5 Places To Travel To During Ramadan On A Budget 9

There’s a children’s arcade to keep the kids busy while you attend to other important stuffs. Not to forget an awesome eight-screen cinema and a mini amphitheater. It is a great place to spend this Ramadan period.


4. Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort, Ekiti

Nature has given us the best gifts and serene environments and the Ikogosi resort is not an exception. You have a chance to take a hike on the Idanre hills and discover the mystery behind the cold and warm springs of Ikogosi. 

5 Places To Travel To During Ramadan On A Budget 10

When you finally retire to your quarters to rest, it still has a very comfortable, affordable and luxurious rooms so you can relax after a very long day.


5. Abraka Turf and Country Club

The Abraka Turf and country club is located on the plains of the Delta coastline.  You still the opportunity to get lots of savannah adventure, spend time at the natural reserves and clear emerald green river.

5 Places To Travel To During Ramadan On A Budget 11

It’s definitely a great place to spend your Ramadan, away from all the noise and distractions.

5 Places To Travel To During Ramadan On A Budget 12

That’s it from me and I’ll catch you in the next one. Ramadan Kareem once more

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