Do African countries like Nigeria have YouTube or Internet? - Nigerians Respond


So I was just respecting myself online when one mail came in from Quora and the contents of the mail was annoying. Someone actually asked if we have YouTube or even Internet In Nigeria.

I quickly opened the page to give the person a very good response but the savage and sarcastic replies already on the page got me weak. I couldn't give a better reply,

Check out some of the responses to that question -

Osazua Iruedo

No we don't. We only have opportunities to listen to tales by moonlight stories. We sit under the tree at the village square and listen to the story teller. In fact, yesterday night, the story was about why elephants and tortoises don't get along. You see, some of this stories make our hairs stand on end, while some make us laugh until we roll over.

We've never heard anything about YouTube. How can we, when we don't even have internet. Please, what's YouTube?

So your next question should be how do Nigerians communicate with themselves or the world?

I must confess, it's more of a face-to-face thing. Except when distance becomes a barrier, then we post letters. We also have the town criers that has a duty to give us informations. They do this with the Gongo and stick.

By the time we hear them calling for our attention, we all leave whatever it is we are doing at the moment and rush out to listen to what ever information they have to share.

The hard part of it is, we still write love letters.Aww, how I envy you that have access to the internet. You can send your thoughts through a voice message or an instant message. And if you are lucky, you get your reply immediately. But in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole, we have to send the letter and wait for the person to write his or her reply which can take days. And a situation where distance is a barrier, it can take weeks to get a reply.

Few of us that have access to a transistor radio are able to be current with trending songs. While you are so lucky to stream for movies and songs. We wait till the song is no longer trending before we are aware that song exist.

When Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigeria, We all thought he and our mummy( his wife) have made plans to come and adopt some of us. If we had access to internet, we would have known beforehand he was coming . We would have dressed in our Christmas clothes to welcome him.

Whoever is sharing this internet should please remember us in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Lol.

You'd think that's the end, the comment section was mad.

There are other comments too but I don't want to make this post too lengthy so check it out here -

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