The New iPhone XS & XS Max Have A Serious Problem - Charge-Gate and Beauty-Gate


I'm beginning to wonder the connection Apple has with Gates (a rather awkward name I feel iOS users use to describe problems with the piece of metal referred to as an iPhone).

If you're an ardent follower of tech news you would remember the Bend Gate issue on the iPhone 6 plus which made iPhones get bent while in the users pockets and right now again  one of  most expensive phones in the market (as far as the Nigerian market is concerned) has developed not just one but two serious problems : Charge and Beauty Gate

Despite the fact that thousands of users have complained in the Apple forum about this 2 problems, the Curpertino based company is yet to release and official statement . I have a strong feeling they may need to recall all units affected with this problem since it's taken this long and they haven't even responded or released an update to fix the bug.

That's pathetic.

  • The Charge-Gate Issue 

Whenever you leave the phone idle for a while and then plug it to the charger, it does not charge until you tap the screen. This means if you were busy and just routinely plugged the phone and left it thinking it is charging and came back after a while, you will be disappointed that the phone has not been charged at all.

The user who has posted this issue in the forum says he has tried this with the 5W charger that is supplied with the phone and the 10W charger Apple sells officially and done it several times before making the issue public and says more than 100 people have raised the same charging-gate issue.

  • Beauty Gate Issue
The second problem is a bit more technical and has to do with the camera. Pictures shot on the front selfie camera on the iPhone XS Max shows images that bhave skin smoothening effects and you can see a clear difference between pictures taken in low light conditions and the ones in daylight. The difference can also be seen when the same images are captured with an iPhone X, which was last year’s release.

So Apple rolled out a device with bugs and doesn't want to respond officially to it's customers. So much for a trillion dollar company. Apple is becoming plain greedy, just focusing on the money and profit without providing adequate support for its customers.

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