Full Exclusive Post - How To Get 10,000 Followers On Instagram Within One Week


A few weeks ago I had a little personal challenge I wanted to achieve. To see how I'll get 10,000 followers on Instagram within 1 week and I actually got it.

Here's a screenshot -

Now I'm guessing you must be wondering how I got the followers ,So without further ado let me get straight to the point.

Requirements For This

1. An Android Smartphone
2. App Cloner - Download Here
3. Neutrino + - Dowload Here
4. Instagram App. I believe you should have this before even opening this post

How It Works

Neutrino + has over 5 Million Downloads and about 8 Million Users globally so your account isn't followed by bots. They are real people and can unfollow you at anytime. A couple of people tend to unfollow sometimes. Luckily the app has a way to punish people that don't keep following you.

The main aim of this app is to get 359 crystals then boost your account to gain followers. However, you can either follow other people to get crystals or simply buy the crystals but in this tutorial I'll be showing you how to trick the system a bit.

  • Normally Instagram lets you sign in to multiple accounts on one app so all you have to do is create at least 2 fake accounts. (Make sure you take note of the username and password)
  • Post 2 pictures on each of the accounts then wait for about 5 Minutes.
  • Launch App Cloner then select Neutrino + and change the icon color then click the tick icon and wait for it to clone (Make sure you have enough space in your phone before doing this) 
  • Once it finishes cloning you'll have 3 Neutrino + Apps on your phone
  • Login to your main account on the original neutrino app and log in to your fake accounts on the two cloned apps.

  • In order to get a bonus when opening the Neutrino + use this referral code - 8362171
  • Click on the star icon to start subscribing to people on the fake accounts (Don't do this with your main account)
  • Keep subscribing till you see an error message that you are following too much. 
  • Click on the big crystal button on the bottom right of the app then slide to more crystals
  • Scroll down then transfer all the crystals to your main account - your nickname is your main username
  • Repeat the same thing on the second fake account then go back to your main account on Neutrino then click on the star icon then select gain followers.
Then watch your followers grow. Repeat the procedure after 10 minutes, just follow with the fake accounts , transfer to your main account then boost to gain followers.

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