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Introducing WapDam ; One Of The Best Download Sites On The Internet



Introducing WapDam ; One Of The Best Download Sites On The Internet 1

What is wapdam?  Wapdam is a website just like waptrick wapkid and other websites, but wapdam is one the most popularly known website when it comes to games. Too many people wapdam is known to them as the game has the reason because they are no game you will not get in wapdam no matter the category of the game no matter the device you need it in. Wapdam has many things in it like mobile games, and it has a link with the waptrick game website.
Introducing WapDam ; One Of The Best Download Sites On The Internet 2
They are no way you will call the first 30 gaming website that you will not see wapdam in it that shows that it is recognized world wide. The website is visited by millions of viewers on a daily basis which come to download and install games either with the java device, Android device, system device even apple device.
Apart from games wapdam has other things which there also portrait which include music’s, application, wallpaper,  videos, themes, etc. I know how hard it is on clients when they are busy googling on a particular game or application or even song and at the end of the day you will not only waste your time but your data as well, so tell me why are you going round the Bush when you can get it with just a few steps applied, and you don’t have to register for any thing just come in download and go your way it is absolutely free of charge while others are busy selling they application or songs wapdam will bring it close to you. To your door step. So all you have to do now is to read this article very well you will get to the root of what you are looking for.
In this article, we will go through a review of the website which may include many things like how wapdam works,  how to download games and other like lyrics of songs things.
Firstly we will talk about the things you can see in wapdam
Download MP3 Music | Videos | Games | Pictures  Features
1. Games: In wapdam, we have a sector called the game section, and here in the game section there are so many categories which include but an arcade, race, war, etc. all these games are interesting because am talking out of the experience. And all these games do you know that they are free?  Yes, they are free unlike other websites who sell they own applications and games at a certain price, and you will still buy it when that game is given you at a free of charge rate. So download games now.
2. Applications: wapdam have series of application no matter the one you are looking for you will see it in wapdam. Applications are things that make phone look good when been held in hand, and it keeps one busy somehow in wapdam there are series of applications which you can download applications like app lock which can be used for ones privacy also they have any virus application which stands your phone on a daily basis against virus infecting your phone and many other applications which you can see in so tell me why you will go to other websites and pay money to download applications when you can get it free of charge here at wapdam just visit the website, and you will have more reasons to come back.
3. Lyrics: Is there any music you love so much and love to listen and learn, but you don’t know where to get the lyrics of the music. All you have to do is here in wapdam. Stop googling around d looking for a lyrics of a song stop wasting your data when you know you can get it with just a few steps. Wapdam offers you the opportunity to read lyrics of many songs of choice just visit the website home page Select the lyrics categories and follow the steps there. Visit for your lyrics.
4. Ebooks: What is Ebooks?  Ebooks are the online books also called electronic books which mean books or articles that can be accessed by your mobile phone or your laptop. These days are inspiring books motivational books are of put in ebook format which makes it available for anyone in anywhere around the world. And in wapdam, you can get these Ebooks of your choice.
5. Music: in wapdam you can get music’s or songs of your choice in many categories like the jazz, the pop,  hip how, Christmas, Christian, western music’s and many other music’s which you can get with just a few steps in wapdam just with the Artist name or the song name you will get the song you are looking for. And the sweetness of it all is that it is arranged in alphabetical order, so you get what you want with the first alphabet of the Artist name.
6. Wall paper and theme: Wapdam have so many Wall paper and thems which makes the phone look sweet both the ones made with celebrities pictures and other footballers and Artist all these things are what you can get and loss more in wapdam Wall paper section and theme section.
Apart from all these features, they are many others you will get when you visit the website at
How can you download in wapdam?
Before you can download things from what you just need to do is to have a mobile phone or a laptop with a data connection in it which will allow you to access the website then follow the steps below.
Here we will use the games section
How to download games in
1. When you open your browser type on the website URL in the browser box you have.
2. Go through the home page you will see the games category select it.
3. They you will see the categories under games choose the one you like
4. Select the game you like
5. The next page you will see is the page that will show you the file information like the file size and the best device to use it on.
6. The next page you will see the download icon click on it and download the file.
7. Then select proceed to download, and your game will be downloaded.
If you want to see the download progress click on your browsers download link, there you will see it.

Hope this article was helpful.

Michael Ajah is a Computer Science Student of The University of Port Harcourt and a Chelsea Fan. He loves RnB and a little mix of Trap Music. An awesome tech reviewer and analyst. Email - [email protected]

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How To Easily Start A Blog On WordPress With Free Themes



How To Easily Start A Blog On WordPress With Free Themes 3

you wish to start up a new WordPress blog
or website and wondering how to do it on a budget? Well, WordPress is a free,
open source CMS that allows for 100% customization. In this short guide, I am
going to show you how you can start a WordPress blog/website on a budget or
without any technical knowledge.
guide would come in handy to bloggers who intends moving from their blogging
platform to WordPress, web hobbyist, and those who just bought a WordPress
hosting server
and wondering how to put their business online.

The pre-requisites to starting a new WordPress blog?

start a blog/website on WordPress, there are some important things you must
have beforehand. Under listed are some of these fundamental tools.
ü  A registered domain name (e.g.
ü  A web hosting account (shared, cloud or
ü  Reliable internet connection
are just the three primary
requirements for starters
. Any hosting package you buy comes with a
cPanel (control panel/dashboard) where you can manage your files and websites.
It is on this cPanel that you’d gain access to create your first free WordPress
are lots of packages available in the cPanel, among them is Softaculous App
. This package offers you free access to install various CMS
platforms freely and easily. All the packages on cPanel are important and serve
for specific purposes. But since our interest is on creating WordPress websites,
we’ll only focus on Softaculous App Installer.

Starting the blog

#1. Install WordPress

How To Easily Start A Blog On WordPress With Free Themes 4
in to your hosting cPanel and scroll down until you get to the Softaculous Apps
Installer. Now, click on the WordPress Icon to trigger the website installation
How To Easily Start A Blog On WordPress With Free Themes 5
between quick or custom installation. The “Quick” installation
creates a default WordPress website with preset settings while the “Custom
installation allows you to customize your website from the root.
you will be required to enter the following details
How To Easily Start A Blog On WordPress With Free Themes 6
ü  Domain name
ü  Desired website name and description
ü  Your admin details (username and
password). Note: This will be what you will use to log in to the website/blog
admin panel/dashboard and it has to be private.
ü  Choose your website language
ü  Scroll down and click on “Install
How To Easily Start A Blog On WordPress With Free Themes 7
the website installation, the next thing to do is to start with free themes. To
access your new blog/website admin panel/dashboard, attach /wp-admin
after the initial domain name. This is how your admin WP admin URL looks like;
Log in to your admin dashboard by using the admin details you defined during
the installation.

#Install themes

works with highly customizable themes/templates. There are many free themes to
customize the look of your new website. Usually, the screenshot below shows you
how your website will appear immediately after installation.
How To Easily Start A Blog On WordPress With Free Themes 8
appearance does not appeal to anyone, so it needs to be changed. To change this
default theme and use a visitor-friendly theme that would interest your visitors,
locate the themes option on your dashboard and click on it. It’s normally found
at– Appearance ==> Themes
How To Easily Start A Blog On WordPress With Free Themes 9
on the “Add new” button
be redirected to a new page where you’d find lots of free beautiful themes with
user-friendly templates. However, you can define your theme choice by filtering
the results to the latest, featured, popular, no. of columns, and etc.

How To Easily Start A Blog On WordPress With Free Themes 10
you see a theme you like, hover your mouse over it and click on the preview
button to see what it actually looks like on the front-end (appearance to
If you are comfortable with the
preview, go ahead and install the theme as your new website theme. It will
override the previous theme template and your website will now be acceptable to
the people viewing it.
Note: I’ll normally recommend a SEO friendly theme that comes with social
media sharing buttons and newsletter marketing tools. They’re necessary for
your marketing and/or blogging

Customize the free theme to taste

In other to make the theme more
convenient and load faster for your readers, WordPress allows you to customize
the theme’s appearance via a built-in customizer. You can access the customizer
here – Appearance ==> Customizer.
Your new website/blog is now up
and running, you should start creating engaging contents that will bring more
traffic to the new website. Also, you may need to install certain plugins
to make your new blog/website modern, attractive, and good enough for

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How Your Smartphone Can Help You Stay Fit



How Your Smartphone Can Help You Stay Fit 11
With a smartphone on your hands, it means that you have the power to perform many operations. These technological gadgets are so smart that they can now help people improve their fitness in many ways. According to research, most athletes and fitness enthusiasts have turned to their smartphones to get information and make better strategies for their fitness lives. When used well, it is easy to achieve your goals and also help others, especially if you are a fitness coach or trainer.

How Your Smartphone Can Help You Stay Fit 12

Monitor and Track Your Activities

One of the greatest mistakes athletes make is failing to track their fitness activities. This means that they do not know how many workouts they have been doing in a week, and therefore they cannot know whether they are progressing or not. A smartphone can access numerous fitness apps with the capability to store data for all of these activities. In fact, one can start by preparing a workout schedule and checking it when each section is completed.

Stream Tutorials

YouTube now has thousands of videos and tutorials on fitness. All you need is to do a search or subscribe to a reputable fitness channel. The best thing with streaming videos through your smartphone is that you can even access it outdoors or remotely with ease. Better still, you can download fitness videos and save them for future use. Apart from YouTube, there are also other fitness channels that offer live tutorials.

How Your Smartphone Can Help You Stay Fit 13

Browse Fitness Information Online

For you to be fit, there is a lot of information that you need to know. The web is a rich source of information and the fact that anyone with a smartphone can access it easily makes it even better. All you need is internet access, and Google or any other search engine will be waiting for your search input. You can read more about fitness gear,, and much more. The web holds almost all of the answers about fitness that you want, including tips on how to improve your fitness efforts.

Social Media Sharing

These include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest among many others. These social media platforms offer an opportunity for people to share fitness information in an interesting way. If you are on any of these platforms, you can follow successful people in fitness and get to know what they do to succeed. Some even post videos and photos of their daily workout routines, their diet, and the supplements they use. You can also seek the recommendation of the best fitness options from various groups and platforms that you are following.

How Your Smartphone Can Help You Stay Fit 14

Monitoring Diet

Fitness is not complete without an appropriate diet. Smartphones allow people to promote their eating habits in many ways. As a fitness lover, you can use apps that recommend the best food for certain goals. Additionally, you can browse information on the best food to eat or follow a health channel of your choice.

From the above, you can tell that smartphones are game-changers in fitness. If you do not have one, it is time to buy one and start using it to your advantage.

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