Madness Or Simply Exotic - These 15 Animals Are Verified And Have More Followers Than You On Instagram


You know Instagram is a crazy place where you get to see the most unexpected things. The Facebook owned social network has amassed over 1 billion users globally.

 Now animals have invaded Instagram and are even getting verified and when I look at my account on IG I feel like this :

Not even up to 1k followers as at the time of writing this post  (Which is quite weird despite the fact almost 150K People visit this blog every month ). Plus there's no blue tick yet and I'm wondering what's up with my Instagram account.

If you're reading this - Please this is an honest plea to support by following @naijatechguy on IG . I'd follow back. Let me continue my wailing though - Here are the 15 Animals that got me thinking what my account has done to Instagram - (Credits to INSTYLE for curation)

1. @MarnieTheDog - 2M Followers

This 15-year-old Shih Tzu is an inspiration to us all. Since she was adopted from a shelter four years ago, Marnie has spent her days roaming the aisles of grocery stores, taking selfies with celebrities, and being #cultured. It’s easy to see why she’s amassed a loyal following: She’s cute, she’s funny, and she has a voice all her own. Plus, her captions will make you smile. 

2. @nala_cat -3.6M Followers 

With over three million followers, 6-year-old Nala is a force to be reckoned with on Instagram. Adopted from a shelter when she was just a kitten, the Siamese and Tabby mix has impressively long whiskers and frequently joins her human mom on outings to the store. She also loves a good accessory, and often wears bandannas from her own collection.

3. @hamlet_the_piggy  -337K Followers

Hamlet is a 3-year-old mini micro pig based in L.A., and she’s a total Hollywood junkie. Known for her obsession with watching The Real Housewives and other reality TV staples like The Bachelor, Hamlet loves to watch drama unfold—and she’s become a star in her own right. Reese Witherspoon is among those who have regrammed the pig, whose “homies” call her Hammy for short.

4. @itsdougthepug -3.5M Followers

It’s hard to find a cooler canine than Doug. He hits up music festivals, rocks amazing costumes (i.e., Harry Potter and “Chance the Pugger”), and poses for selfies like a total boss. Having dubbed himself the “King of Pop Culture,” the pug’s posts are unmatched, and his recently-published first book was a New York Times bestseller, to boot.

5 [email protected] - 210k Followers

Granted, Neville has a slight advantage to taking on the social media world since he calls Marc Jacobs “Dad.” But the bull terrier has established himself as a pup worth following on his own. He documents his life of leisure as he travels the globe, but he balances his luxe snaps with relatable posts that remind fans he’s really just a normal dog at heart.

6 @iamlilbub -1.8M Followers

Bub has dubbed herself a “one of a kind magical space cat,” and a scroll through her feed supports that claim. The wide-eyed kitty was born with an array of genetic abnormalities that will keep her looking forever kitten-like, including a case of dwarfism, extra toes, osteopetrosis, and a lack of teeth that makes her tongue constantly visible. Despite her physical challenges, Bub is a healthy feline with a sweet face and a positive attitude—or, rather, cattitude.

7. @pumpkintheraccoon -1.5M Followers

Pumpkin is no average raccoon. Rescued by a human family in the Bahamas when she was young, Pumpkin quickly adapted to domestic life—and bonded with her two canine siblings. She spends most of her time snuggling with the dogs, scouring the kitchen for snacks, and curling up on the couch.

8. @manny_the_frenchie -1.1M Followers

The 5-year-old Frenchie prides himself on charity work, supporting multiple animal rescue organizations and encouraging his followers to give back, too. Of course, so many philanthropic efforts can tire a pup out—which is likely why Manny frequently shares photos of himself, mid-nap (and often snuggled up next to his little brother, Frank)

9. @realdiddykong - 1M Followers

Diddy and Yeti Kong are a seriously entertaining monkey duo. Older sibling Diddy, a Common Marmoset, was recently joined by Yeti, a Hybrid Marmoset. While the pair never fails to impress us with their cuteness, there’s no denying that bath time is the best time. 

10. @crusoe_dachshund -611K Followers

Another New York Times bestseller, Crusoe “the celebrity Dachshund” has a larger-than-life personality. He’s channeled his inner Carrie Bradshaw with a blonde curled wig, cruised the bar scene looking for babes, and even tried his paws at knitting—all of which made for hilarious ‘grams. There’s nothing this self-described “Wiener Dog Extroardinaire” is afraid to tackle, and we love him for it.

11 @chinnybuddy  -108K Followers

Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla likes naps and treats—but most importantly, he knows the true value of a good photo prop. From mini bicycles and party hats to tiny shopping carts and furniture, this chinchilla can make any old object look downright cute when posing for his ‘grams. Also worth noting: he’s a total pro at winking.

12 @harlowandsage -1.6M Followers

The account that initially followed the adventures of Harlow, a Weimaraner, and her sister Sage, a Miniature Dachshund, has continued on following Sage’s passing in 2013. Now, Harlow has new sisters by her side: Indiana and Reese, both Miniature Dachshunds. The trio does everything together, from taking cuddly group naps to posing in matching accessories. Their bond is undeniable, and we can’t seem to get enough.

13 @juniperfoxx - 2.3M followers

Juniper is a sassy domestic fox who isn’t afraid to show her emotions. She’s lazy until 4 p.m. (she’s nocturnal, after all), and she’s happiest when spending time with her canine “boyfriend” Moose. She likes belly rubs and chin scratches, and considers socks to be snacks.

14 @venustwofacecat  - 1.5M Followers

Venus the “Two Face Cat” has garnered plenty of attention thanks to her unusual half-black, half-orange face split right down the center. With one green eye and one blue, the famous feline knows how to work her striking angles for a close-up—and she does it well.

15 [email protected] - 355K Followers

Arguably the most fashion-forward animal on Instagram, Bodhi—aka Menswear Dog—doesn’t mess around when it comes to style. Whether he’s chilling at home in a comfy sweater or decked out in a tux for a night out, the Shiba Inu is canine chic, 24/7. His accessories game is on point, too, ranging from sunglasses and fedoras to bandanas and bowties. Bodhi never wears the same look twice, which keeps us coming back for more

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