How Do You React When Females Reply With One Word Replies On Social Media - Nigerian Guys React


Welcome to another episode of Vox Pop on and in this post I'll be looking at something quite interesting and very common -" One Word Replies On Social Media".

To be honest, there is nothing that kills any guys vibe whenever we're texting someone  and the person replies with a one word reply , the worst case scenario is a one letter reply - kul,yh,k,aii,fine.

The painful part is when you write one long text and the person just writes back with one letter - Is your screen so bad that only one letter works?

The same girl will come and start inviting you to play candy crush on Facebook

The replies can get really frustrating and you're like how in the world am I supposed to reply to this and believe me there's this natural feeling to rain abuses on the person but I exercise patience and say

I will simply bury the conversation and move on 

Guys lets interact a bit - How do you react when a girl replies you with one word. Leave a comment at the end of the post. Here are some replies from some other guys I've asked the same question.

Okechukwu Raphael

Those set of ladies that reply every chat with K ,KUL, OK without trying to help keep the conversation going, i don't tolerate them at all if I text you the first time and you don't make an effort in keeping the conversation for the first three times I text you . I will just  " jejely" remove you. I cannot be talking to a spirit thinking its human being

Milo Travis -

 I give u transmission of the omission transmission warning 3 times, then I proceed to transmission the "Block" button... Simple

Azubuike Precious


Clear the chat and pretend we never met

Izuu Czar Kizito


Well, I do nothing. But if i feel the chat isn't what they want, I keep my chill.

Favor Onah

Personally , I will Just Jejely Stop Chatting With The Person because I Can't Be Talking To A Dummy

Obinna Chineme

 A simple "hmmm" would do if she's curious and asks the reason for that I'll reply otherwise that's the end of  the discussion

Collins Samuel

Leave yo bitchy ass simple but I might prolong the chat and ask her to tell me about her self

Samuel Onyike

No girl has ever replied me with Kul or K as I mind my business and talk to them when necessary. Call it my own way of forming.

George Oz Gold

 I will just pretend I did not see the message i.e just as if i left my phone online

Michael Ebiega

Everything ends there 

Well guys that's what a couple of other guys have to say, share your experiences in the comments. The person with the funniest experience and clap-back gets something from me. If you're reading from Opera just visit this site directly to leave a comment.

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