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Have You Ever Lost Your Files On Your Storage Device Or Computer – Here’s How To Recover It



Have You Ever Lost Your Files On Your Storage Device Or Computer - Here's How To Recover It 1

you recently “lost” your data which you somehow forgot to back up on a secure
cloud platform? No worries. The first thing you need to do is take a step back
and relax. Your documents, photos, and other data can be completely recovered.
What you’re going to need to do is take a few minutes to read this review of
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It includes vital information that will set your
mind at ease including details and features and exactly how to deploy it recover
your lost data.

Have You Ever Lost Your Files On Your Storage Device Or Computer - Here's How To Recover It 2
EaseUs Free Data Recovery Software Review

beat yourself up about lost data, it happens even to the best of us. For
instance, you just realize you can’t find the photos from your last birthday
party, or someone just called that you sent you an important file just minutes
before you emptied your trash folder.

any of these cases, your best bet would be to find the most reliable computer,
portable device, or hard drive recovery available in the market today.
Although, recovering lost data will depend on a number of factors especially:

 The first step is to check
if the documents are in Windows Recycle Bin. If by any chance your computer is
configured to have separate recycling bins for each unit, check every bin first
before proceeding.

  Even if the items are
deleted from trash, a file might remain in the memory clusters and hence can be
fully recovered.

 As long as deleted files
have not been overwritten with new files, it’s possible to recover them.
 Unfortunately, data
recovery attempts may be useless if much time has passed after deleting the
files since there’s a big chance they are already overwritten with new data.

powerful software can be used to successfully recover date from internal or
external for hard drive recovery, USB flash drives, and will recover almost any
kind of data imaginable such as documents, emails, videos, audio, and photos.
In addition, it also supports devices like camcorders, CF/SD Card, and pen

data recovery software
is available for Windows and Mac. It will recover
and restore accidentally deleted files, files that were deleted by other
programs, access non-mounting, corrupted/raw partitions plus data from servers
and RAID storage.

not all. The software supports an impressively wide range of file formats

Documents: DOC and DOCX, XLS and XLSX, PPT or PPTX, PDF, HTML/HTM, INDD,
EPS, etc.

Video: AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, MKV, ASF, FLV, MPG, RM or RMVB, MPEG,etc.

Graphics: JPG and JPEG, TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD, CR2, ORF, SR2, WMF, RAW, SWF,
SVG, RAF, DNG, etc.

Audio: AIF and AIFF, M4A, MP3, WAV, MID/MIDI, RealAudio, VQF, MKV, MPG, M4V,
OGG, AAC, WMV, APE, etc.

Email: PST, DBX, EMLX, etc.

Others: Including Archives(ZIP, RAR, SIT, ISO etc.), exe, SITX, etc.
Steps For Using EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free

reason many users consider this free data recovery
among the best available today is the fact that not only is it
easy to use, it also requires minimal system requirements despite its powerful
abilities. It needs just 32MB of disk space for installation. Hence, it’s
perfect just to download, install and use.

by visiting the EaseUs official website to download, install and proceed to
register it.
the software and proceed with these steps:

#1: Select The Location To Start From.

Have You Ever Lost Your Files On Your Storage Device Or Computer - Here's How To Recover It 3

by finding where the data was lost from and then start searching. Lost
partitions will also be displayed here.

#2: Scan Your Storage Device

Have You Ever Lost Your Files On Your Storage Device Or Computer - Here's How To Recover It 4

the button labeled “Quick Scan” then the button marked “Deep
Scan” to start the retrieval process. In case it’s not convenient to carry
our recovery in one go, you can pause it temporarily and continue the process
later. The software also allows you to export/import the entire scan results if
you want them.

#3: Preview Your Lost Data Before Final Recovery

Have You Ever Lost Your Files On Your Storage Device Or Computer - Here's How To Recover It 5

this point, you can preview and filter what you want before final recovery to
avoid unnecessary recovery.

Plans and Pricing

EaseUs offers two Pro
plans plus the free option adding up to three different plans. The free option
allows users to recover a maximum of 2GB of data.
plan costs $69.95 for a single license.

+ WinPe plan costs $99.90 for a single license.

I'm a Computer Science Student of The University of Port Harcourt and a Chelsea Fan. I love RnB and A little Trap Music. Tech flows in my veins. I love to have fun with friends and I read a lot.

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9Mobile In Trouble Again As New Owners ‘Teleology’ Pull Out Of Telco




9mobile in trouble again. According to reports reaching me , Teleology Holdings, the new owners of 9mobile ,may just have withdrawn from further participation in the 9mobile project.

If you could recall during the 9mobile crisis , Teleology acquired 9mobile, previously  Etisalat, in November 2018 —  eight months after it made an initial $500million non-refundable deposit to acquire the telco, and a cumulative 10 months after the takeover was billed to have been finalized.

Teleology Holdings, led by Adrian Wood,  a pioneer Chief Executive Officer of MTN Nigeria, eventually won the final bid — ahead of Airtel, Globacom, Smile and Helios.



Teleology Holdings’ successful bid for 9mobile was successful due to the quality of its proposed seven-man management team led by Wood, and was approved by the NCC Technical Evaluation Committee, the 13-member bank lending syndicate as well as the acquisition finance provider, Afreximbank.


9mobile Woes Continue

However, according to developing reports, Teleology Holdings has become extremely uncomfortable with actions taken outside of the agreed business plan, since their initial takeover, considering it has been blocked from concluding a management services contract with the local joint venture, Teleology Nigeria Limited.

The proposed management services contract would have enabled Teleology Holdings and its team of experts oversee the implementation of the its elaborate business plans including funding proposals — but that so far been impossible.



Wood is understood to have resigned from the boards of Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services (trading as 9mobile) as well as Teleology Nigeria Limited, and has already communicated his current disenchantment with the 9Mobile project to his confidants in Teleology.

According to Woods, 9mobile is an exciting opportunity to build a revolutionary mobile network that could be the pride of Nigeria. Unfortunately, it appears that we will not be able to participate. We now must stand down from further work on the 9mobile project.”

Has 9mobile become the new Econet? We can’t tell. Let me know what you think in the comments

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How Google Plans On Replacing Android With Fuschia OS Soon



How Google Plans On Replacing Android With Fuschia OS Soon 14
You probably don’t need telling that Android is a very powerful and versatile operating system but Google is working on something that might end up as the direct replacement  – Fuschia.

How Google Plans On Replacing Android With Fuschia OS Soon 15

In this post, I’ll be explaining why Fuschia may actually replace Android
Kernels are the core of any operating system, they provide the basic mechanisms around which the os can be built. A lot of the problems Android faces today is as a result of the fact it was built around the linux kernel whicj was not originally intended for it. 
As a matter of fact,  Android OS was originally meant for digital cameras so on it’s core it isn’t exactly specialized for what a smartphone should do
So what about Fuschia?
Fuschia is based on a completely different Kernel with 2 key benefits.
1. It is designed with the smart connected feature in mind
2. It’s more specific in its code and can be built on a wide range of devices
This kernel is called Zircon .
 So what’s the benefit ?
The reason that Fuschia is powerful is that this kernel runs on completely everything from phones abd TVs to Fridges and traffic lights.
One OS for everything. As more devices enter people’s homes, this would mean seamless integration among devices.
Your music could switch to your speaker when you enter a room and continue in your car when you get in.
Also Fuschia would be built around the idea of voice commands. Less tapping , More talking.
Fuschia would also solve one of the major problems of Android which is Fragmentation.

Fragmentation is the reason most Android phones don’t perform as well as their hardware is capable of.
This exists because Android is a bit of a mess. It has software, kernel and drivers all working together in a slightly different configuration on each device.
That’s why Google just can’t push an update to any device out there. These 3 aspects have to be decoupled manually.
Google has little control of how users experience Android on 95% of phones.
This is a problem because these OEMs don’t have an incentive to keep your device updated. They prefer you get a new device if you want to upgrade so they can make more money.
Fuschia is cleaner built with updates in mind. Fuschia would help Google regain control of the end user software experience.
Fuschia is also written on the Flutter software development kit which is important because this runs on Android too. This would make sure Android apps run on it. You don’t expect Google to start from scratch with the already vast library of apps and games available.

So the big question –
When will Fuschia Replace Android
Considering that brands always make the 10th version of their products seem like the peak of their current product line. Android 10 might be replaced by Fuschia OS.
If it’s not, then we should be looking at the next couple of years.

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Unbelievable – Glo, 9mobile, NTEL Customers To Be Cut Off From Calling Other Networks



Unbelievable - Glo, 9mobile, NTEL Customers To  Be Cut Off From Calling Other Networks 16
NCC has given MTN and Airtel approval to bar Glo and 9mobile customers from calling their network over failure to pay Interconnect Debt.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has granted disconnection approval to mobile network operators (MNOs) to disconnect owing colleagues over rise in interconnect debt and failure of the affected operators to pay.

Unbelievable - Glo, 9mobile, NTEL Customers To  Be Cut Off From Calling Other Networks 17

NCC has asked MTN, Airtel and IHS to disconnect, on partial basis, services to Globacom, Ntel (MNOs) and interconnect exchange points including Breeze, Exchange, Solid, Medallion and Niconnx.

The implication of this development is that over 35 millions of subscribers would soon start to experience service disruptions.

While the affected operators have between the next 10 and 21 days, starting from 18th Dec to make amends or risk disconnections,

The Commission also said it has approved the Disconnection of Ntel and Globacom from the facilities of IHS in accordance with Section 103 of the Nigerian Communications Act 2003 and the Guidelines on Procedure for Granting Approval to Disconnect Telecommunications Operators.

The Commission informed that 9Mobile, Smile and Swift are also to be disconnected from IHS facilities and ATC Wireless Infrastructure Limited.

“At the expiration of 10 days from the date of this notice, subscribers on the network of Ntel and Globacom will no longer be able to make calls to Airtel and MTN, but will be able to receive calls. Furthermore, Ntel and Globacom will be disconnected from the facilities of IHS.”

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