How Smaller Smartphone Brands Are Turning To Unapologetic Profit Driven Companies

A close look at how the smartphone industry is saturated with different brands, you would wonder how smaller brands cope with the big boys in the industry – Samsung, HTC, Huawei etc.

Slow Android OS Distribution Rate

The end result of the mode of operation of the smaller brands has drastically affected the distribution rate of the Android OS globally.  Apple’s iOS powered devices have one common feature – Regular updates. Something that is quickly turning to an illusion on some Android powered smartphones.

You may say that iOS isn’t an open source operating system and it is managed solely by the Cupertino based company that is why it’s easy for Apple to send out regular updates but aren’t the bigger brands in the Android ecosystem sending out updates

Wireless Update Bloatware

There’s no excuse for not sending updates to users. Every single android device has a wireless or software update app but most android users that use these devices may use these phones for more than a year without getting a single security update, software update or full system upgrade.  These apps are becoming bloatware. They do nothing on the phone. They just lie lifeless on the device adding no necessary value to the phone.

Top Brands Striking Partnerships with Telecom Companies

Top smartphone companies in the United States, United Kingdom and other top economies understand the importance of regular updates and have gone into partnership with the telecoms companies there. Even some of their devices are sold by these carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, At&t etc. Sometimes these updates are even tailored and distributed by the carriers each period the updates are sent by the smartphone manufacturers. The smaller brands shy away from these partnerships.

Phone Swap Unavailable

Smaller Brands have one marketing strategy and it works pretty well for them – Need an Update: Buy A New Phone. Unlike the bigger brands that send updates and still allow users swap their phones for the latest models by adding a little amount to their devices and swapping their old phones for a newer model, these smaller brands make sure they take every single penny from the consumers and are still unapologetic about it. Most times professional repair services for these brands are almost nowhere to be found.

The Profit Model

I believe every business usually has an aim of making profit and I am not against it. However, I think these smaller brands ought to borrow a leaf from these bigger brands and act like standard smartphone companies. They can sell phones in bulk to telecommunications companies and the telecom carriers can in turn sell the devices to consumers and promise them a phone swap once there is a new model of the device. To the best of my knowledge no law prohibits them from doing so.

Unreliability of Telecom Services

The carriers in other countries usually have the devices locked to their network only as part of the agreement with the smartphone company. It seems that such services un Nigeria would prove abortive as no Telecom company can be relied in totally therefore nobody would want a device locked to a specific carrier. We are in the era of dual sim devices so we may not necessarily be able to blame or point accusing fingers at these brands now. However, in the future if things change we can blame these companies for being profit driven.

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