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Why You Need Yubikey for your Google account



If you haven’t added a second layer of security to your Google account, you’re more vulnerable than you realize. You might think you’re secure if you’re using SMS to protect your accounts, but even that has its own security issues compared to alternative verification options. You could employ an authentication app, which is more secure, but those rely on you entering a multi-digit passcode every time you login to a new device or app. Instead of copying and pasting numbers every so often just to send some Hangout messages, look into using a Yubikey. It’s a tiny USB drive that acts as a two-factor authentication tool for a variety of services and operating systems. For now, let’s just start with locking down your Google account.Why You Need Yubikey for your Google account 1
HOW YUBIKEY WORKS:Yubikeys are hardware-based security keys that look like tiny USB drives (sorry, you can’t store anything on them). They’re basically one-touch authentication tools you stick into your computer (or, with a compatible model, tap on your NFC-equipped smartphone) to verify your identity. Windows, macOS, and Linux all support the hardware-based authentication tool, while sites like Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Github are also among the over 50 supported services.It shouldn’t be the only form of two-factor authentication you use—you should also employ a two-factor authentication app whenever you can. You can associate multiple Yubikeys with a single account as well, so if you’ve got one on your keychain and another inserted in your personal or office computer, using both gives you that much more security should you lose one. Even if someone steals it, they’ll be unable to access your accounts without a username and password, and you can remotely deactivate the keys from your already secured accounts using either your second Yubikey or another authorization method.SECURE YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT FIRST:To setup your security key, you need to dip into your Google account’s security settings. You might have two-factor authentication enabled (using an app instead of SMS, I hope), or a smartphone as a your one-touch Google login prompt, but you’ll have to disable the latter to enable your hardware security key. Also, make sure your key isn’t connected to your computer before you set it up.To get started, head to your Google account’s sign in and security page, where you’ll have the option to configure your login options. Select “Signing in to Google,” then hit Two-Factor Authentication. Scroll down until you see the security key option, and hit “Add Security Key.”Follow the prompts from Google telling you to plug in, tap, and name your Yubikey to associate it with your account. After that one-time setup, you’ll see your Yubikey among your list of two-factor authentication options.To try it out, log out of your Google account. When you log back in, after entering your email address and password, you’ll be prompted to tap the touch-sensitive Yubikey to transmit your authentication code—no app required.GET RID OF YOUR SMS AUTHENTICATION:Now that you’ve got an authentication app and a Yubikey—two secure methods of authenticating your account—you should ditch the weakest link that is your SMS verification option. In Google’s 2-Step Verification page, hit the edit button next to your phone number, and select “Remove Phone.” Now your Google account is both free from the vulnerable SMS authentication as well as further protected thanks to the physical hardware you can take wherever you go (or turn into an incredibly functional fashion accessory).

Michael Ajah is a Computer Science Student of The University of Port Harcourt and a Chelsea Fan. He loves RnB and a little mix of Trap Music. An awesome tech reviewer and analyst. Email - [email protected]

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Google Stadia – The Future Of Gaming Or Not ? – Reader Opinion



Google Stadia - The Future Of Gaming Or Not ? - Reader Opinion 4

A few weeks ago, Google announced the release of Google Stadia a new state of the art gaming platform that would change gaming as we know it apparently.

Google Stadia

This has been met with a lot of skepticism in the gaming community if this is going to actually work but I believe Stadia has what it takes to change the whole console gaming model that we have been used to for years, However, it would take some time to actually give Microsoft and Sony a run for their money.

Google Stadia Controller

Google Stadia actually got me thinking Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox would have a strong problem to contend with when it fully launches this year. Google Stadia’s cross-platform play is something I’m looking forward to, so you can play hardware intensive games on a system or phone with low specs.

Imagine playing PUBG or FIFA on a 1GB RAM Phone or Laptop and it runs without any lagging or glitches. So it’s practically goodbye to having to get a new system to play some games if they are available on Stadia.

I decided to put out this question to you guys on facebook and I was pretty impressed with the replies I got.

Google Stadia Reader Opinion

Google Stadia - The Future Of Gaming Or Not ? - Reader Opinion 5

Apeh Ikechukwu said – Even if it will be the beginning of the end for PlayStation 4 and Xbox, it will take time A very long time for it to gain popularity and to be accepted by all.
What if it becomes more expensive? That you have to pay huge to access it?

George Oz said – I don’t think to gain popularity is a problem, the announcement alone gathered enough publicity online. And yes it is definitely the end for others Like x-Box and co…Sometimes let’s learn to think Outside the Box.

Osazeme Usen said – Stadia will take quite a long while to catch on. Internet speed is still an issue in most nations of the world. In the long run, stadia will eventually be cheaper than owning a console and purchasing games but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Olusola Glory Olamide said – Before we throw those Xboxes, PlayStations, Nintendo Switches and stuffs to the bin of history we have questions to answer.
Will most gamers’ broadband connections be fast enough to make a streaming service of that proposition? Will developers all come on board? And is Google the right company to trust with the future of the games industry? Though we’ve got Apple on board and Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon are also in the launch plus Sony Nintendo and others won’t stay put.

ューセッ州 小岩 マサチ said – I feel we will have to pay for most of the games…and Nigeria’s 4g speed is about 2mb/s.

Samuel Jarvis Adeyemi said -Stadia is a good innovation from Google and I think it’s great since gaming could be done on a device, they said it would be super fast even cheating the speed of light in 4k Res without a glitch.
Anyways Google is the software boss, I think they can do it.

I hope Xbox and PS4 meet up but cloud gaming is not really their stuff. And Google has the resources.

Swiss Alex said – well mainly I would say Google Stadia is a welcome development but Xbox and the ps4 has to upgrade too

Google Stadia Reader Opinion – Join The Conversation

Google Stadia looks like something that would work very well in countries with very fast broadband connections for now. Hopefully, Google would find a way to bridge the gap and fix things before it gets rolled out to Africa and Asia. Nevertheless, it’s a win for gamers with this. So what’s your take on this?

The comment box is yours, let me know what you think

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Checkout The Xiaomi Fast Charge Tech That Charges A Phone Full In 17 Minutes



Checkout The Xiaomi Fast Charge Tech That Charges A Phone Full In 17 Minutes 6

The new Xiaomi Fast Charge Technology looks to eliminate one major problem we all face daily and that is slow charging.

Checkout The Xiaomi Fast Charge Tech That Charges A Phone Full In 17 Minutes 7

At the moment, Oppo’s SuperVOOC is the fastest wired charger with its 50W speeds at 10V/5A, but Xiaomi is coming up something crazier and different that can charge a dead battery to 100% in just 17 minutes.

Here is a video posted by Xiaomi’s brand president Lin Bin, it shows a phone with 4000mAh battery charged fully in just 17 minutes.

Xiaomi has compared this to OPPO’s 50W (10V/5A) Super VOOC Charging that charges 3700mAh battery up to 65% in 17 minutes.

This was introduced as the world’s fastest smartphone charging tech that can charge the phone up to 92% in 30 minutes.

For comparison, Huawei’s upcoming 55W Super Charge fast charging technology for the Mate X’s 4500mAh battery will need just 35min to fully charge the device.

Xiaomi’s new Super Charge Turbo technology is currently in testing stage and will take some time to reach the market… it will be announce few hours from now at an event.

An interesting move I must say, I feel this is a good innovation. I hope other companies adopt this technology quickly

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