The Nigerian Youth: Struggling in A Society That Is Gradually Supporting Yahoo Boys


A few days ago, Noble Igwe was trending on Twitter simply because he called out possible locations where internet fraudsters usually stay and while going through the comments on twitter, a sane person would understand that our society is becoming hypocritical when it comes to judging our corrupt politicians and internet fraudsters.

Online Businesses Being Misinterpreted as Fraud

As a student of the University of Port Harcourt, I get to meet a lot of people in school daily while I work with my laptop in class and once they spot some Google AdSense earnings, they actually begin to think I’m into internet fraud and start asking me for the latest “format”. I politely respond that I am a digital marketer and a blogger. It’s quite appalling and despicable that a young person will sit down and gradually plan how to steal from someone. 

The “Nigerian Factor”

I’m a youth, I understand that the Nigerian society doesn’t favor anybody unless you have connections, you were born with a silver spoon or God just helps you. Nigerian youths should step up their game.  Young people all over the world are making their mark despite how the society treats them. In Nigeria what do we have. A bunch of scammers. How many people have lost jobs with foreign clients simply because they have the tag “Nigeria” on their nationality?

I sat down to discuss with a group of friends and asked them what they thought about the “yahoo” trend that has taken the minds of young people in the Nigerian society. The reply I got was mind blowing and left me shocked for minutes. According to him, these internet fraudsters are bringing back the money the whites allegedly stole from us. My question is which money was stolen? Is it the same money that politicians are laundering and sending to foreign countries?

I was very disappointed and I had to walk out of the scene. Unfortunately, he is not the only person with that mindset.  The idea of working online and online business is being misinterpreted everyday as internet fraud. Every young guy wants to drive the latest G-Wagon and use the latest iPhone and the only means they resort to is scamming people because those that they have seen doing it seem to be successful.

How Our Society Has Changed

Greed has changed our society. People cry foul about our politicians being corrupt while in their own homes corruption is a lifestyle and when someone comes out to say something about it, they openly accuse the person of being a snitch.

An armed robber is a thief armed with a gun, a yahoo boy is a thief armed with a Laptop. There is no difference. Both of them illegally take what is not theirs with a weapon. I wish young people can understand that everyone is moving at their own speed and life isn’t an exam. You aren’t competing with anybody else but yourself. Why should you go and ruin someone’s life and expect to live a happy life?

Let us call a spade a spade. We should stop supporting evil.

What Lies Ahead for The Nigerian Youth

There’s this common belief among young people – snitches get stitches. It’s quite wrong. Once people see something evil and wrong they should stop supporting it. A couple of entertainers have been bashed continuously because they openly spoke out about this evil norm destroying our society. Why give a criminal chieftaincy titles? Why support a fraudster because he’s your friend or he gives you money?

The Nigerian society is quickly losing its values and something has to be done to make sure that the younger generation does not join the bandwagon.

Disclaimer- The Images used in this publication are mere representations and does not in any way refer to any of the individuals displayed in the pictures as "Yahoo" Boys.

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