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10 Reasons Why Your Smartphone may be Charging Slowly and Possible Fixes



No one likes having a  low battery on his/her device especially if your device charges very slowly.. You might purchase a new charger and discover that your previous charger works faster than the new one. I’ll explain why this happens.

Below are reasons Why Your Smartphone may be Charging Slowly

10 Reasons Why Your Smartphone may be Charging Slowly and Possible Fixes 1
1 Low Capacity or Bad Adapters

It’s quiet unfortunate that many people are unaware of the fact that Mobile phone Adapters have different capacities.. If you want your device to charge very well. I  recommend you use an Adapter that has a capacity of 2 amperes. An Ampere is the amount of electric current flowing in an electric conductor

How To Determine The Capacity Of An Adapter

10 Reasons Why Your Smartphone may be Charging Slowly and Possible Fixes 2
In most Mobile Phone chargers the Output is 5v (5 volts) . So on your charger you’ll likely see something like  – ” Output: 5v =” . After the  = symbol,  you’ll see the number of Amperes for your adapter .  The best and recommended adapter  is one with  this Label  -(  Output:5v = 2.0A). Make sure it’s 2 A or above before purchasing.

Also note that if your phone charges slowly with your powerbank it could be because of the same problem. Check the number of Amperes typed  on the label of the power bank

2. Weak Or Damaged  USB Cord

10 Reasons Why Your Smartphone may be Charging Slowly and Possible Fixes 3
Basically a USB cable  is used for Charging and also transferring data so when you cut it open( ps- don’t cut a working USB cable),  You’ll see a wire and also some fibres. The fibres serve as the data  transmission  material while the wires are for charging. Many people normally weaken their USB cables   by constant twisting, stretching and turning. Avoid doing this to your USB cable .  You can also check for cuts on your USB cable

3.Turning On Your Data While Charging

10 Reasons Why Your Smartphone may be Charging Slowly and Possible Fixes 4
If you forget to turn off your data while charging, it will definitely reduce charging time. It’s identical to pouring water into  a s
leaking bucket. Once your device is regaining power /charging,  the data connection uses up a lot of battery power so it acts as a leak where your device looses power from. Invariably, it will take a device longer to get  to 100% when data connection is turned on.

4.Charging Your Smartphone with your Pc

10 Reasons Why Your Smartphone may be Charging Slowly and Possible Fixes 5
If you’re using your PC to charge your phone, then  expect that your phone is
going to charge very slowly. Even with USB 3.0, the standard energy
output is only 0.9A (0.5mA for USB 2.0). And that’s under normal
circumstances; any damage to your USB cable or ports can knock
that small  flow of energy to  even a lower amount . Likewise, if you’re using
wireless charging, for example  on the Samsung  Galaxy S7 you’re going to get a pretty glacial charge as well.
I’m not saying  that wireless charging isn’t cool – it certainly is –
but we’re kind of jamming our heads against the laws of physics and safety at this
point . To cut a Long story short, it’s just plain faster to plug your phone in

5. Your Battery is Damaged or Bad

10 Reasons Why Your Smartphone may be Charging Slowly and Possible Fixes 6
There have been many instances of mobile phone manufacturers  recalling for
whole batches of batteries. Search online to see if your phone’s
model came with a bad battery, and see if you can acquire a
replacement from your provider. Also, like your phone in general,
batteries can just get old and bad.
If you happen to own a device such as the Infinix Note , Tecno P5  or
Galaxy Note 4 , good news! If your battery has gone bad, you can
purchase a new one from Konga or Jumia and pop it into your phone right
away when it’s delivered. If you own a device with a non-removable
battery such as the Galaxy S7, Tecno W4   , or  , Galaxy S6
though, you’ll have to send the device in to the manufacturer to get it

6 You’re The Cause Of Your Problem

Do you habitually play with your phone while it’s
A surprising number of smartphone users aren’t aware that the fact that the
biggest drain on their phone’s battery is the screen. Keeping that
gorgeous display lit up with high-resolution Facebook drama will use
up battery even as your phone soaks it up. If you combine this with
one of the other problems above, you might find yourself in a
situation where you are using battery power faster than your phone
can take it in.
If you need your phone to charge quickly, give it a rest while it’s on
the charger.

7.Background Apps Are Killing Your Battery

Although your screen is the number one battery sucker, you might
have some sneaky apps running in the background that are
constantly draining power, causing your phone to charge slower. In
addition to charging sluggishly, does your phone also feel like it runs
through its battery life faster than it used to? If so, this may be your
issue. Apps in Android often boot themselves up or run in the
background after only being opened for a moment. Although this
used to be a bigger problem than it currently is–Android is getting
better and better at efficiently managing resources–having a rogue
app or two can give your phone’s performance a nasty hit.
The easiest solution here is to grab a good task manager and check
it frequently to see what’s running when it shouldn’t be. When you
locate a misbehaving app, try uninstalling it and see if your battery
life and charge speed is improved over the next few days.

8  Your USB Port Is Blocked

If Your phone spends all day  in your pocket or purse
with all manner of  dust and particles. It’s  common for a
USB port to get a little bit of that dirt  lodged inside of it. If you
plugged in your charger without noticing, it may have packed the
obstruction in even deeper, which might be preventing your charger
from making a good connection.
Using a bright light and perhaps magnification, look around inside
your phone’s USB port for anything that shouldn’t be in there. If you
see something that obviously doesn’t belong, grab a thin, pointed
object and carefully try to remove it. Be very
careful not to damage any of the port’s components, or you could
end up with a bigger problem than you currently have.
I recommend using a plastic (not wooden) toothpick if you can find
one. Alternatively, giving your port a good scrub with a dry, brand
new toothbrush is a very effective and safe way to make sure it’s free
of any blockage.

9 Your USB port is damaged

It’s possible that  you may have
broken or bent a pin inside your phone’s USB port. At this point, you
should really consider taking your phone to a professional for repair. Take your phone by
a shop and get a repair job.

10 Your USB port is Corroded  

Yes, you might also have some corrosion in there from sweat or
humidity. Corrosion is a little major  problem, because it
creates a film over the connective hardware that prevents a proper
charge, but even worse, if you don’t get rid of it, it can keep eating
away at your device, causing larger and larger issues.
Once again, you should really consider professional help at this point. Going
forward, you risk voiding your phone’s warranty and doing serious damage to the
device. However, if you decide to take your phone’slife into your own hands, and
you are comfortable and familiar with the process of disassembling
and reassembling mobile devices, then you should know that many
corrosion problems can be dealt with using just white vinegar and
rubbing alcohol.
Disassemble your device to expose the area of corrosion. The
intricacies of this process outstrip the scope of this article and will
vary from device to device, so once again, unless you’ve done this
before , take your phone to a professional. For those
moving forward, most corrosion can be removed by using a cotton
swab dabbed in distilled white vinegar. Rub down all the corrosion
you see with a light touch, and be careful not to get vinegar into the
uncorroded areas. I probably don’t have to say this, but getting
vinegar into your phone is bad.
Once you’ve coated the corrosion with vinegar, wait 5-8 minutes,
then use the tip of a paper towel to remove the vinegar. Repeat this
process until there is no sign of corrosion. This accomplished, dab
the area with rubbing alcohol on the tip of a cotton swab and let the
device air-dry for half an hour. Reassemble your phone, and you
should be good to go!

I believe after all this you should get a faster charge

Michael Ajah is a Computer Science Student of The University of Port Harcourt and a Chelsea Fan. He loves RnB and a little mix of Trap Music. An awesome tech reviewer and analyst. Email - [email protected]

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Huawei Ban In The US – The Domino Effect And What Is Really Going On



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I’ve been following up the Huawei ban by the Donald Trump and administration and to be frank with you, I really hope this ban is reversed because the effect is something I would call a “Domino Effect”. Can you just picture a pack of dominoes falling ?

Huawei ban

I believe you get the picture now, that’s what Donald Trump just set off and I really hope this doesn’t escalate. The US got into a trade war with China and The Huawei ban was a result of the crossfire. This move is affecting a lot of companies not just Huawei and it would slow down a lot of improvements in the tech sector globally.

 Huawei Ban In The US - The Domino Effect And What Is Really Going On 13

Huawei is the second largest smartphone company in the world coming in right below Samsung and just above Apple. They even made an excess profit of $100b some time ago and this money comes in from their various buinesses. Huawei happens to be the biggest Chinese brand in this position globally and it’s really disappointing that this is coming just right after the Samsung Fold issue and people were looking towards the Huawei Mate X as the next foldable device to look forward to , even Android Q now natively supports foldable phones but now it’s seeming like we all will have to wait for another foldable phone to get us excited again.

What Huawei Has To Do With The Trade War

Huawei doesn’t make just smartphones, they make a lot of things from laptops to servers to telecom materials and now they have developed 5G.

Huawei Ban In The US - The Domino Effect And What Is Really Going On 14

Yes you read that first line well, Huawei has developed 5G and is working on improving data download speeds and also fixing the problems that come with such speeds . 5G is not just advanced 4G LTE as many people feel, 5G is actually a whole lot faster. You can download a 2 hour movie on 5G within 3.6 seconds.

Huawei Ban In The US - The Domino Effect And What Is Really Going On 15

Yes.. it’s that fast and with the growing number of driver-less cars , smart homes and inter connected devices, 5G would actually make life a whole lot easier. Doctors can even perform surgeries in a location from an entirely different part of the world. The benefits are just too numerous.

The US was actually the first to develop 4G and it added about $100b to their GDP and created over a million jobs. If they had pioneered 5G first, they would have added $500b to their GDP and created almost 10 times the amount of jobs they created. I get the fact that Trump is a businessman but there are better ways to do settle this rather than accusing Huawei of being a pawn of the Chinese Government.

 Currently, Donald Trump is literally like a frustrated driver in Lagos Traffic getting annoyed that someone overtook him in traffic after he did the same a few moments ago .The major issue Trump is using to cover up here is that he fears that the Chinese Government would use the 5G network to spy on other countries and personally I feel this is just a bit overblown.

The Effects OF 5G and Why The West Is Scared

Now most of our communication systems already have some sort of encryption in place so I really feel it’s not something that we should be worried about . The only major concern here is the power it comes with and the security concerns have gotten into the UK. The UK already set up a panel to investigate Huawei and make sure there isn’t any security  breach or backdoors in the system.

Huawei Ban In The US - The Domino Effect And What Is Really Going On 16

Like it or not, the future of warfare would be totally cyberwarfare, if someone can shut down the communication systems of a country with the touch of a button, the resultant effects would be definitely catastrophic.

I believe you now understand why western governments are scared. I also understand this but I still feel the decision to ban Huawei was rather too hasty even though one Huawei executive was arrested sometime ago for a case related to espionage but I still feel it isn’t enough to pin Huawei completely and start a Huawei ban

Huawei CEO Responds To The Huawei Ban

I followed up an interview where the Huawei CEO was asked to give his views on the Huawei ban is facing at the moment and here’s what he had to say –

Huawei Ban In The US - The Domino Effect And What Is Really Going On 17

“I’m very grateful to the US companies, they’ve grown with us for the past 30 years and made a lot of selfless contributions, they taught us how to walk. Most of my consulting enterprises are in the US for example IBM and many others, Secondly we have received great support from these companies and it reflects
the conscience of the US Firms in this crisis”

“2 or 3 days ago I received a call saying that the US companies are working to solve the crisis by reaching out
to the US Government regarding the ban on Huawei. There a re 4 types of regulations. We are not seasonal control, we received entity control this means whatever US companies are selling to Chinese Companies need to get permission. ”

“Even though the entity control is there the inside of the company would not be affected.
The US is a country with an adequate legal system so US Companies have to abide by the law and so does the entity list. So this affects both US companies as well.”

“We are not quite prepared for our low-end products because we think they will die out soon so those might be affected but our high end products won’t be affected at least 5G won’t be affected. Other companies won’t be able to catch up with us in the next 2-3 years”

“If Google cuts off the support to Huawei it would affect Huawei significantly even though Google is still a good company and we’re working on it to find a solution as soon as possible.”

How The Huawei Ban Would Affect Huawei

Now this ban would actually affect Huawei in two major ways and unfortunately these are the major parts of their company as a tech company – The software part and the hardware part.

Huawei Ban In The US - The Domino Effect And What Is Really Going On 18

The Huawei Ban Software Problem

Google has already revoked their Android License so Huawei can’t use any of their products on future devices. No Gmail, Youtube, Playstore and others. Now these apps are already part of a core Android users mobile experience and you can hardly find a good replacement for that apart from users within China who don’t depend on it.

Huawei Ban In The US - The Domino Effect And What Is Really Going On 19

So basically that on it’s own poses a major challenge for the mobile division of Huawei. Although Huawei has two options in this part to use AOSP (Android Open Source Project) without Google Services or simply create their own OS.

Huawei has already been rumored to be working on their own OS for smartphones , HongMeng OS and according to one of their executives the OS was supposed to be launched this year. If you can recall one of the Huawei GT smartwatches didn’t run on Android Wear but was still a great smartwatch.

Was that actually HongMeng OS?

Well I can’t say for sure but I have a feeling it might be.

In the PC division, there’s the Windows issue, Huawei makes Matebooks which all run on windows. Windows is a Microsoft Product (A US company). So Huawei would still have to chose an OS for their new laptops as well.

The Huawei Ban Hardware Problem

Although Huawei probably has the ability to make a few of the hardware they buy from other companies, if not all but it would still affect them badly. Corning, Intel, Nvidia, Synaptics and Snapdragon are all US Companies and they can’t do business with Huawei immediately after the 90 day period when the ban goes into the effect .

Huawei Ban In The US - The Domino Effect And What Is Really Going On 20

These companies all contribute to Huawei’s products in one way or the other. Huawei has confirmed that they have 3 Months worth of supply stored in their company from each company they buy from, which means Huawei actually prepared ahead of time.

Huawei Ban In The US - The Domino Effect And What Is Really Going On 21

I was confident Huawei would be able to make their own chipsets for their smartphones since they already made it -the Kirin Chipset. Now ARM, a UK based company that makes the components for most of the smartphone processors have also pulled out of supporting Huawei because their production plants are based in Houston Texas. So this still poses a major threat to the development of Kirin Processors.

What lies Ahead for Huawei – HongMeng OS  Or AOSP ?

Huawei Ban In The US - The Domino Effect And What Is Really Going On 22

Huawei as basically two options, to use AOSP without Google apps or use a brand new OS – HongMeng OS that is said to make Android apps 60% faster . Hauwei is a big company and has the capability of making the OS a major competitor in the tech market and with so many restrictions  at the moment the future seems to point towards HongMeng Os and even though I want the restrictions to be removed , I can’t wait to see the new OS.

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