Check Out 20+ Android Smartphones That Copied The iPhone X


When it comes to copying Apple designs, Samsung literally wrote the book on doing that, however the authors of the book are yet to copy the iPhone X although I heard they already have plans to do that. 
However their humble students have already done the job of cloning the iPhone X. Android phone makers have been copying Apple for so long now that they don’t even pretend to have any shame anymore.
Although I'm an Android Fan I keep asking people this question -  would you ever see Apple release a smartphone with curved edges exactly like Samsung’s Galaxy S phones? No, of course not.
Apple takes a couple features from Android phones as well, but it’s not exactly the same thing. In some cases Apple might steal a feature here and there, Android device makers just steal key elements of Apple’s hardware design and its flagship software features. Android vendors have also decided to steal Apple’s iPhone X design, and it’s so shameless that we’re actually embarrassed for them. Among the culprits are Huawei, Asus, Sharp, and even LG

You’ll notice that there are 23 phones in total pictured in the image, but I only mentioned 20 iPhone X copycats. The second phone pictured in the graphic is the iPhone X itself. The Essential PH1 is also pictured, but it has a very different type of notch and it was also unveiled before the iPhone X. Then there’s the Wiko Wave 2,  which copies the Essential notch rather than Apple’s iPhone X notch.
What’s left is 20 embarrassing, Android-powered iPhone rip-offs from companies large and small. 😢 😢.. We need some Innovations puh-lease.. Enough with the copying.

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