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Nigerians And Kenyans – See Who Pays More For Data Services



Nigerians And Kenyans - See Who Pays More For Data Services 1
Data Subscription in different countries is usually different due to the economic conditions and operating costs of the Telecom Companies in each country. Airtel for example ,offers cheaper data services in its home country – India , than it does in Nigeria. In this post I collaborated with Dickson Otieno of, a Kenyan Tech Blog. We’ll be comparing the data plans in both countries and at the end we’ll be calculating who spends more on data.

Nigerians And Kenyans - See Who Pays More For Data Services 2

I believe this will let us know how much it costs citizens of both countries to access the internet and of course those who have enough data to waste on Twitter wars. If you are an active twitter user , you must have come across the #NigeriaVsKenya hashtag sometime. Well just in case you haven’t brace yourself, it’s about to get messy – Check out a couple of tweets with that hashtag –

That’s just 3 tweets out of thousands of tweets on Twitter. So back to the ultimate question –

Who spends more on data ?

Have a look at the tables below –

Ksh. 100  = US $1 , NGN 365 -US $1 / 1 KSH -N3.55 , N1 – KSH 0.28

Daily Plans
Weekly Plans
Monthly Plans
Night / Weekend
30MB – N100
100MB – N200
150MB – N300
750MB – N500
1.5GB – N1200  
3.5GB – N2500
10GB – N5000
22GB – N10,000
50GB – N20,000
85GB – N50,000
500MB – N25
27.5MB -N50
12.5MB – N25
100MB – N100
262MB -N200
1GB – N500
2GB -N1000
4.5GB -N2000
7.2GB -N2500
8.7GB -N3000
12.5GB – N4000
15.6GB – N5000
25GB – N8000
32.5GB -N10k
1GB – N200
3GB – N500
25MB – N50
40MB – N100
150MB – N200
500MB -N500
1.5GB – N1,200
2.5GB – N2000
4GB   –  N3000
5.5GB – N4000
11.5GB – N8000
1GB – N500
1GB – N200
2GB – N1000
50MB -N100
200MB -N200
350MB -N300
750MB – N500
250MB – N300
1.5GB – N1000
3.5GB – N2000
5GB –  N2500
7GB – N3500
9GB – N4000
10GB – N5000
16GB – N8000
200MB – N200
500MB – N500

Table Consolidated by, @NaijaTechGuy
Ksh. 100  = US $1

Ksh. 50 – 150MB + 150 SMS
Ksh. 30 – 60MB + 60SMS
Ksh. 20 – 35MB + 35SMS
Ksh. 10 – 15MB + 15SMS
Ksh. 99 – 200MB
Ksh. 50 – 65MB
Ksh. 30 – 30MB
Ksh. 10 – 10MB
Ksh. 5 – 5MB
Ksh. 249 – 350MB
Ksh 499 – 1GB
Ksh. 999 – 3GB
Ksh. 1499 – 5GB
Ksh. 1999 – 7.5GB
Ksh. 2999 – 12GB
Ksh. 49 – 1GB for 3hrs
Ksh. 99 – 2GB for 3hrs
Ksh 100 – Unlimited 4G for 3hrs
Faiba 4G
Ksh. 50 – 1GB
Ksh. 300 – 8GB
Ksh. 500 – 15GB
Ksh. 1000 – 25GB
Ksh. 2000 – 40GB
Ksh. 3000 – 70GB
Ksh. 4000 – 120GB
Ksh. 6000 – 210GB
Ksh. 150 – Unlimited 4G for 1hr
Airtel Kenya
Ksh. 99 – 1GB
Ksh. 5 – 8MB
Ksh. 10 – 25MB
Ksh. 20 – 70MB
Ksh. 50 – 200MB
Ksh. 20 – 250MB (Night)
Ksh. 5 – 6MB
Ksh. 10 – 15MB
Ksh. 50 – 150MB
Ksh. 100 – 350MB
Ksh. 250 – 2GB
Ksh. 300 – 1GB
Ksh. 500 – 3GB
Ksh. 1000 – 10GB
Ksh. 1500 – 15GB
Ksh. 2000 – 20GB
Ksh. 3000 – 36GB
3 Months:
Ksh. 3000 – 12GB
Ksh. 6000 – 40GB
Ksh. 9000 – 70GB
UnlimiNET for Mobile Offers with Data, SMS and Minutes to all networks
Unliminet for Modem with data only.
Telkom Kenya
Ksh. 9 – 25MB
Ksh. 19 – 80MB
Ksh. 49 – 400MB
Ksh. 99 – 1GB
Ksh. 19 – 40MB
Ksh. 49 – 150MB
Ksh. 99 – 400MB
Ksh. 249 – 2GB
Ksh. 249 – 1GB
Ksh. 499 – 3GB
Ksh. 999 – 6GB
Ksh. 1499 – 10GB
Ksh. 1999 – 15GB
Ksh. 2999 – 30GB
4G Freedom Double data with free calls, texts and free Whatsapp
XL Weekly 12GB – Ksh. 990
Table Consolidated by, @TechishKenya

For 1GB , Kenyans spend an average of 240-499 KES that’s between N850- N1600 (for normal data plans)

Nigerians spend between  N1000 – N1200 (KES 280 – KES 336 ) for 1GB and 1.5GB data plans

For 3GB – Kenyans spend between KES 499 – KES 999  that’s between N1700 – N3400

Nigerians spend between N2000-N2500 .( KES- 560 – KES 700)

So It seems Kenyans actually spend more on data services. Nigerian Telcos are less expensive than their Kenyan counterparts. Of course , If there’s an error in this post, feel free to let me know. Don’t forget to tweet this and share as well.

Michael Ajah is a Computer Science Student of The University of Port Harcourt and a Chelsea Fan. He loves RnB and a little mix of Trap Music. An awesome tech reviewer and analyst. Email - [email protected]

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