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Interview With Olayiwola Ayinde – A Robotics Engineer And Programmer



Interview With Olayiwola Ayinde - A Robotics Engineer And Programmer 1
In this episode of #VoxPop I interviewed Olayiwola Ayinde who is a Professional Embedded system programmer, Electronics circuit designer, Businessman and a writer

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Interview With Olayiwola Ayinde - A Robotics Engineer And Programmer 2

 Tell me a little about yourself ?

 Am a Professional Embedded system programmer, Electronics circuit designer, Businessman and a writer

What prompted you to start Programming and also start ByteHub?

 It all started in 2010 when I found myself in electronics, After some months I was working on a circuit design which contains several decade Counter  and Shift Register IC, The combination of several components makes the board so bulky, ii started making research on how to make it smaller then I came across the word “microcontroller” Microcontroller is an empty chip that allows programmers to tell it what to do through codes because it only understands machine language. I wrote my first code in Assembly Language (.asm) in 2012 for PIC16F84A chip.

What do you find most challenging about development ?

The most challenging thing about tech development is trying to make investors understand the value of your products

Interview With Olayiwola Ayinde - A Robotics Engineer And Programmer 3

 Tell me about some of the amazing people you’ve met while working 

I have met fantastic people in the past few years and I believe one of the most amazing people I first met was Samson, founder of Sake Electronics who is also electronic design expert. I also met with some fantastic people in India like Shawon Shraryiar

 What do you do when you aren’t coding or working

I spend all my time writing codes and designing circuits. if I don’t code then I watch funny movies to clear away the stress

Interview With Olayiwola Ayinde - A Robotics Engineer And Programmer 4

 What do you think comes first – Product Features or Users

For Bytehub Embedded, We are passionate about what people can do with our product, what comes first is the product features, Because with the Product features, users wont know they need the feature until they see it in the product

 A number people are interested in software development because of  money earning . What are some tips you have for people interesting in making money from software development ?

I have been spending all my life with this popular quote i wrote “Go for fame, then money will definitely follow you”. example is Mark, founder of Facebook. let your product impact the lives of many then money will come to you

 What has been your strategy for creating visibility to yourself and your brand ?
Our strategy is to change the way people see and use technology, A world where people would have 100% access to create any technology on their choice without stress, and that’s why we created an online store that teaches and sale electronic components across Africa.

Interview With Olayiwola Ayinde - A Robotics Engineer And Programmer 5

What was the most challenging moment while developing your chips and how did you solve it?

The most challenging moment during our first product manufacturing  CloudX chip is library development, where we have to create hundreds of libraries to solve more task for users.

 Everyone has a favorite/least favorite development. Name yours .
My favorite products is CloudX micrcocontroller while the least is the Automatic Voltage Guard for homes and Offices.
 Name some of the developers whom you look up to and why?
Some of the company we look forward to is the MikroElektronika, Arduino and Adafruit, this are giant company abroad and we are in a competition with them so that we can be greater. We are looking forward to this companies because they have impacted millions of lives.

 If someone was interested in software development, what would be a few things you would suggest?

Anyone interested in tech development, should get to the internet and search for tools needed to get started.

How do you manage time to run your business along with your personal life ?
Well, I spent all my time working towards the company development, I only have little time for myself, but most importantly, The time I value most is the time I spend with God.
How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

I actually want to improve on the business aspect, want to see the company grow in the nearest future

 What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

My greatest failure were before I met Christ, My first company (Pulsetronics Technology) failed in 2015 because of improper financial management.  Though we had great product then but still failed when other factors were not put in place. Talent is never Enough
What is your greatest achievement outside of software / hardware development ?

My greatest achievement outside software and hardware…… Hmmm, that’s a very big question, well I have achieved a lot… Won a lot of awards even when I was in school such as the Most Creative student of the 2014 in Computer Engineering dept. The Most Enterprising and Most Creative Student in Yaba College of Technology (YAHA) 2016 and 2017 respectively.
 I was once nominated as one of the Most Creative student in Nigeria. (NIGMA). I have impacted a lot of lives across the world

Interview With Olayiwola Ayinde - A Robotics Engineer And Programmer 6
Where would you like to be 6 years from now?
In the next 6 years, By God’s grace, I will be one of the most influential programmer in the world, building a world company. I believe by then I would have become a full business man just like bill gates
What do you find the most frustrating aspect of being a developer and engineer ?
The most frustrating  aspect of being a developer and engineer is when you can’t sell your idea to either a customer or an investor. I mean, they don’t seem to see the value in your design, so they always want more

Have you met anyone interesting/famous on your development journey?

Well, as you all know that embedded systems is a very unique field, I hardly have time to meet people except like-minds like CEO Tunasha Technology, Samson CEO Sake Electronics, Those are one of the embedded system giants in Nigeria.
Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?
Our major goal is to be spread CloudX programming across the Nation, To make sure that it is included as a syllabus in schools such as secondary and higher institutions

What do you think is missing in the Nigerian Tech Scene?
A lot is missing in the Nigeria Tech Scene, i noticed that young stars now only focus on web and software development, running away from hardware design, They still have alot of limitations because their codes is only limited to the computer, but as an embedded system engineer, you can definitely control your hardware gadgets through web or software known as Internet Of Things (IoT). So they shouldn’t limit themselves to software or web alone
Interview With Olayiwola Ayinde - A Robotics Engineer And Programmer 7

 How do your chips function in general and how can they change the world.

Our Chip CloudX is a microcontroller that allows users to create advanced hardware projects through our library using few lines of code.    CloudX M633 is a microcontroller developed in Nigeria at Mbed Studio.The CloudX microcontroller is the first ever microcontroller developed in Africa, It is designed to help kids, students, hobbyists, Inventors and experts create advanced projects in the area of Robotics, Automation, Control system, Audio and Signal processing, Computer Vision and Serial communication, Displays, Wireless, Biometrics and Security, Sensors and many more.
If I want to start a career in robotics where do you think I should start.

To start a career in Robotics and Automation then you must learn how electronics components works, electronics circuit design, Microcontroller programming, Motors and Drivers Thats all the four steps needed to create your AI. you can also visit our website for more details at

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iTunes is going to be shut down officially

Isaac Godwin



iTunes is going to be shut down officially 18

iTunes is going to be shut down officially 19

After almost two decades of service, Apple is reportedly dumping iTunes.

It first started off as rumors, but now it is going to be made official at WWDC in just a few hours.

iTunes is going to be shut down officially 20

Before this, you might have noticed that the Instagram and Facebook page of iTunes has had a slight change.

iTunes is going to be shut down officially 21

iTunes is going to be shut down officially 22

Posts on both pages has been entirely deleted – Apple’s move at shifting away from iTunes links, I guess.

Before this, there has been separate apps for music on its mobile devices, however, not available for Mac OS.

Relating to that, there is supposedly going to be an announcement for three separate apps for its music, TV and podcasts, and hopefully they’ll also be available for Mac Books.

We’ll just keep our fingers crossed for this and other big announcements at WWDC.

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Google Stadia – The Future Of Gaming Or Not ? – Reader Opinion



Google Stadia - The Future Of Gaming Or Not ? - Reader Opinion 23

A few weeks ago, Google announced the release of Google Stadia a new state of the art gaming platform that would change gaming as we know it apparently.

Google Stadia

This has been met with a lot of skepticism in the gaming community if this is going to actually work but I believe Stadia has what it takes to change the whole console gaming model that we have been used to for years, However, it would take some time to actually give Microsoft and Sony a run for their money.

Google Stadia Controller

Google Stadia actually got me thinking Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox would have a strong problem to contend with when it fully launches this year. Google Stadia’s cross-platform play is something I’m looking forward to, so you can play hardware intensive games on a system or phone with low specs.

Imagine playing PUBG or FIFA on a 1GB RAM Phone or Laptop and it runs without any lagging or glitches. So it’s practically goodbye to having to get a new system to play some games if they are available on Stadia.

I decided to put out this question to you guys on facebook and I was pretty impressed with the replies I got.

Google Stadia Reader Opinion

Google Stadia - The Future Of Gaming Or Not ? - Reader Opinion 24

Apeh Ikechukwu said – Even if it will be the beginning of the end for PlayStation 4 and Xbox, it will take time A very long time for it to gain popularity and to be accepted by all.
What if it becomes more expensive? That you have to pay huge to access it?

George Oz said – I don’t think to gain popularity is a problem, the announcement alone gathered enough publicity online. And yes it is definitely the end for others Like x-Box and co…Sometimes let’s learn to think Outside the Box.

Osazeme Usen said – Stadia will take quite a long while to catch on. Internet speed is still an issue in most nations of the world. In the long run, stadia will eventually be cheaper than owning a console and purchasing games but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Olusola Glory Olamide said – Before we throw those Xboxes, PlayStations, Nintendo Switches and stuffs to the bin of history we have questions to answer.
Will most gamers’ broadband connections be fast enough to make a streaming service of that proposition? Will developers all come on board? And is Google the right company to trust with the future of the games industry? Though we’ve got Apple on board and Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon are also in the launch plus Sony Nintendo and others won’t stay put.

ューセッ州 小岩 マサチ said – I feel we will have to pay for most of the games…and Nigeria’s 4g speed is about 2mb/s.

Samuel Jarvis Adeyemi said -Stadia is a good innovation from Google and I think it’s great since gaming could be done on a device, they said it would be super fast even cheating the speed of light in 4k Res without a glitch.
Anyways Google is the software boss, I think they can do it.

I hope Xbox and PS4 meet up but cloud gaming is not really their stuff. And Google has the resources.

Swiss Alex said – well mainly I would say Google Stadia is a welcome development but Xbox and the ps4 has to upgrade too

Google Stadia Reader Opinion – Join The Conversation

Google Stadia looks like something that would work very well in countries with very fast broadband connections for now. Hopefully, Google would find a way to bridge the gap and fix things before it gets rolled out to Africa and Asia. Nevertheless, it’s a win for gamers with this. So what’s your take on this?

The comment box is yours, let me know what you think

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