IBM Just Unveiled The World’s Smallest Computer And It's Smaller Than A Grain Of Salt - Photo


I know it sounds extremely crazy, a computer that's the size of a grain of salt. Well, technology is about making our wildest fantasies come to life or as I'd call it the widely accepted form of modern sorcery.

IBM has introduced the smallest computer in the world and what you are seeing in the header image is the computer with the basics to work.

The company has a race against itself for the miniaturization of the components. In 2015 they created a 7-nanometer transistor and last year they surprised us with a fully functional chip that went down in weight up to 5 nanometers.

The uses of the smallest computer in the world
The size of the IBM computer is hard to believe. I know you are wondering what kind of applications it'll run?  Of course the power of the smallest computer in the world is not meant for handling  rockets. According to IBM, it has the power of an x86 chip of 1990.

To start, you need a microscope to see it well and, to continue, these computers can be stacked to multiply their power in a minimum size and, thus, perform tasks that are very fashionable. It seems that IBM wants to be able to perform certain tasks in artificial intelligence environments, as well as analyze data and perform tasks in the blockchain world.


Producing the smallest computer in the world costs less than 10 cents, which is real madness.

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