My Experience At XcapeReality - Nigeria's First V.R Gaming Arcade Center


I was actually supposed to put up this post last week but the gods of tech swore that my laptop's screen would break that made me suspend blogging for a few days.

A couple of weeks ago I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and I spotted a post that caught my attention, a post about XcapeReality's VR Gaming Center. Since they're based in Port Harcourt, I contacted them to know if they'd let me have an experience of the V.R gaming and when my request was accepted you can guess how I felt.

Of course you know I'd never go on such adventures without any of you guys, so I decided to run a contest here and go to the VR center along with the winners.

XcapeReality's VR Center is located at Pleasure Park, Port Harcourt. (Between Airforce Base and Boricamp).

The gate fee to access the park is N500.

I'd say my VR experience was both horrifying and exciting at the same time but it was definitely worth it and something that I'd love to play any day when I'm not blogging or in school.

The V.R games with the HTC Vive VR Headset has over 40 games with 3 different levels - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. If you aren't bold enough and you end up playing one horror game called "The Destroyer", you'd end up screaming.

(LOL not that you'd actually get that horrified though)

P.S - " The Destroyer" is not the most horrifying game there. You'll have to find the most horrifying game yourself as well. 😉.

Don't get mad at me for not telling you everything, I know you'd definitely not like when someone tells you about a movie before you actually watched it. It'll ruin the fun. I had fun so I'm gonna make sure I don't ruin yours.

During game play I could actually hear one of the guys I went to XcapeReality with screaming during the VR Game.

The controls are pretty easy to learn and not to complex, each controller has a trigger below it for selecting the menu and performing different actions during game play. There's also an exit button on the controller and two other buttons.

Apart from gaming with the VR Headset, you can also explore over 40 Cities in the world using Google Earth on the VR and have a taste of how it feels to actually be in those cities.

There's also the VR Roller Coaster Simulator that puts you in a roller coaster ride in a horror filled VR world. There's something about this Roller Coaster Ride that puts the horror on a totally different level. I'll be honest, the VR game I played didn't scare me as much as the roller coaster game scared me. For your safety there's also a seat belt to keep you in check in case you go berserk. 😂 😂

I had to keep reminding myself it was just a game though it seemed very real. Of course you know I won't drop spoilers here, so if you want to find out what really got me scared you can always go there. It's open every day.

Now for the console gaming fans, there's also a spot that's dedicated for gaming on Play Station™ 4. Currently there's FIFA 18 and PES 18 but I think they're planning on adding more games there.

I ended up winning the two matches I played there with one of the winners.

2-1 and 4-1 (ended the second match at 51 minutes 😒.. Could have scored more)

The last game I checked there was the VR racing game that puts you in the driver's seat. It actually simulates racing and it's almost like you're handling a real car, there's a steering with buttons , a brake and a throttle. The only part I wish it actually had was a gear. To round it off, the game thought me 2 valuable lessons -

1. I'm a Bad Driver
2. I should definitely go to driving school soon, (besides I'm still 20 😎 )

There's also the bike racing simulator but I couldn't test that out because the parts were yet to be brought in but you can check the videos on XcapeReality's page on IG @xcaperealityng.

For the price of playing each game kindly contact XcapeReality On WhatsApp - 0817 211 5000

Don't forget to tell them you got the number from You might get a discount though.. 😉.

XcapeReality will also be hosting contests and events that come with different prizes for the winners very soon. Just keep an eye on this blog for updates concerning XcapeReality.

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