How Tempus Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Help Cancer Patients


You'd agree with me that every industry in the world currently is one way or the other being influenced by the latest bad boys in the technology sector, "Artificial Intelligence" and "Machine Learning". Even the Adult Products industry is embracing Artificial Intelligence with the use of AI powered dolls.

However, a question I've asked myself for a long time is this - "How Will A.I improve the lifespan of people?".

Basically I've thought of Elon Musk's suggestion of uploading a human's consciousness to a machine so you live on when your body dies.

It's a development that might take years to accomplish though I'm not a huge fan of messing with the order of nature. However, there are people who are actually using Artificial Intelligence to increase the lifespan of people ; not by uploading your consciousness to a machine (That really sounds like a sci-fi movie 😂😂) but by collecting data and making proper analysis to improve and save the lives of Cancer patients.

Artificial Intelligence should be the next big step in the medical industry. Eric Lefkofsky and his team of professionals at Tempus work round the clock to make sure that these patients still have a second chance to fight off a disease that has taken the lives of millions.

I lost a friend of mine to cancer and I know how depressing it felt. Getting to know that there's a team using Artificial Intelligence to increase the chances of survival for patients suffering from life threatening diseases is truly a life saver and I believe it would definitely be a good turning point for everyone practicing medicine all over the world.

My body system is different from yours and yours is certainly different from the next person close to you. These differences mean that we all may not have similar reactions and symptoms to different diseases and also to specific kinds of medications that is why the Team at Tempus is on a mission to redefine how analytical data is used in the medical industry.

Their goal is for each patient to benefit from the treatment of others who came before them by providing physicians with tools that learn as they gather more data.

This data also keeps record of different patterns to enable doctors trace the occurrence of cancer cells in different patients based on the similarities in the diagnosis and medical report of each patient. It's not limited to just cancer though.

The tools Tempus provides doctors with can also be used to save the lives of patients suffering from other life threatening diseases.

With a team like
around, I definitely believe that the medical world just got better. Instead of relying on limited data, Physicians can now have access to unlimited and carefully organized data to enable them treat patients and save many families.

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, (you never know, you might just save a life)

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