Google Finally Completes $1.1 Billion Acquisition Of HTC's Mobile Division


In September 2017, Google announced that it would acquire part of HTC’s smartphone division. However, at that time the deal was valued at $ 1.1 Billion and was not completed. However, the deal has just been finalized.

That means 2,000 employees, mainly in Taiwan, now work for Google. This gives Google greater control over the design and manufacture of its smartphones.

According to some sources, Google is preparing “custom chips” for its products. The tech giant Google’s first mobile chip was an image processor for the Pixel 2 line.

As smartphones adopt features such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence, greater integration between hardware and software is required.

Currently, Google sells its hardware products in nine countries. After the acquisition, it actually plans to expand to more markets, especially in Asia. The company will open an artificial intelligence laboratory in Beijing, and also a base in Shenzhen.

I'd also like to add that HTC would still keep launching their own phones. They will be launching a flagship smartphone – in addition to virtual reality with the Vive brand. It is worth remembering that the company still has 8 thousand employees

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