Apple Watch Saves Mom And Son After A Fatal Car Accident


Over the years , Apple has continued adding more features to its devices. These changes may be minor, but they do make an important difference at times .

Kacie and her son were  involved a car accident in which an alcoholic driver crashed into the car where they were following.

Unable to reach her iPhone, the mother decided to use Apple Watch to contact the emergency medical service and ask for help. The SOS mode is a feature that has been available since 2016.

 Kacie revealed how she was able to call the emergency teams using only Apple Watch.

“The moment he hit us, everything inside the car flew. My face hit the steering wheel, the headrest again the steering wheel, and then the window. I blacked out for about a minute and could not see. My eyes were open, but everything I saw was black.

My hands searched my phone and then I realized I had my watch and ordered it to call 911”.

Although her son did not suffer any injuries, in Kacie’s case the medical care was important due to the seriousness of her injuries and was treated  on the spot before being transported to the hospital.

You can have access to the SOS mode by just by long tapping on the side button of the clock to pop up a menu by sliding the SOS emergency option, to Siri who can make phone calls.

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