Nvidia Has Officially Ended Support For 32 Bit Computers & Operating Systems


To be honest, I've never really liked 32 Bit computers and I wonder why anyone should even be using them. It's 2018 so if you're using a 32 bit PC just get an upgrade.

32-bit systems have their days numbered as the pressure from both hardware manufacturers and software developers increases. Apple has stopped supporting 32-bit applications in iOS and will soon do so in macOS as well.

More recently, it seems Google will require only  64-bit apps for Android in the Google Play Store.  Also Nvidia that has just announced that it will stop releasing drivers for these systems.

With a brief statement, Nvidia has finished “killing” their drivers for 32-bit systems.

The drivers will not be installed or will work on these systems and the news will not be released for compatible versions, which will be the GeForce Game Ready Driver 390 and earlier versions.

The statement reads as follows:-
“After the launch of the 390 drivers, Nvidia will stop releasing drivers for 32-bit operating systems in any architecture of their GPUs. The versions released after the news, will not work or be installed on these systems. The improvements of the drivers, the optimizations and the special functions that are released later, will not be ported to the 390 version or any of the previous ones”.

Evolution of 64-bit is inevitable, now also on Nvidia graphics cards

Nvidia’s decision affects all operating systems for which it releases drivers. Without going any further, we have all supported versions of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, all supported Linux versions and FreeBSD.

However, we must make a nuance to all this. In the case of security updates that are considered critical, Nvidia will continue to launch them for 1 year. The deadline to leave “completely abandoned” 32-bit systems is January 2019.

With this change, 2018 will be the expected year where the 32-bit systems start to have its days counted. For now, the lack of pressure from manufacturers and developers has allowed some relaxation, but the time has come to put an end to these systems that already have little meaning in the current scenario.

I'm suspecting the next tech company to kill 32 bit will be Microsoft.

Let's take a moment of silence for 32 bit softwares.

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