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How To Order Products From Gearbest And Get It Easily In Nigeria



How To Order Products From Gearbest And Get It Easily In Nigeria 1
I know a lot of us are usually scared of shopping on non-Nigerian e-commerce websites. However, I can assure you that shopping on Gearbest is very easy and hassle free

How To Order Products From Gearbest And Get It Easily In Nigeria 2

Here are the steps –

✔ Go to
✔️ Search and select the product you want and then add it to the cart.
✔ Then go to the cart > select the quantity (if it’s a bulk order)
✔️ Proceed to payment (You will be asked to login, fill up the necessary information concerning the shipping address and all that).
✔️ Make payment (payment method supported are Visa/Master card and Paypal services) and once you are done with payment it’s done. The product starts shipping within 24 business hours.

Also here’s a testimonial by a user on nairaland –


I have been engaging in amateur orders from China since late 2014. Hitherto, I’ve been using freight forwarders/delivery agents operating here on Nairaland to facilitate the shipment of my consignments after payment for orders from alibaba. 

Typical iteration of my mini imports were as follows:

1. Source for and pay for orders.

2. Pay for courier delivery to my freight forwarders’ location within China.

3. Forwarder ships my orders to Nigeria (Usually takes 2-3 weeks). I normally use normal shipping which is cheaper/slower than express shipping.

4. Upon arrival of my package to Lagos, I also pay a logistics company between N700 – N1,500 to pick the parcel from freight forwarders’ Lagos office and deliver to transport company or Post Office – for onward delivery to Akwa Ibom State.

5. Transport company or Post Office then delivers to Akwa Ibom State.

This lethargic scenario persuaded me to subscribe to the idea of buying from Chinese online stores with inbuilt delivery to buyers address. My first such online store shopping experience was with

My Experience

1. Payment & Shipping:

*It is very easy to pay instantly with PayPal. 

*Processing takes between 1 day to 1 week in all my experience. I only once complained about processing delay via tweeter but the response was swift.

*Registered parcel takes about 18 days to arrive my destination in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria and about 3 days on the average for ordinary postage. All my orders always arrive 100% safe.

*The packaging is neat and conceals the content satisfactorily. Gearbest is security conscious. The package does not give clue that it is a merchandise. They resembles ordinary letter as much as possible. 

* At checkout, there are options for paying for tracking no ( which comes as Registered Parcel in Nigeria) and for shipping insurance. I am to suggest that if the amount of the order will be painful to loose, it makes a lot of sense to pay about $1.99 or thereabouts for each of the aforementioned options to guarantee replacement in event of loss/damage of items in transit, or any thing that may motivate claim for restitution from the supplier. It must be acknowledged that international trade has it peculiar risks! 

List of my orders from gearbest:




9 WATTS LED BULB (LED Technology saves energy more than the commonplace CFL bulbs that we call energy saving bulbs in Nigeria)

24 WATTS LED LAMP (This model is very bright but requires steady voltage or it will blink)



Of all my orders, I observed that my colleagues at work tends to like the LED bulbs, especially ladies. I have accordingly been requested to make repeat orders both single and bulk for their personal use and resell.

2.Customer Relationship:

* I opened a ticked about delayed delivery and gearbest’s customer care responded professionally. 

* My other communication means has been through their tweeter account. I have always been attended to promptly and positively. I was once assured that my goods will be replaced if it delayed beyond a certain timeframe in postage. 

* I really regard their Customer Care system as top notch.

3. General Remark:

* Gearbest now is my major online shop in China. Most of my orders in 2016 has been from geatbest because it simplifies international trade to a simple art of just clicking buttons online and waiting for my orders to be delivered. Hitherto, I have been using freight forwarders and go through the complex process of customs clearing and multiple courier agents in order to get my Chinese imports to my doorstep. With gearbest, no more stress. 

* So far I have placed 8 orders on a wide range of items, such as: power banks, car accessory, Led bulbs.

* All my orders came as original goods. I have not received any fake product. 

* User reviews are genuine in my impression and reliable enough to guide an aspiring buyer. Most of my orders are for resell, I have repeated orders for satisfied power banks and cheap but original Led electric bulb customers.

* I earned points on buying and writing user reviews and converts the points to discount when shopping. 

* I have no hesitation in recommending to any buyer. They have lived up to expectation and I am looking forward to a sustained long term business relationship with

As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward and as easy as taking a cup of coffee

How To Order Products From Gearbest And Get It Easily In Nigeria 3

You have my word. So put away all the doubts and shop on gearbest.

Remember if you have any question, use the comments box below or simply contact gearbest support.

As a bonus you can shop with these coupons below

Michael Ajah is a Computer Science Student of The University of Port Harcourt and a Chelsea Fan. He loves RnB and a little mix of Trap Music. An awesome tech reviewer and analyst. Email - [email protected]

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