How Would You Feel Having Four Hands - This Company Is Working On Giving Humans Four Hands


Who is the first character that enters your mind when you think of having four arms? If you are a gamer, I'm guessing it's probably going to be this guy

If you love animation - It's definitely this guy -

Of course they aren't gonna inject you with something that'll make you look as beastly as these 2 guys look. Youbionic wants to make extra hands a reality, and they created a set of 3D printed hands that you can add to your already existing hand in order to double them, with a kind of multi-outlet adapter that turns one outlet into many. It might sound like rocket science, but you can actually already buy them, and they look quite freaky.

According to Youbionic’s concept of an “augmented human” they want to give a  “native human” additional abilities, such as being able to hold twice as many things. To that end, they’ve designed and produced a 3D-printed wearable they call simply “double hand,” and you’re really going to want to see this thing in action. Check the video to see how it works

The Double Hand is currently listed at a price of €1,799  and that’s just for one arm. If you really want to go all-out and turn two hands into four, you’ll need to double that price.

Now 1799 euros is about 770,000 Naira for just one arm. Me right now-

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