Whatsapp Has Been Blocked Totally In China

The future of WhatsApp in China was already shaky since July when the Chinese government blocked users of WhatsApp from sending photos and videos over the app.

Presently, China has totally blocked WhatsApp in an attempt to tighten censorship as the country prepares for a major Communist Party gathering next month. I'd say this is quite pathetic.

It's not the first time China is blocking services owned by Western Companies, in fact they have a long history of blocking and limiting access to web services, especially social networks and Western-owned sites through their "Great Firewall" .

You'd be surprised to know that the service currently blocks 171 of the world's leading websites, including Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many Google services in mainland China.

And now, it is WhatsApp. A friend of mine based in China hasn't come online for a couple of hours and It's probably because of the Whatsapp ban.

WhatsApp can only be accessed through VPN's that can circumvent China's Great Firewall.

But, in case you are unaware, China has begun a 14-month-long crackdown on VPNs and proxy services in the country and made it mandatory for all VPN providers to have a license from the government to use such services.

China now expects its Citizens to use Wechat that provides the Chinese government with data of its citizens.

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