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Apple Reveals When It’ll Be Releasing The iPhone 8 -See Date



Apple Reveals When It'll Be Releasing The iPhone 8 -See Date 1
Apple just sent out invites for The iPhone 8  Launch event with a simple tagline  “Let’s meet at our place.”
The event will hold at the Steve Jobs theater on the 12th of September..
The invite doesn’t really give many clues as to what Apple is planning.

Apple Reveals When It'll Be Releasing The iPhone 8 -See Date 2
It’s the 10th Annniversary of the iPhone so Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 8 with an AMOLED bezeless screen and an amazing 3D-sensing imaging. There will likely be a duo of  the revamped iPhone 7s and iPhone 7 s plus with wireless charging and upgraded hardware.
There might be a 4K Apple Tv or an LTE Apple watch unveiled as well. Let’s keep our fingers crossed though.
Stay tuned.

Michael Ajah is a Computer Science Student of The University of Port Harcourt and a Chelsea Fan. He loves RnB and a little mix of Trap Music. An awesome tech reviewer and analyst

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How To Force Restart The iPhone 8 If It Freezes



I’m not really a big fan of Apple products so this isn’t actually any of my business but I decided to make a post about it for you (that’s if you are using an apple device. However, I must not fail to say that the iPhone 8 is a solid phone.
How To Force Restart The iPhone 8 If It Freezes 3

However like most phones, the iPhone 8 still has moments that make it freeze and leave the owner like –
How To Force Restart The iPhone 8 If It Freezes 4

Previously before the release of the iPhone 8, you could hold the power and home buttons for several seconds to force a reboot. This served as a great strategy if your iPhone was frozen, but now you’ll have to use a slightly new way to force-restart your device now because the old method no longer works.

To force-restart your iPhone 8, follow these steps:

1. Press and release the Volume Up button on the left side of your phone.
2.Then, press and release the Volume Down button below it.

3.Finally, press and hold the side Power button until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen, then let go.

If this doesn’t fix your problem, you should try booting into recovery mode:

Connect your iPhone to your Macbook or PC with iTunes installed using a USB cable.

Follow the same steps, but hold the Power button even after you see the Apple Logo.

You’ll see a Connect to iTunes screen appear after a few seconds. Release the Power button, and launch iTunes.

iTunes will tell you there’s a problem with your iPhone. You can choose Update or Restore to attempt to fix it.

This method isn’t as smooth as it was before, but it still only takes a few button presses. Hopefully you’ll never have to use it

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iPhone X Launching Tomorrow [12 September] – May Cost Over N385,000



Apple will be launching the iPhone X alongside with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 , ( the iPhone 8 and 8 plus turns out to be what we’ve been calling the iPhone 7 s and iPhone 7 Plus.) tomorrow and just in case you’re wondering why it’s called iPhone X, it’s the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

iPhone X Launching Tomorrow [12 September] - May Cost Over N385,000 5

Looking at the name, I’m still trying to make sure I’m not calling the name wrongly.

Err… Is it iPhone “ex” or iPhone “Ten”

iPhone X Launching Tomorrow [12 September] - May Cost Over N385,000 6

I guess we’ll have to wait until Tim Cook mentions it during the launch tomorrow. Nothing much has been said about the specifications of the new iPhone officially but a couple of leaks have actually showed us what to expect. Here’s a summary of what I’ve seen in the leaks so far – (However take this information with a pinch of salt until we hear from the horses mouth
– Tim Cook 😀. Although the chances of this information being correct is 85%)

iPhone X Launching Tomorrow [12 September] - May Cost Over N385,000 7

1.There’s no Touch ID, It’s replaced by Face ID. (This means you’ll be unlocking the device with your face instead of a fingerprint)

2.The iPhone X Side Button will actually not be clickable but press-able like the iPhone 7 Home Button with Force/ 3D Touch. It also has Hall Sensor Built in which can support iPad Magnetic Sensor like accessories (Smart Cover).

3 iPhone X is powered by a new A11 fusion SoC, which features a six-core processor. Four are so-called “Mistral” high-performance cores, while the other two are low-power “Monsson” cores.

4. There’s Wireless Charging

5. iPhone X will have  Animoji. It’s a type of customized animated messages that use your voice and reflect your facial expressions. It makes use of face-tracking hardware.
iPhone X Launching Tomorrow [12 September] - May Cost Over N385,000 8

The iPhone X may cost over N385,000..

My reaction…
iPhone X Launching Tomorrow [12 September] - May Cost Over N385,000 9

I’m actually thinking of the number of things I could get at that amount, Bags of Rice, A new laptop, 6 Oukitel K1000 Phones.. A farm in Ogun State.. The list is actually endless

Nevertheless, I think Apple really did a good job with the iPhone X but it’s a bit Overpriced.

Apple will also be unveiling the new 4K Apple TV tomorrow.

The Launch Starts By 7pm GMT+1.

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[Video] New Video Shows Off The Beautiful Apple iPhone 8



I’m not an apple fan boy but I really think the iPhone 8 looks really amazing and I wouldn’t mind having one though.

[Video] New Video Shows Off The Beautiful Apple iPhone 8 10

A number of the leaks that have been online in the past couple of weeks have looked surprisingly real while a few others have been blatant fakes, but there’s something really interesting that has happened during the past several weeks — a unified vision of the iPhone 8 has begun to take shape. From schematics to renders and leaks by phone pack manufacturers.

But I’m still wondering..

Did Apple Drop Their Signature Home Button Because Samsung Dropped Theirs?

[Video] New Video Shows Off The Beautiful Apple iPhone 8 11

However, it’s not surprising that not all of the leaks match the other leaks, but with the number I’ve seen so far, I think I have formed picture of what the iPhone 8 will look like in my head.

This week, Steve Hemmerstoffer teamed up with Tiger Mobiles to bring that vision to life.

The video below is what I’ll call a hands-on video with the “iPhone 8” — or at least what you should expect the iPhone 8 to look like. The model’s developers have explained everything in the video description.

“is manufactured via CNC process. It is based upon 3D CAD sourced directly from the factory in charge of building the new iPhone.”

You’ll see the rumored design and all of the supposed features of the iPhone in the video, from the vertical dual camera setup to the bezel-less display to the weird camera and sensor arrangement of the front of the phone.

The power button seems to have also grown by at least a few millimeters, but the volume buttons and the Ring/Silent side switch appear to be mostly unchanged.

There’s really nothing new here, but this could be the closest look you’ll ever get of the iPhone 8 until Tim Cook brings it out on stage later this year. Or until someone leaves it in a Taxi… Which is almost..
[Video] New Video Shows Off The Beautiful Apple iPhone 8 12


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Smartphone Case Maker Olixar Drops Leaked Image Of The iPhone 8



Smartphone Case manufacturer Olixar has just released an image of the iPhone 8 in an Olixar case and the image matches the ones that have already been leaked previously.

Smartphone Case Maker Olixar Drops Leaked Image Of The iPhone 8 13

It seems Apple is ditching it’s physical home button just like Samsung in favor of a bigger screen to bezel ratio. The phone looks nice. The iPhone 8 may be released in Q3 (Third quarter of 2017.

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Google To Launch Google Assistant On iOS



Google will be releasing the iOS version of their assistant app soon. The app will first be available in the US at launch before being rolled out to other regions.

Google To Launch Google Assistant On iOS 14

The closest iOS users had access to Google Assistant on iOS was through Allo. Although, there is Google Now available through the Google Search app. I’m are not sure whether the Assistant functionality will be part of the Search app or a standalone app altogether.

My Verdict

I really don’t think Google Assistant will be able to take on Siri on the iOS platform . If it comes as a standalone app, It might get a couple of users in the first few weeks but they’ll still drop back to a miserable number in a few months. The only way to get iOS users to use Google Assistant more frequently is to integrate it to Google search. If it comes as a standalone app, I’m pretty sure iOS users would be skeptical about using Google Assistant to replace Siri.

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The iPhone 8 Could Sport An Iris Scanner And OLED Display



A new report just revealed that one of the three apple phones launching this year will sport an OLED display, which will be provided by Samsung.
The iPhone 8 Could Sport An Iris Scanner And OLED Display 15

The iPhone 8 model will also come with an iris scanner, a feature that was first debuted on Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 but is expected to be available in the S8 and S8 Plus.

The companies that make up the iPhones’ supply chain will allegedly start delivering parts and components for the next-gen devices by the end of the first quarter, earlier than in the past. That said, the new handsets may still be announced in September as usual.

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The iPhone 8 Could Sport A Killer DSLR Camera



The iPhone 8 Could Sport A Killer DSLR Camera 16

All speculations related to the iPhone seem to agree that Apple will launch three iPhones in 2017 ; A radically redesigned iPhone 8, and two successors for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. A very puzzling speculation from Asia now claims that Apple is working on a 5-inch iPhone that will feature a vertical dual camera.

The iPhone 8 has been rumored to have a display of around 5 inches, not counting the side curves. The device is also speculated to have a dual-lens rear camera just like the iPhone 7 Plus.

A Japanese blog Macotakara claims that a 5-inch iPhone is in the works for next year, without specifying any of its specifications. This may be the iPhone 8, but the report doesn’t say if it sports an all-glass design (front and rear) and whether it’ll feature a bezel-less display on the front.

Macotakara says the 5-inch iPhone would be similar in specs to the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus that are also in the making.

As for that vertical dual camera, I can only imagine at this time. No other iPhone 8 report or leak has ever mentioned the orientation of the dual camera.

The main reason the iPhone 7 does not have a dual camera is that it might not fit inside it. A 5-inch iPhone would certainly be wider than the iPhone 7, but not as wide as the iPhone 7 Plus. It would also be longer than the iPhone 7. This might let Apple use a vertical dual camera setup on a 5-inch iPhone, whether it’ll be called the iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s.

The dual-camera iPhone 7 Plus uses its two lenses not just for added zoom, but also to enable a “Portrait mode” that emulates the shallow depth-of-field found in far more expensive (and bigger!) SLR and mirrorless cameras. Putting that kind of capability in every single new iPhone would be a serious move by Apple to make the iPhone’s camera better than ever.

The iPhone 8 Could Sport A Killer DSLR Camera 17

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