9 Ways Nigerian Telecom Companies Frustrate Their Subscribers


Every Telecom provider in Nigeria has its flaws, it's quite obvious.

However, here are actually certain things that they do that actually get subscribers annoyed and if you're a true Nigerian living in Nigeria 🇳🇬 I'd bet you can relate to most of the things on this. Let's get this list rolling shall we. 😁

1. That Moment When You Use The Last Money You Have To Load #1000 recharge card to Subscribe for one month and MTN remembers you've not paid N20 for callertunez😢

2. When You're Having Relationship Problems, You Call Your Girlfriend and Airtel Diverts it To Another Guy's Line

3. When You Miss An Important Call Because You Thought It Was 9Mobile Calling Again

4. How You Feel When MTN Gives You A Massive Data Bonus

Then You Check Your Airtime And Find Out That You've Been Actually Browsing From Your Airtime

5. When You Money Was Deducted And The Customer Care Agent Tells You That You Can't Be Refunded

6. When You Recharge And Forget You're Owing MTN, They Deduct The Money And You're Still Owing

7. How You Stare At Your Phone Screen, When You See The Dreaded Message - "YOUR DATA BALANCE IS 0.00MB" and you weren't warned before it expired

7. When GLO Seems To Be Fast One Evening And You Decide To Download A Movie And The Speed Drops To 108b/s

8.When You're Expecting Bank Alert Instead Glo Sends You A Message

9. When You're Downloading A Game Of 1.2GB And At 97% Your Network Signal Goes Off

Its really painful but all the same they still offer some commendable services though.

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