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You Can Never Get Lost With This Smart Shoe



Wearables are getting more attention and it seems
everything is getting smart: from belts,glasses, mirrors, watches, the suit we
wear and even umbrellas , it shouldn’t come as a
surprise to know that a new pair of smart shoes is
already developed. EasyJet now has a pair of
sneakers that aims to guide you and keep your from
getting lost.
You Can Never Get Lost With  This Smart Shoe 1
Image credit: Maurizio Pesce / Wired

EasyJet Sneakairs isn’t just another smart shoe fitted
with a fitness tracker, once synchronized with your
phone, it directs you to your destination through GPS.

This is how it works

The shoe connects with your phone via bluetooth
and each of the pair has motors placed inside that
vibrate. Once connected to the GPS app on your
phone and you’ve already set your destination, you
should feel a buzz either on the right or left feet
depending if you’re to take the right turning or the

You Can Never Get Lost With  This Smart Shoe 2
Image credit: Maurizio Pesce / Wired

Sneakair also has other vibration patterns that lets
you know if you’ve missed a turn and you need to go
back. It also alerts you when you’ve finally reached
your destination.
The pair of sneakers is manufactured by EasyJet, a
low-cost airline based in the UK. Maurizio Pesce
at Wired took the sneakers for a spin and reported
that the only issue with it right now is the battery life
which only lasts for about three hours. The company
is however working on making it last much longer.

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Shocking !!! – This “Egg” Has More Likes Than Every Celebrity In The World



World record egg

Now it comes down to those few moments in my life I ask myself what the hell my Instagram account is doing.

world record egg

I previously made a post about the most popular animals on instagram that are verified – check the post here

Previously the record for the most liked post on Instagram was held by Kylie Jenner – 18m likes on the picture of her baby. Now that record has been crushed by an egg.  Check the eggs profile here – World_Record_Egg

The Egg is verified with about 7.4M Followers and has 1 single post with about 47miliion likes and 2.7million comments

So this egg’s fans are called the #egggang and #eggsoldiers 😂😂😂😂 .

egg gang


Egg Gang Already Has Haters

Just when I thought I’ve seen it all. Take a look at this tweet

From my calculations the only Nigerian Celeb with a higher follower count than the egg is probably Davido.

On another note, this is kind of Sad. My IG account hasn’t even reached 20k. 😥😥

Please go to and hit that follow button. Maybe we’ll break our own record 😃. I’ll follow back , I promise.

One more thing, the name of the egg is Eugene,  Don’t forget to hit that share button 😋

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Whatsapp To Add Fingerprint Security In A Few Weeks



Whatsapp To Add Fingerprint Security

Fingeprint security is finally coming to Whatsapp which means – no more snooping around on other people’s chats when the app isn’t open.

WhatsApp has been working round the clock to ensure you get the best out of it this year and while we expect to see lots of update in the future including the ads, the fingerprint security is almost here .


Whatsapp To Add Fingerprint Security
According to the WhatsApp beta update for Android, the company is said to be working on a new authentication feature which isn’t available globally yet as the feature is currently under development.

Once the Fingerprint feature is enabled , the app will be completely protected, so the you will need to authenticate your identity in order to open WhatsApp (from the app icon, from the notification or from external pickers).

It will protect the entire app, meaning you can’t use it to lock specific conversations for now.

The company is also rumored to be working on implementing Face ID and Touch ID for iOS. There will be a section in the app where users can enable the fingerprint authentication feature.


This feature is in an alpha stage of development and it will be available in a few weeks for Android users Marshmallow and above, and iOS users.

WhatsApp Audio Picker

WhatsApp is also working to improve the audio picker that will allow users to see the list of all available audio files stored in your phone. The user will be able to play the audio before sending it, and it is also possible to select more audio files to send!


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La Vida Port Harcourt Kicks Off Today



La Vida Port Harcourt Kicks Off Today 13

La Vida Port Harcourt, also known as the festival of colors is an event that’s going to be held at Pleasure Park Port Harcourt, and it’s one of the most exciting events you wouldn’t want to miss.
La Vida Port Harcourt Kicks Off Today 14There’ll be games, fun filled events and lots of fun so if you’re within Port Harcourt and it’s environs you definitely shouldn’t miss this.La Vida Port Harcourt Kicks Off Today 15It’s just a few days to Christmas and it’s Weekend so come out and chill out with your friends and also meet new people.La Vida Port Harcourt Kicks Off Today 16
Endless fun awaits you. Dates – 22nd – 23rd December

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