How To Take Better Pictures At Night With Your Smartphone


I'll be frank with you, Night pictures are actually very amazing if you know how to take them. It could be a selfie or a group picture.

It takes a good phone with a very impressive camera to take high quality pictures at night but sometimes there are errors that make the image seem blurry. In this post, I'll be giving you 7 tips on how to take better pictures at night with your smartphone.

1. Turn On HDR

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This feature helps to recognize different light intensities inside the frame and then dynamically balances the whole output. In low light scenes, this feature helps to take better shots.

#2 .ISO

It's quite possible you've seen this in your camera app but you don't know what it does.
By setting the level of this feature, the sensitivity of the camera sensor increases or decreases so it tends to capture more or less light. Try to increase the value of ISO to increase the amount of light capture and details in low light conditions.

#3. LED Flash Light

This hardware supports the camera in low light conditions. However, in most cases, the light from the bad camera flashes of smartphones interacts with the photo clarity. Keeping the flash turned off should produce better results unless the place is entirely dark.

#4.Shutter Speed

The speed the camera takes the picture with is also a really important factor. The more time the camera takes to capture the images the more will details will be captured and the light intensity will also be generally good.

#5. A Good Camera App

There are different camera apps and they process images differently and also they detect the images in varying ways. Try to use the best camera app on your phone for night photography and it could actually help you transform your shots into great ones.

#6. Use Additional Gadgets

Small OTG flashes could actually help intensify the quality of the default camera hardware by producing great image results. There are portable flashes, Lights ,OTG dispersers and more accessories and gadgets available for smartphones

#7.Image Editing

This should be the last resort but believe me this actually works. Sometimes the camera of some devices capture good details in low light conditions but due to low image processing technology, those details may not come out as sharp images. The image editing here helps a lot to process the details from the images clicked in low light conditions. I recommend ToolWiz Photos for photo editing.

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