This New Smartphone Spy App Let's You Monitor Others Secretly


A new mobile spying application in town lets you monitor others discreetly

Spying techniques have evolved over time, allowing some to gain power over others. Though it is generally used as a negative connotation, spying often delivers positive results. Due to mass proliferation of tech gizmos, it has an ever-increasing demand today among the business and household sectors. However, no need for you to become James Bond or don your best disguise to spy someone.

In the current techno-digital era, mobile spying application has emerged as a viable platform for monitoring a target. Following someone or snooping into their devices is quite mundane now. With new technology being piped into mobile apps, users can remotely spy on their targets, be it concerned parents, zealous bosses, or jealous spouses.

There is a plethora of spy apps in the market, among which Xnspy is currently dominating the monitoring spectrum. Let’s have a detailed review of the spy app so that users can make an informed purchase decision about it.

Xnspy – Overview
Much hype about the app on different web forums is because of its specific design for less savvy people. XNSPY is a powerful yet intuitive app that enables a user to remotely access the target information. What’s interesting about the app is that is promotes covert monitoring so the user can attain target information in a discreet manner.

The main aim of Xnspy is to monitor and report target information undetectably. The app runs quietly in the background of the target phone without interfering in its functions. There is a web-based control panel called online dashboard, available in xnspy that transfers all the target information to the user device. So to begin spying, the first step is to create an online account to subscribe to the app.

Though Xnspy claims to offer real-time monitoring, the use of iCloud login credentials blows away all such claims. You need to back-up the iCloud data to ensure real-time monitoring of a device. Also, a strong internet connection is a prerequisite for real-time monitoring.
Apart from such temporary issues, Xnspy is a premium app offering an extensive range of features to budgeted users. It is indeed a friendly user interface that makes navigation of the app features easier for customers. The drop-down menu further adds to user convenience.

Compatibility and Installation
Xnspy is an app that works best with all iOS and Android devices. It is a cinch to set-up and install. It takes about 3-5minutes to launch the app in the target phone. There are is a clear set of instructions for the users to walk through the installation process. In spite of the lack of free trial, Xnspy lures a number of potential users and recompense the flaw by offering a live demo on its website. It also does not require any configuration or license codes for verification during the installation.

All android smartphones, whether rooted or non-rooted require physical installation of Xnspy. A jailbreak iPhone also has a similar process for installation. However, in a non-jailbreak iPhone, only iCloud login credentials of the user are required. No physical access of the phone is mandatory. This technique is much hassle-free for the less savvy users who do not want to get into the intricacies of jailbreaking.

Features of Xnspy
Being a handy surveillance tool, xnspy offers state-of-the-art features to the customers. It contains ubiquitous features as well as some exciting add-ons that make it a decent choice for spying.

Call log monitoring allows the user to view the entire record of all the incoming/outgoing and missed calls along with the call details.
Reading texts and IM chats enables the user to monitor the message correspondence of the target as well as the exchange of photos, videos, audio files, or documents shared on any IM platform.

Tracking GPS location of the target depicts their exact location and shows it on a map.
Geo-fencing creates a virtual barricade for the target and alerts the user if the target reaches an unapproved place.

Online surveillance of the target is done by monitoring their activities online. Social media apps like Instagram, Tinder, or Kik provides an insight into the social life of the target.
Watch-list alerts can be made on call logs, texts or location to immediately inform the user of any unauthorized activity of the target.

Recording phone calls and surroundings gives a more authentic approach to monitoring. These calls are recorded automatically.
Remote commands can be made to the control panel to wipe off target data, block certain apps, or lock the target phone screen. This is specifically helpful in case the target phone is stolen.
Pros and cons of Xnspy

There is no mobile spying application without flaws yet and XNSPY is no exception. To provide a more detailed analysis of Xnspy, here is a list of some pros and cons mentioned below.

Offers a good value for money.
No configuration codes required for installation
Discreet and stealthy.
No toll on the target device when functioning.

Lacks a free trial service.
Stringent refund policies.
Advanced features require Jailbreak versions.
Location tracking removes stealth.

In the bottom line, XNSPY indeed offers diverse opportunities and uses to the customers. It is a user-friendly app that ensures automated monitoring and reporting. It is definitely cheap, as compared to other apps but often lacks the advanced features promised by its counterparts. You can make up a purchase decision based on your requirements for monitoring, however Xnspy is not the one to disappoint.
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