Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Review - A Smart Way To Secure Your Home


Home automation is the next big thing in real estate. The world is moving to a stage where humans do less and machines do more. On that note I'll start my review of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Home.

Mi Hub (Gateway)

I must say that it seemed quite difficult setting up the mi home because the version I got came with a Chinese manual, even the hub spoke Chinese 😂 😂. Google translate wasn't helping either so I had to look online and luckily there was an English manual for the MI Smart Home online. Believe me, the expression on my face was priceless.

I was already thinking of how I'd learn Chinese in 3 hours 😂. Whether some diabolical powers were against me completing this review I was still determined to complete it..

Well that's the stuff that happens when you get to review a Chinese product.

What's In The Box?

Xiaomi Smart Home Hub,
Motion Detector Sensor,
Magnetic Door Sensor
Smart Button

You'll need an adapter to plug in the hub. All of the sensors have an adhesive slip that helps you glue it to the wall.


In front of the hub is a large speaker grill. At the side with a small multi-function button. The hub also has a circular LED strip that can display different sets of colors. The colors can be used for various features.

The speaker wasn't too loud though, thankfully I didn't have to use it much. The other sensors are small and can be safely hidden making it an ideal home security system.

Motion Sensor

Setting It Up
(Use a VPN to do this) and connect to a WiFi router to set this up.

You’ll need to create a Mi Account to use the kit. You can also sign in quickly with your Facebook App. Once you're signed in click on add device
and select the gateway, the app will guide guides you through the whole setup process in English although the voice prompts are in Chinese. Once you're done you can then add your sensors.

Gateway (Hub)

In 2 steps you should be done -
1. Select the sensor you want to connect
2. Press the “reset” button using the pin that came with the hub.
The app then pairs it up, updates the firmware (if needed) and you’re ready to go.

The app will automatically prompt you if updates are available then you make the necessary updates.

You can manage each device settings from the Mi Home app. You change hub's LED colors from the app. There are a couple notifications for various actions.Unfortunately, some of these notifications are only in Chinese. However, launching the app will still show you what happened recently though so it still helps you know what's going on.

Mi Bulb


The Mi home comes with a list of preset actions like “Get Up” and “Leave Home” which you can be modify to trigger certain devices.
The range of configuration is pretty impressive. If you've used IFTTT you should understand how triggers works. Triggers go off If one or all of the conditions you set are met and you can use multiple actions at once.
For example, you can set the motion sensor to trigger an alarm once somebody opens the door after 9am

Unfortunately Xiaomi’s system requires both power and internet to work. If either of those go down, so does the alarm system. So considering the electricity situation in Nigeria, this is certainly going to be a set back but it's definitely worth a try.

What I Like

It's Affordable ✔️
Comprehensive Automation ✔️
Different Automation Options ✔️

What I Don't Like
Some Smartphone prompts  are in Chinese❌
Not Compatible with IFTTT. ❌

This device costs N57,000.

If you're based in Port Harcourt, you can get the device at 82 Stadium Road. If you aren't in Port Harcourt you can still order it from Prime Homes

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