See The Phones That Were First To Bring New Innovations

Today I'll be assigning "Bragging Rights" where they truly belong.

I'm tired of some smartphone companies claiming to be the first to make an innovation in the mobile phone sector when they were just the first known brand to do such. It's time to get even. 😜

I'm delighted you could join me on the Bragging Rights Award Show Here On NaijaTechGuy

FingerPrint Technology

Apple was probably first company to convince the public that they needed a fingerprint scanner on their phones, but it certainly wasn't the first to put it on a handset. The Award goes to the Pantech Gl100 manufactured in 2004, that's exactly three years before Apple even made the iPhone.

No Headphone Jacks

Guess who is responsible for the present trend of leaving out the standard 3.5mm headphone jack?

The O2 XDA II (made by HTC) in 2003. Its USB port was used as a headphone port, as well as charging and data transfer.

Refocusable Photos

Every Smartphone Company is rushing into dual cameras, often used to create bokeh effects. But Nokia was ahead of them on that one, with refocusable photos (bokeh and all) in 2013 with the Lumia 925.

Slow Motion Video

Sony is king of the cameras right now with its 960fps capability, but in 2007 LG released the KU990 Viewty. It managed the impressive 120fps at 240p, not bad considering that even 30fps videos didn't have much in terms of resolution - just 480p.

First Selfie Camera

Siemens pulled this off in 2003 with the Siemens U15

Wireless Charging

The Palm Pre supported wireless charging with the Touchstone stand. Samsung started wireless charging in 2015's Galaxy S6 (the S4 and S5 had official wireless charging covers, but it wasn't built in).

Water Resistance

Water resistance is another popular feature that is quite older than you might expect. Sony achieved this with the Ericsson R310s in 2000. It had basic water resistance thanks to the GORE All-Weather material (commonly used in jackets).

The Casio Can 502S was the world's first properly waterproof phone. It was launched in 2005 and could stay underwater for up to 30 minutes..

Let's have a round of applause for the awardees. Drop your device right now and start clapping.


I said keep clapping

I know some people will feel like doing this to me right now..

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There, I'm done with the bragging rights award. However, the main thing isn't about who did it first, it's about who perfected the feature.

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