How To Increase Facebook Post Reach Without Advertising


John opened a blog some days ago and was so excited to open his first blog and Facebook page. He wanted to be the next big blogger in Nigeria and within a week his Facebook page had gotten over 4000 likes even though he had not posted anything on the page yet. One morning he joined jumia affiliate program and wanted to promote some products to reach all the 4000 people that liked his page.

He spent hours creating images he'll use to grab the attention of all his 4000+ fans. He finally dropped the post. 2 days later, he wasn't even receiving any clicks from the post. He went back to his post and he saw that only 2 people had seen his post and that he saw the heart breaking boot post. It meant he had to advertise to get more people to see his post. Unfortunately, John was on a strict budget at the period so he couldn't spare a penny to even run ads. All the excitement just disappeared...

Many people have had the experience John had. I did as well so I can definitely relate with the story. Facebook generates 90% of its revenue mostly from ads and the only way to do that is to ask those with pages to advertise to reach more people and reaching more people include those who do not like your page but will be interested in your content.

The solution to increasing your reach is using Facebook Groups. Here's a post I made without putting it on any group.

Just 24 people saw the post. Now here's a post I shared to a group with just 8,000 members.

159 people saw the post. It's very simple. Share the post directly from your page to the group. If I had shared the post to about 25 groups, I'll be reaching about 2000 people. It's just a simple trick to get more views on your page posts .

If you have a team, you can ask them to share it on their timeline and the groups they're part of as well. If you have any questions please use the comment box below. 😏

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