How To Build A Successful Online Brand With Blogging and Earn Money


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These days most people want to become a blogger just because they need quick cash but blogging is not a get rich quick job.

You need to understand what you are blogging about. What motivates you?

The way bloggers with a branded blog run their blogs is quite different from the non-branded blogger.

Blogging has given me a chance to work with a couple of companies and organizations. Some transactions failed, while some were successful.

I worked with Obi Worldphones (I was contacted by a PR company, Invicta Africa) and everything went well while a deal I had with Romoss Electronics, China broke down because the distributor in Nigeria insisted that I come to Lagos but I couldn't go to Lagos simply because of a review. I felt bad but it's a stepping stone to get to where I want. I think you ought to see blogging as a way to start off your brand. You should be a voice that reader's can trust. Always be ready to accept corrections. It's okay to be a Maverick or a Dissenter once in a while, you can even play the Devil's advocate, it's fun but don't go off limits.

You may be scared that you won't get enough people to see your content but with strategic marketing, you can boost a new blog from 0 to 100 in a couple of weeks. The question is. Are you ready to invest your time and money?

You need to be ready to invest your time and money strategically. Once you have planned out what your brand is going to be about you can start off.

Here's a tip on how to build your brand while earning from affiliate marketing.

Let's say you blog about fashion products and your Google AdSense isn't really converting, take the bull by the horn. Join an affiliate program, select the best products, write a catchy headline with an attractive photo and promote the product on Facebook with your link. You'd be surprised to see how much you'd make compared to when you leave the link on your blog. Using Facebook algorithms, ads displayed are usually based on the person's interests so your ad gets displayed to people who are really interested in it.

Facebook may be a social network but it's not a non-profit organization, the users are it's products and they're offering them to you on an affordable platter. The more you spend the more people get to see your ad. You can try out the same strategy on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and other social networks. Don't just rush into an advertising campaign. Test the advertisements with a low budget, if the turnover is okay you can increase your budget..

If you spend $5 on a campaign and you earn $15-$20 that's a good result.💰💰

You could try increasing your budget and see if it makes more money but if you don't get back the money you spent, it's totally unprofitable for you.

On the long run people will inadvertently get to trust your blog and it will boost your social media following as well thus building a successful online brand for you. Also try to reach out to other brands and see if you can get to partner with them. If it works out, it's a win-win situation. You earn from the other brand and they get something from you in return as well. At the end everyone is happy. If you're turned down, don't feel dejected, there are over a thousand ways to get something done.

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