FIFA 18 Review- Latest Update, Trailer And Release Date


The contest between Konami and EA has been a very tough one over the years and EA is not stopping at anything to make the next iteration of FIFA an amazing video game. ⚽

When it comes to soccer games I play more of PES but the few times I've played FIFA was a totally different experience, the graphics were top notch and game speed was excellent.

I'd say FIFA 17 was a new beginning for EA. They switched to a new game engine- Frostbite. This move brought greater visual flexibility, and new kinds of gameplay.

FIFA took on Pro Evolution Soccer's Become A Legend with "The Journey". It was seemed to be better than PES except that your actions were limited to the story mode. The journey tells the story of Alex Hunter, a young teen trying to make it into the first eleven of a Premier League club.

I really feel that if FIFA 17 was a fresh start, EA ought to use this year to make up for every mistake. The Journey is certainly coming back on FIFA 18 and Hunter may leave the Premier League.

I'm guessing it's going to be to a Spanish club 😎. Well probably because Ronaldo is going to appear in the story mode. There are also more locations, you can spot a colourful Brazilian street and Cristiano Ronaldo both pictured in The Journey's first batch of marketing materials.

According to Sam Rivera, Associate Producer For FIFA, "FIFA 18 Is going to be different. Personalities will matter more.

This year FIFA is going to benefit not just the strong and the fast but every player with a good attribute. Let's say you have a very good long passer and a player that's good at long shots, it'll make a difference in your team.Very good defenders will also make a difference at the back. So each player will have attributes that will mean more. 😃

The game will have players who are experts in timing, because you need to know exactly when to go. So a player like Griezmann will be faster at recognising that space than another player who may hang around for longer and make the wrong timing for the run."

Release Date - September 29th ,2017.
Watch the trailer below.  I wonder why It has to be Chelsea players  that Ronaldo dribbles in the trailer. EA could have used Manchester United. Stop embarrassing my team 😭

Here's the Trailer For THE JOURNEY 

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