Amazon Echo Dot Review - The Smartest Digital Assistant Is Now Available In Nigeria


Amazon's Alexa is certainly one of the best digital assistants out there and it can help you control your home and set up different things with just a set of commands. Artificial Intelligence is definitely the future and every home ought to have a digital assistant.

I got to review the Amazon Echo Dot and I must say I was pretty impressed with the results.

The Echo dot is actually a mini version of the Amazon Echo but with the same functionalities. It's quite portable and comes with a very small speaker built into the it which is really meant for the voice assistant, Alexa, to talk to you. You can even connect it to your sound system with a 3mm

You can use it with portable speakers and desktop micro-systems. There's no inbuilt battery meaning it has to be constantly plugged in to power but you can still power it up with a power bank. At the top of the device you'll see 4 buttons, The 2 volume buttons, one mute button and one power button.

The echo is always listening, unless you press the mute button. You can say the prompt word "Alexa" to get it to do was you want.
You can also ask Alexa a couple of basic questions.

Here's what I tried out -

"Alexa, what’s the weather like in Lagos?"

"Right now, in Lagos, it’s 35 degrees with clear skies and sun. Today you can expect showers, with a high of 13 degrees and a low of 7 degrees."

The Echo Dot works with IFTTT pretty well and can be used to control various smart devices. Unfortunately, I only got to review the Echo Dot without any other smart devices compatible with it.

The voice recognition is quite impressive. Although most times I tried to sound more American to get the device to understand me. The Dot was still able to understand me even though I was a little bit far from it. You can also pair the device via Bluetooth to your speakers as well. There are lots of things that you could do with Alexa, from controlling the lights to cooling your room, turning off/on the smart fridge turning off/on the Android TV, shopping, and lots more. It's definitely one of the Smartest Digital Assistants.

The Echo Dot Costs N50,000. If you're based in Port Harcourt you can get it at 82 Stadium Road. If you're not in Port Harcourt you can still order it from Prime Homes.

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